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May 26, 2021
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Sophia Clark

The Pros and Cons of Using Mobile Spy Apps

We all have heard about spyware and how dangerous it is. But I bet only a few of us have heard about ethical spyware or monitoring spyware which can help you save the life of your children or save your organization from the employee who leaks your confidential information.

First, we need to change our perception of spyware and spy apps. Everything has its good and bad side so needless to say spyware or mobile spy apps have it too.

If you peek at someone’s letter or documents without them knowing it’s called spying. If you do the same with someone’s activities on mobile without them knowing is counted as spying. The use of any programs or software to get information about a person on their phone is spyware.

As it has a good side and a bad side let's start with positivity and know how helpful a mobile spy app can be to an individual or an organization.

The Pros of Mobile Spy Apps are

Monitor & Track Children:

Mobile Spy apps are designed for the ethical use and include only features that are suitable for users. With this app, you can monitor your children by using it as parental control software. You can monitor their call records, contact list, most called person or number, read SMS as well as IMs. You can easily monitor any activities of your kids inside the house or outside the house as long as they carry their smartphones with them.

You can track the location using GPS services if they have an internet connection on their phone. If not then you can use a SIM card location tracking service to get the exact location of your kids. Know if they are inside the house, in school, or on the ground without having to call them and ask every time for their whereabouts.

Remote Tracking:

If you use mobile spy apps then you don’t need to limit yourself to one device at one place. These apps have a remote access feature which makes them easy to use. You can enter your login details and view every activity report on your dashboard of the mobile spy app.

Imagine leaving to work for a different location and you have to leave your PC at home. In this case, you won’t be able to monitor your kid’s or employee's activities. That’s an old way of thinking which you need to cast away. Nowadays you can either log in and monitor every activity from a different computer, phone, or tablet or even receive activities detail on your mail.

Control the Mobile Activities and Screen Time:

This is another great feature of the spy app as you can remotely check which apps your kids or employees are using regularly and in an excessive amount. You will get every detail of an app on your dashboard which will help you check the activities. If you find your kid spending too much time on a certain app then you can manually uninstall such app and games.

You can even block that app so your kid won’t be able to install it again from the App Store or play store. No matter how much they struggle to search the app it will not show up unless you remove the block.

Ensure the Safety of your Elderly Parents:

Your parents are safe and sound. Isn’t that good news? No matter how far we are from our parents we love them. Once they get very old and weak our minds will only think of them like how are they doing, did they take medicine or not, what did they eat, etc. If you are a mobile spy app user then all those worries and distractions will be reduced from your mind and you can focus on your work properly.

You can listen to live sound from their microphone and view the surrounding with the camera of their phone which will give you insurance they are safe. You can even track the location of your elderly parents and see if they are heading home or made a stop somewhere. The older you get lesser your remembering power and lower your eyesight will be which is why elderly parents get lost midway most of the time. In such a case, you can track and guide them to their destination if they are lost.

Track Activities of your Employees:

If you are an employer you know better than anyone how hard it is to deal with employees. Everyone is different and not everyone likes to work hard or sincerely which is why the mobile spy app comes to play a vital role in these conditions. If you feel your competitors are innovating something similar to your new product or service, competitors being one step ahead of you, suspicious employee’s activities, etc. then you need to step up your game too.

Employees leaking your company’s secret isn’t a new thing, they do it for high reward competitors pay them in the process of doing so. Employees leaking the company’s secret is a global issue and costs billions of losses to the organization. You need to look at every employee with critical eyes and install a mobile spy app on their phone. You can now know what your employees are communicating with each other and even with an unknown person. Check their call logs, messages, and location to make sure they aren’t meeting someone suspicious and dealing with your organization’s data. If you find such a case then you can sue your employee and competitors.

Track Lost or Stolen Devices Remotely:

With the feature of GPS tracking, you can get the accurate location of your device. If your device has the location feature turned on then only it will work or else you won’t be able to track the device using the internet. Even you have installed a mobile spy app and lost track of your phone then it can’t help you locate the device using GPS tracking. But you can locate your device with different features, every mobile spy app has SIM card location tracking features too which will help you track your lost phone even its location service is turned off.

Now that you know how helpful a mobile spy app can be for our daily life it’s time to know what bad things come together with a mobile spy app. What are its cons as well as where the app lacks to give satisfaction to the customers or users?

The Cons of Mobile Spy Apps are

  1. Mobile spy apps aren’t legal everywhere, your country or region may not allow using mobile spy apps on your children, relatives, or even your phone. You may get sued or be seen as a criminal for using mobile spy apps even though your intentions are good.
  2. Your relation may get salty. If you use spy apps on your children to monitor their activities then they will get sad and think you don’t trust them. If you use it for your spouse then the question about trust will arise and your relationship will be in danger.
  3. Your children may see your care as a hindrance to their freedom. They will think of your control over their games, browsing activities, and mobile screen time control as overprotectiveness. They may not understand your care and think you selfish.
  4. The host/targeted person may see spying as an intrusion into their privacy and try to sue you.
  5. Spy apps need an internet connection to send data to the admin so if your host is at a place where there is no network or internet then you can forget about spying.
  6. Your device which has the mobile spy app installed is vulnerable to hacking, reverse spying, and viruses. If you install spyware other people with hacking knowledge can easily hack into any devices of yours without you knowing.


Mobile Spy apps are not as bad as it sounds. If someone uses it to steal personal information or spy on your life to blackmail and harass then it’s a misuse of such apps. These apps are aimed to monitor and control kids or employees not to satisfy someone’s greed and lust. Don’t believe in rumors and test it yourself. If you are willing to give it a shot then I suggest you use the app as it offers Free Trial to new users. You can even understand its mechanism and operate it within a minute because every feature you need is shown on the left side with the exact name. If you can read simple English words and terms then you can use a spy app without any trouble.

You can read the user’s guide or manual that comes together while downloading the app to understand the features more clearly. If you want to know about its downloading method, installation requirements, additional features then click here.

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