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Effective from: Dec 7th 2020

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This Affiliate Policy applies to the affiliates of The company is here referred to as “” or “our” or “us” or “we” or “Our Website”. This Affiliate Policy outlines the company’s collection of consumer data and the process involved.

Program Policy

To be a member of the affiliate program, you have to adhere to the terms and conditions stated in this document, and follow them. When signing with the partner program, please read the terms and conditions and other laws and regulations included in this agreement. Once you have signed up for the affiliate program, you indicate and agree to accept the terms and conditions set out in this agreement.

  • All affiliates must ensure that all materials available via your website(s) or from any post, or marketing activities provided by you to support properly, correctly, positively and favourably portray;
  • Don’t use spam or unsolicited emails to support;
  • should approve any discount marketing by affiliates of our products. Each affiliate should not provide extra discounts, rewards or benefits to the buyer. If you have some discount promotion program, please contact us;
  • Affiliates must not use “”, “”, “ official” or similar words in any advertising, which may mislead consumers;
  • Affiliates may not redistribute Products in any way without written permission from;
  • Affiliates should not apply our product on other websites by modifying the name of the service or product using the same product name;
  • No associates can sell any of our products on a website linked to the auction, like, eBay;
  • Affiliates shall in no way exaggerate the features and functionality of our products/services;

Please notice that the terms mentioned above and conditions are not exhaustive; they may and will be changed due to regulations, publicity campaigns and other related factors. And we suggest that you check back regularly. If there are any updates, we’ll try to remind all affiliates.


New affiliates of are authorized to collect payment as soon as they reach $50. Each payout has a hold period of 4 weeks. Average payout is $120.

Payments are paid out monthly to the affiliates.

Acceptable Websites

We do not accept affiliation application of any sites that:

  • Promote criminal acts, illegal activities or otherwise infringe any existing rules, including those aimed at cracking, hacking, spam, warez, or haking sites.
  • Promote any types of discrimination based on race, religion, disability, nationality, sex, age, sexual orientation, or any other factors
  • Contain violent or hate or offensive content
  • Contains sexually explicit content
  • If your website violates these conditions at any moment, has the authority to suspend your membership without prior warning.
  • Rules, guidelines, and restrictions regarding affiliate content
  • Be imaginative, creative, yet realistic, and truthful – you should use your imagination yet hold things simple. Do not exaggerate to tell something that is unable to do. (This would do more harm than good.)

If you’ve any questions or worries, then check the features page, consult with your associate representative, or talk with them.

PPC Campaigns

In no circumstances use SEM bidding keywords such as, mobile monitoring tool, parental controls. Make sure that your negative match these keywords in your paid campaigns.

Rules of Content

You must not disclose any detail that is not genuine and honest about the product or service of also; you must not provide details that may adversely affect ‘s credibility, reputation. Examples include –, “– no questions asked!’,‘Offer Expires Today!’, “5-Day Return Policy “,‘Free Service’, ‘limited time offer!”, etc.

Please ensure the following disclaimer is stated in the website footer or at the bottom of the article/content where necessary.

Disclaimer is intended for legal use only. Generally, to use a monitoring software like, you need to notify the owner of the device on which you intend to install the software. Please check your local law to make sure that the monitoring features offered by are legal in your country. By installing the software, you clarify that you are solely responsible for acting per the law. is not responsible for any misuse or caused damage.

SEO Rules

You may use the SEO but accurately follow our agreement.

If you optimize your pages to the keywords, your SEO shouldn’t be brand-oriented. Your actions would reality harm the affiliate system and our SEO activities and result in more damage than profit; this could lead to suspension of your account.

Any affiliate marketer using or creating or generating domain names based on will be banned from the program.

Coupon Websites

We don’t generally support or accept coupon websites. Nevertheless, if you feel that your site will contribute in a constructive way to our affiliate program, please make sure that you specify and explain your plan in the affiliation application.

Traffic Generation Methods

You cannot use the automatic links. You consent not to accept or use any connection which could be automatically triggered without the user/visitor clicking on the button or link.
You may not use any of the following:

Interdicted approaches for the generation of traffic: Drive-by-downloads, spam-pop-ups, pop-unders, and no hacked, compromised connections or redirects.

No incentivized or cashback traffic.
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