Secure & Safeguard your children from negative digital exposure

Secure & Safeguard your children from negative digital exposure

What is Parental Monitoring App for Children? is a powerful and non-intrusive monitoring app that enables you to develop a digitally safe home environment for yourself and your children. Install on your child’s devices and remotely monitor what they’re up to in the digital sphere.

Web Browsing

Use to gain access to your children’s web browsing history. Know if your children are browsing violent or age-inappropriate content.

Device Safety

Use to find out the real-time location, sim card details and other necessary details to protect your kid’s phone from theft and unauthorized access.

App Blocker

Use to block harmful applications that can expose the children to cyberbullying and other online safety hazards.

Remote Monitoring

Use to monitor your child’s online activities without needing to have physical access to the device. Keep tabs on their digital presence discreetly.

Geofence Alerts

Use to setup virtual boundaries around a geographic location and get instant alerts whenever your child enters or leaves the specified zones.

Social Media Monitoring

Use to get all the details regarding your child’s social media usage. Protect them from the dark side of social media.

Explore All Features helps you protect your children & teach them digital healthy habits helps you protect your children & teach them digital healthy habits

Get to ensure a safer cyber verse for your children and monitor their calls, contacts, messages and social media. Protect your children all kinds of online threats.

Get geofence alerts instantly whenever the device is out of radius

Get geofence alerts instantly whenever the device is out of radius

Use to mark digital boundary for your child covering home and school areas and get instant notification whenever they step foot in unfamiliar territory.

Get insights on which app your children are using on their device

Get insights on which apps your children’s are using on their device

Use to find which apps your kids are spending their time on. Block apps with inappropriate content in a single click.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is for parents? for parents is a monitoring tool that can monitor calls, social media apps, messaging apps, location, and many more. It is one of the best parental control applications, which helps parents monitor their kids and their device activity anytime. Parents can monitor their child remotely with parental control app like, without having physical access to the kid's device. is needed for web filtering, setting the time limit, and more. It is needed to keep an eye on the child and protect them from the internet and technology threats. Some of the reasons to support why parental control app is needed are listed and explained below:
  • It can help determine if the child is a bully or is getting bullied by others. Parents who to keep an eye on children can quickly know if their child is facing online bullying and takes immediate action against it.
  • is needed to protect kids from obnoxious content. We all know how vague is the internet.
  • Parents can manage parental control settings to provide permits for certain useful websites on a child's device.
  • Kids are not mature enough to understand what an app is useful for them. By using parents can restrict the child to use certain apps to protect them.
Installing on the smart device of the child will let the parents
  • Monitor the location history and location of the device in real-time on the map
  • Remotely monitor SMS, calls, contacts, and multimedia files such as audio, video, and photos in stealth mode
  • Remotely monitor instant messaging or chatting apps like Viber, Skype, WhatsApp
  • Set alert for suspicious words, places, contact and receive an alert notification if it is used
  • Detail record of incoming calls and outgoing calls
  • Take single or multiple screenshots of the target device screen
It is very easy to use and manage
  • First, you need to sign up for a free account. Your email ID can be used as a username. sends installation instructions later in that particular ID.
  • Next, you have to choose and purchase a subscription according to your requirement.
  • After buying the plan of your choice, will send you setup instructions in your email. Follow the exclusive instructions that sends you. Steps can be slightly different for Android and iOS.
  • If you want to install on an Android device, you will have to download a small app. The app is tiny, just 2 MB, and can be installed within 3 minutes.
  • That's all! You have made it. Now you have the power to remotely monitor the iPhone or Android smartphone from any web browser. Simply log in to the dashboard to start monitoring.
  • The dashboard allows you to see what's happening on the device at a glance. The various phone monitoring features can be found in the selection panel to the left.
Monitor and keep your kids from all mischief effortlessly

Monitor and keep your kids safe from all mischief effortlessly

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