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Call Monitoring is a call monitoring software that can be used to monitor calls on your kids' and employees' devices. The call monitoring feature provides different information on calls like identifying locations from which the calls have been made, date, time, and many more.

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Monitor calls with

Calls from an unknown person can be irritating and time-consuming. Hence, most of us would like to avoid such calls and control all the incoming calls. If you are one of them, then is a definite solution for you. The call monitoring feature of helps you monitor calls, block numbers, identify the call location, and a lot more.

Benefits of using the Call Monitoring feature of helps provide all the incoming and outgoing calls data in chronological order. Extended information can be received from the monitor calls options:

  • Monitor Incoming, Outgoing, and Missed Calls
  • Shows call log details
  • Provides name and number saved in the address book

The Control panel organizes all the call logs so that you can access them at any time in the future.

Why do you need to monitor someone's call?

For parents

As a parent, monitoring phone calls is extremely useful as it helps you identify with whom your kids are talking on the phone. Your child could be talking to a stranger who means harm or wasting time instead of doing their homework. Hence, by monitoring their calls, you can keep them away from danger.

For employers

Sometimes, employees might use cell phones during office hours which directly affects productivity. Hence, you need to know which employees are slacking off at work and who could be in cahoots with competitors. This feature will help to improve employees' productivity and protect your companies' data.

What are other features of call monitoring software?

With call monitoring software, you can record phone calls for security reasons. This feature can also be extremely helpful for those working with responsible phone calls, such as salespeople.

Can you monitor someone's phone call data?

Yes, using the call monitoring feature of, you can monitor the phone call data of the target device. You can view the date and time when the call was made or received, along with the call duration. This feature also helps you to identify the location from where the call was made. Take a look at FAQS to learn more.

Can I monitor someone's Phone Call Invisibly?

Yes, works in stealth mode, which means you can monitor target device phone calls invisibly.

Monitor and keep your kids from all mischief effortlessly

Monitor and keep your kids safe from all mischief effortlessly

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