SMS Monitoring

SMS Monitoring

Now, monitor all the messages on your kids' and employees' smartphones with Keep tabs on anyone's SMS activity anytime that too remotely and without being discovered.

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Monitor SMS with

SMS monitoring is one of the prominent features of It includes identifying locations from which the text has been sent, incoming/outgoing messages, contact information, date, and time stamps.

It is uncomfortable to receive SMS from an unknown number. If you want to end that and possess greater control of all incoming text, then can be your ammunition. With the SMS monitoring feature, you can monitor text messages and view all the information received and sent by your kids.'s SMS monitoring feature also provides other details like contact names, display pictures, phone numbers, and exchanged media files. You'll be able to find information on SMS and View MMS media files, if applicable.

Benefits of SMS Monitoring feature of

SMS monitoring feature of provides extended information that can be received from the monitor SMS options like:

  • Monitors both incoming and outgoing messages details.
  • Remotely read the text messages
  • Provides contact details (only if saved in the device)

With, you will be able to read your kids' incoming and outgoing text messages easily and secretly.

SMS Monitoring use case scenario

The concept of monitoring is associated with something immoral, filthy, and unethical. So, more often, people are confused about the need to monitor text messages. If you crazily monitor every step of your kids and employees, it can lead to trust and relationship issues. But in many cases, circumstances are different.

As Parents

Let us consider a scenario where your kid is continuously bullied by some stranger or even a friend they meet online. Fears to share or disclose the situation to you because of agitation, fear, trepidation, shame and gets stuck in the battle between bullying, pressure, and inability to share stress with you all alone. This may lead to serious concerns like depression many times.

Scary? Right, you can overcome this fear by monitoring your kid's SMS activities from a different phone discreetly. This way, they will never find out that you monitor them or show unwanted concern about their security.

As employer

The case scenario for monitoring your employee can be different where you may have to monitor your employee's activity to increase productivity. Therefore, in a lot of cases monitoring SMS activity is beneficial to both parties.

Can you monitor someone's text messages? monitors everything you want to know & has a very powerful remote monitoring feature. Have a glance at the following FAQs to know more.

What can you learn from reading texts?

Why would you want to read someone's texts? Isn'tIsn't it an invasion of privacy? Sometimes it's ethical to read someone's texts if you're doing it to safeguard your or their interests.

Parental Control

What kind of messages are your kids exchanging? Are they being targeted by bullies or sexual predators? Kids sometimes don't know when to ask for help. A quick scan of your child's texts could save you a lot of trouble down the road.

Workplace Monitoring

Employees don't always do what they're paid for. Occasionally, an employee will sell confidential information about your company to a competitor. With, you can prevent that from happening.

Contacts Vetting

Are your kids associating with the right people? From the SMS monitor feature, you can run informal or formal background checks on all the contact information you have gathered.

Why pick

You can have up and running in a matter of minutes. It's powerful and easy to use. It's also 100% discreet. Your kids or employees will never know they're being monitored. Finally, it can even read deleted texts and iMessage.

Monitor and keep your kids from all mischief effortlessly

Monitor and keep your kids safe from all mischief effortlessly

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