End User License Agreement

This End User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal contract between you and fenced.ai; governing your use of fenced.ai website, fenced.ai software.

Registered users should only use the fenced.ai monitoring Software or Service for permissible and lawful purposes, and you are informed at this time that downloading or operating the fenced.ai Monitoring System or Service for some other reason could breach national, state, and federal legislation.

Regarding the factors such as update, modify, or alter this Agreement; fenced.ai reserves the right to do so without any prior notice. Your use of fenced.ai service, product after the amendment or update, modify, alter of this agreement shows your acknowledgement and acceptance of new agreement. Any amendment becomes effective immediately as we post it on this page;

All the users of fenced.ai are required to accept all the terms and conditions mentioned on this page as well as other pages containing Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Affiliate Policy, Compatibility Policy, End User License Agreement, Disclosure, and other legal information.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before using fenced.ai
  • User acknowledges and agrees that, only with the permission of target ( the one whom you intend to monitor on), the software can be used to control, monitor and gain access to the target devices like mobile phones and computers. The target can be your children and employees and other device owners.
  • The user acknowledges using this app only on a computer owned by the user or on a system on which the device owner has granted the user-specific approval and authorization to use it. The user acknowledges not to install this program on any device not owned by the user, or on any device on which express authorization and approval have not been granted to the user for such installation.
  • The user intends to use this software only for cloud-based or other surveillance that does not require deployment on a computer in conjunction with an account, service, or system that the user has the legal right to use.
  • The user agrees that it is illegal, and against the terms of this EULA, not to notify any third party of the system, account, application, or software of the user with the monitor.
  • User acknowledges that the use and usage of the software shall be subject to the relevant legislation governing the control of the system, account, application or program operation and use and shall not use the software in violation of any laws of which the user is subject, including any laws, guidelines, regulations or regulations of government.
  • The user gives consent not to permit any other user to view information from the device, account, application, or system on which the software is installed.
User agrees to use their electronic equipment only for monitoring their employee or child, as mentioned below:
  • Child:
    User can monitor their underage legal child (less than 18 years) using their device.
  • Employee:
    With fenced.ai, User can monitor their employee in a business they own or an employee in the same organization, an employee for whom the user has management duties. Users can keep monitor of any of their company-owned tools given to the employee under the business equipment rules.
User agrees that fenced.ai cannot be used for illicit, illegal purposes that involve the user’s family, fiance/husband/ wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, or roommate using fenced.ai to monitor.