fenced.ai Features

fenced.ai offers a large cache of features to keep you updated about your child’s or employee’s online activities from anywhere, at any time. We offer dynamic Monitoring which eases you in monitoring the target devices without any intrusion.

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Get insights on what your target device is up to

 Monitor Everything

Select a monitoring option from the menu and see what’s up

 Monitor Location

Get instant location data of the target device.

Monitor calls

Monitor Calls

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Keep an eye on all the incoming and outgoing calls, identify locations from which calls have been made along with date time.

Monitor messages

Monitor SMS

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Monitor incoming and outgoing SMS/MMS. Moreover, identify locations from which the text has been sent along with contact information, date and time stamps.

monitor contacts

Monitor Contacts

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Scan the address book of your kids’ or employees’ device and monitor every existing or new number.

monitor location

Monitor Location

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Know exactly where your employee/kid is at certain point in time.

Monitor sim location

SIM Location

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Collect the SIM card details of the target device with fenced.ai’s SIM monitoring feature. Be notified when the SIM card is changed. See SIM card details, including IMEI number and network.

Monitor photos

Monitor Photos

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fenced.ai is an easy-to-use software that can be used for monitoring your children's photos. With the help of this feature, you can keep you kids safe from any unnecessary distractions.

Monitor videos

Monitor Videos

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Monitor every video that your kid watches or saves on his mobile phone with our video monitoring feature.

Keyword logging


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fenced.ai’s Android keylogger enables you to gather the keystrokes of other’s android phones and add them to special log files. It is one of the best remote monitoring systems.

Wifi logging

Wifi Logger

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Use fenced.ai’s wifi logger if you fear that your kids might enter some unsafe area. Monitor the sites your kids are exploring by tracing the connected Wi-Fi hotspots.

Monitor facebook

Facebook Monitor

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Monitors and record what your kids does on Facebook, messenger, calls, chats, images and messages.

Monitor whatsapp

Whatsapp Monitor

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See who your kids spends most of the time texting and calling in WhatsApp and read the sent messages.

Monitor instagram

Instagram Monitor

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Monitor what your kid does in Instagram by having a closer look at the shared images closed contacts, and many more.

Monitor snapchat

Snapchat Monitor

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See what your kid does in Snapchat by having a closer look at the images shared, messages, and calls with friends in real time.

Monitor viber

Viber Monitor

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See who your kid calls and text in Viber.

Monitor Skype

Skype Monitor

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Monitor and record your kids' activity on Skype calls messages.

Monitor emails

Email Activities

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fenced.ai enables you to remotely monitor all incoming and outgoing emails from your kids device. It is one of the best remote monitoring systems.

Monitor installed apps

Installed Application

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Remotely monitor all apps installed on your child's device and protect them from any harmful or adult applications. You can get information such as app download date and time, size and version.

Monitor browser history

Browser History

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Easily know what type of websites your employees or kids are visiting. The information includes website URL, the website’s title, a number of times visited, and a timestamp.

Monitor application usage

Application Usage

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fenced.ai enables you to remotely monitor the screen time of each application installed on your kids mobile or tab.

Geofence alert

Geofence Alert

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Mark specific location with fenced.ai’s geofencing feature. Receive alerts when you kids enter forbidden areas.

Keyword Alert

Keyword Alert

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Specify the keywords & know in real-time whenever they are used. Get immediate notifications if inappropriate phrases are used on your kids phone.

Uninstall Alert

Uninstall Alert

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Get notified instantly in real-time if any application present on your kids phone is uninstalled or some out of the ordinary happened.

Wifi Change Alert

WIFI Change Alert

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fenced.ai is an easy-to-use monitoring tool that can be used to get an instant notification if your target changes the wifi network.