What is fenced.ai affiliate program?

What is fenced.ai affiliate program?

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fenced.ai affiliation program is an easy way of making money online by referring visitors to fenced.ai and promoting our product.

fenced.ai is one of the highly convertible software product in the market. Become our affiliate and earn at least 30% of each fenced.ai sale that you send to us. With your every sale, your percentage rises!

Why should you join the affiliate program for fenced.ai?

Here are the top reasons for you to join our affiliate program and earn some money for referring your friends and family.

High Conversion Rate

fenced.ai has the highest conversion rates in the industry. This mean, the people who you convince and send here are more likely to buy our products as fenced.ai has a lot of amazing features.

High Commision Rate

Get up to 60% commission for all sales and on retained fenced.ai customers get recurring commissions. fenced.ai offers the highest commissions on its product like monitoring app.

Dedicated Account Manager

We’re here to help. Get individual support from our management team for any inquiries you have. fenced.ai affiliate managers will do their best to help you reach high.

Bonuses for new members

fenced.ai provides sign up bonus of 10 USD when your application gets approved and you join our affiliate. We also provide special rewards while working with us.

For any queries contact us at [email protected]

The amount our top affiliates make per month
  • The amount our top affiliates make per month


    The amount our top affiliates make per month

  • The average money made per commission


    The average money made per commission

  • The amount of people that have already joined


    The amount of people that have already joined

Our Commision Structure

Commission from each sale, lifetime commission on all rebills, assistance in developing your affiliate campaigns, live support are some of the advantages of our affiliation program. We will raise your commission percentage as your sales go up. You can earn around $80 every time you sell just one fenced.ai subscription!


1-50 sales per month


50-100 sales per month


100+ sales per month


200+ sales per month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for joining fenced.ai affiliate network?

fenced.ai Affiliate Program is absolutely free! You can join the fenced.ai affiliate team and start earning without paying a single penny.
No limit on the total commission!
High Conversion Rate = More Money
Affiliate partners get varieties of promotional material such as:
  • Web banners in all sizes
  • Custom Articles
  • Ads
  • Press releases
  • Product reviews
  • Product boxes
and many more
fenced.ai is a remote surveillance, monitoring, and control program with proper data backup facilities. fenced.ai gives you access to monitor all kinds of activities that take place on the target iOS or Android device at any time, anywhere. Its major use is to keep tabs on online activities of spouse, children. It also has other uses like employee supervision.
It is legal in various countries including the US to keep tabs on or monitor underage kids or organization’s devices provided to employees. So, fenced.ai can be used to monitor personal devices. But we recommend you to check local laws before using it just to be on the safe side.
Based on your current country of residence, the payment options available will be different. You can choose one among the usual standard payment options.
We accept a Master, Visa Card. You can also use PayPal, Giropay, and JCB for international payments. Alternatively, you can go for a fax order or vendor-to-vendor, purchase.
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