Location Monitor

Location Monitor

Find the GPS-based location of your kids and employees with fenced.ai. Get real-time updates and past location history anytime that too remotely & discreetly.

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Monitor location with fenced.ai

fenced.ai is a simple and easy-to-use location monitoring software that allows monitoring GPS Location, which includes recording visited location: latitude, longitude, time, and date.

GPS monitoring lets you trace the traveling routes, existing location of your target. With fenced.ai, you can do so remotely and secretly.

You get to view details like latitude & longitude, address, and location-time, map. You can see when your kids and employees entered or left a particular location by looking at this info.

Benefits of fenced.ai GPS location monitoring feature

With fenced.ai, you will be able to monitor your kids’ and employees’ locations easily and secretly. It provides various details of their location :

  • The existing location
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Record of location with time and date
  • Detailed address of location along with map link

You can monitor your kids' and employees' location easily and secretly with fenced.ai.

Why monitor someone's location?

For Parents

Location monitoring helps them to keep their children protected. Are your children at school when they should be? Did your child arrive at a location safely? fenced.ai gives you definitive answers to those questions.

For the Employer

Location monitoring tells you a lot about your employees. You know they lied to you if someone’s location pointed to a nearby beach when he got off day claiming to be sick. fenced.ai’s Location monitoring also makes for an excellent missing phone finder. For location monitoring, Geofence alerts, including setting up, there are multiple other legitimate uses.

What can you learn from location monitoring?

Why would you want to monitor kids’ or employees' location or traveling routes? Isn’t it an invasion of privacy? Sometimes it's ethical to check and monitor location if you’re doing it to safeguard your or their interests.

Parental Control

Where are your kids visiting frequently? Are they traveling through inappropriate areas or potentially dangerous places regularly? Kids sometimes don’t know when to ask for help. A quick scan of your child’s location could save you a lot of trouble down the road.

Workplace Monitoring

Employees don’t always do what they’re paid for. For example, your company’s salesman should visit your potential buyer's house; instead, they are chilling with their friends at a nearby beach or bar. It could cause a huge loss in your business. With fenced.ai, you can prevent that from happening.

Location Vetting

Are your kids visiting the right place? From the location monitoring feature, you can run informal or formal background checks on all the information you have gathered.

Why pick fenced.ai?

It’s powerful and easy to use. You can have fenced.ai up and running in a matter of minutes. It’s also 100% discreet. It works in stealth mode. Finally, it even can monitor and provide you details of the current and past location history of your kids' and employees' devices.

Monitor and keep your kids from all mischief effortlessly

Monitor and keep your kids safe from all mischief effortlessly

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