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Facebook Monitoring

fenced.ai lets you view Facebook messages and group chats of your kids. It's an easy way to monitor their private information.

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Facebook Messages Monitoring

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among teens. But nowadays, it is full of online predators, cyberbullies. For this reason, monitoring your kid's messenger & Facebook activity is necessary for today's parents.

With fenced.ai, you get the privilege of looking into their contacts, perusing their messages, and also see the usage history. Timestamps accompany all chats.

Benefits of using fenced.ai FB messages monitoring

With fenced.ai, you can get various details of your kids Facebook & Messenger activities:

  • View private and group chats
  • Look through date and timestamps
  • Date and time of calls made
  • Look through people behind contacts

Why do you need to monitor someone's Facebook?

The popularity of Facebook is immense, and most people spend hours on it every day. Monitoring their Facebook activities can help you to keep them safe online.

Facebook monitoring for employers

Do you have a Facebook company page? Wanna know if your staff is being polite and attentive? Also, it's no secret that most employees chat on Facebook during work hours, due to which Productivity suffers. You can see and monitor their messages and stop them from slacking off.

Facebook monitoring for parents

Almost all kids use Facebook these days. Their friends are on Facebook, after all, and they don't want to be "uncool" by not being on it too. Unfortunately, Facebook isn't always safe for children. There are bullies, scammers, perverts, and sexual predators on the website. Children make easy prey, after all. You can keep them safe by monitoring their Facebook usage.

That's where fenced.ai comes in. Whether you need to keep an eye on a single person or multiple different people, fenced.ai's advanced software is exactly what you need. Sign up for free now! What are you waiting for?

Can you monitor someone's Facebook messages?

fenced.ai monitors nearly everything a person needs to know, and it comes with an excellent remote monitoring feature. To learn more, check out these FAQs.

To use the Facebook messages monitoring feature, is it necessary to root or jailbreak the target device?

You have to jailbreak or root the target device to monitor the Facebook messages using fenced.ai. However, other features don't require rooting or jailbreaking your iOS and Android devices, respectively.

Monitor in stealth ?

Fenced.ai operates in stealth mode. You can hide the app after installing it. It will then run in the background. Your device's battery won't be drained or slowed down by it. Your children or employees will never know they're being watched.

Monitor and keep your kids from all mischief effortlessly

Monitor and keep your kids safe from all mischief effortlessly

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