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Table of Contents

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Published on Jan 22, 2024
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Sophia Clark

6 Best Video Editors for Marketers in 2024

In the relentless tide of digital marketing, where every click is a battle and every view a victory, the art of video storytelling has become the secret weapon for marketers in 2024. Gone are the days of mundane content and lackluster visuals. Today, it's all about captivating narratives, eye-popping graphics, and the kind of immersive experiences that leave viewers yearning for more.

To make the most out of this trend, marketers need to have access to powerful video editing software that allows them to create professional-grade content for brand promotion. But before we dive into the top video editors for marketers, let's take a brief look at why video is such a crucial tool in a marketer's arsenal.

Why do marketers need video editing?

  • Enhanced storytelling and engagement

Making videos is not just about assembling footage, but also about creating a cohesive narrative. It involves careful consideration of music, lighting, rhythm, and pacing to make the content more impactful​​. Different techniques like J-Cuts, L-Cuts, and incorporating B-Roll footage also add depth and make the narrative more engaging​​.

  • Understanding the target audience

The target audience's preferences drives the success of any digital campaign. With video editing, marketing creators can tailor their content to suit different demographics and platforms. For example, a fast-paced montage with upbeat music may work better on social media platforms targeting younger audiences, while a more serious tone with detailed information may be more suitable for B2B marketing videos.

  • Boosting conversions

Videos often assist consumers in making purchasing decisions, with creating explainer videos being particularly effective for digital advertising. A well-edited video captures the viewer's attention and holds it long enough to deliver the key message, leading to increased conversions and sales.

  • Professional content creation

While it may seem like trimming and arranging footage is simple enough, authenticity and quality are still the key differentiators for marketers. Video editing software offers advanced features like motion graphics, color correction, and audio editing to elevate the content's production value. This adds a professional touch and helps in brand building and credibility.

  • AI in video editing

The integration of AI in video editing has revolutionized the industry and simplified the process. With features like automatic color correction, shot matching, and even automated template-based creation, AI has made the process more accessible and efficient for marketers without extensive technical knowledge.

  • Staying competitive

With 91% of businesses using video for marketing, it's clear that the trend is here to stay. To keep up with competitors, marketers need to adapt their visual content strategies and stay updated with the latest video editing tools and techniques.

Top 6 marketing tools for video editing

1. Movavi Video Editor: Create amazing videos easily

unnamed (35).jpg

OS: Windows, Mac

If you need comprehensive yet user-friendly video editing software, Movavi Video Editor is the perfect choice. With a simple drag-and-drop interface and a vast library of transitions, titles, and filters, it's perfect for novices looking to learn the basics of video editing. The program also offers AI-based features like automatic color correction, background and noise removal, and advanced motion tracking to take your videos even further.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Supports different resolutions and aspect ratios
  • Extensive library of creative elements
  • AI-based features for simpler editing


  • Limited advanced features for professionals

Pricing: Free trial, $54.95/year, $79.95/lifetime

2. VSDC Free Video Editor: Powerful features for free

unnamed (34).jpg

OS: Windows

For marketers on a tight budget, VSDC Free Video Editor is an excellent option. Despite being free, it offers a vast array of advanced features like 360 editing, HSL chroma key, motion tracking, masking, and color correction. And if you need more, the Pro version provides access to additional premium effects and transitions at an affordable price.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Great range of features for video editing
  • Free version available with no watermarks


  • Steep learning curve for beginners
  • Works on Windows only

Pricing: Free, $29.99/year for Pro

3. OpenShot: Open-source editing champion

unnamed (33).jpg

OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

Users looking for Final Cut for Windows won’t have problems with this program. This is another free video editing software known for ease of use and broad accessibility. Its open-source nature allows for contributions from developers worldwide. Although the interface is quite outdated and some advanced features may be missing, OpenShot is still a reliable choice for intermediate video editing needs.


  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Quick and easy to learn
  • Curve-based time mapping for precise speed and direction control in videos
  • 100% free and contains no ads or watermarks


  • Users may experience occasional lags and crashes
  • Might not meet the pro-level expectations

Pricing: Free

4. WeVideo: Great for collaborative editing

unnamed (44).png

OS: Web-based, iOS, Android

We all understand that cloud-based tools are not that preferred by professionals, but when it comes to teamwork, they are unbeatable. WeVideo allows multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously. It also offers advanced features like motion titles, green screen, and voiceover recording, making it a solid choice for marketers.


  • Access from any device
  • Collaborative editing in real-time
  • Collection of stock footage, audio, and effects


  • Limited feature-set compared to other marketing tools
  • Additional payment for more cloud storage

Pricing: Free, paid plans start at $59.88/year

5. Kapwing: Streamlined online video creation

unnamed (32).jpg

OS: Web-based

Kapwing is one of the web-based marketing tools for video editing that focuses on creating short-form videos for social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. It offers pre-made templates and a massive library of stock images, videos, audio, and GIFs to help marketers create visually appealing content quickly. It also allows for easy real-time collaboration and provides convenient sharing options.


  • Intuitive interface with easy drag-and-drop editing
  • Quick and efficient video creation for social media
  • Templates and stock library available
  • Smart tools like finding highlights, removing filler words, and text-based editing


  • Limited capabilities for longer or more complex videos
  • Additional payment for higher-quality exports and more storage

Pricing: Free, paid plans start at $16/month

6. Clipchamp: Fast and simple video maker

OS: Web-based, iOS

ClipChamp, a video editor by Microsoft, can help you create everything from YouTube or TikTok videos to promos and slideshows. Its editing kit includes trimming, cropping, adding text and music, AI voiceovers, and even automatic video creation. The tool also offers a library of ready-to-use video templates and stock assets, making the process straightforward.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Video templates to reduce editing time
  • AI-based features
  • Fast export speeds


  • Limited advanced features
  • Free plan limitations

Pricing: Free, $199/year for Premium


These are the top six marketing tools for video editing that cater to a wide range of needs and budgets. Whether you require a beginner-friendly environment or something more advanced, there is a tool for everyone. Each of them has its unique features and strengths, so consider your specific requirements before choosing one.

Video content can turn over a new leaf for your marketing campaigns. It is highly engaging, easily shareable, and has a higher potential to go viral. So why wait? Give these video editing software a try and take your marketing game to the next level.

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