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Table of Contents

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Published on Nov 19, 2021
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Juliya Smith

6 Ways to Prevent Your Kids’ Addiction to Fortnite

Fortnite is among the most popular gaming in the world, first introduced back in September 2017. It’s free-to-play games developed by epic games. It has more than 350 unique gamers worldwide from starting to now.

Players can play from any gaming platform like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, etc. There are two gaming modes in Fortnite. One is “Save the world” and another one famous multiplayer “Battle Royal”.

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Why is Fortnite so Addictive to Kids?

Fortnite is a user-friendly game, it is designed in a very attractive way. There are many reasons that kids easily get addicted to it. The graphic is designed in a cartoonish look that every kid gets attracted to this gaming. Many gamers steam their Fornite gaming on YouTube.

There are 4 types of modes available in Fortnite: battle royale, party royale, creative, and save the world. Kids can play with peers and others, and team up to win the given task.

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The Fortnite battle royale is free gaming and can be played on different devices like gaming consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. In battle royale, you will have to survive till the last to win the game and you can also connect with friends and other online gamers. You can get help from brick, wood, and metal, use its power to build structures. A fun feature about this mode is in each season you will get a distinct theme.

Party Royale is also a free gaming mode of Fortnite where kids get attracted because of the aerial obstacles, yacht races, videos, and even live performances by top artists. This mode is available within battle royale mode.

In creative mode, you can make your imaginary island with your friend and online gamers. In this mode, you can create your own rules and game. You can create both simple and complete games using the tool provided in this mode. Design your island as per your desire and enjoy with your pals.

In save the world mode, you will have to team up with others and have to defeat the husks( enemy or monster character in Fortnite). So, It’s a game with a different mode where once your kids start playing they will be addicted to this game. However, this mode is not free, you will need to purchase the mode from the websites.

Fortnite Addiction Symptoms

This gaming is so addictive once you start playing the game you will not be able to leave the game. When playing Fortnite, the children have a sense of accomplishment and they tend to play more to achieve the Fortnite task. It’s a source of entertainment but excessive playing games leads to addiction. The symptoms of Fortnite addiction are:

  • Your kids only talk about the Fortnite game.
  • Change in the mood if we try to stop them from playing.
  • Lacks control over gaming.
  • Lead to unhealthy habits.
  • Spend less time with friends and family.
  • Try to imitate gaming characters.
  • Change in physical appearance or posture.
  • Poor academic performance.
  • Frequently gets distracted.

Is the Fortnite Game Appropriate For Kids?

Fortnite is also a kid-friendly game you won’t see any mature and violent content in this gaming. Kids will have to defeat the enemy but there’s no blood and violence in the game as it is a cartoon design game. The danger of this gaming is online chat and addiction.

In Fortnite, kids can connect with different players from around the world and play different mode games with unknown persons. Kids can also chat with online gamers.

Your kids may get abusive words or language from other online gamers. The unknown person can cause harm verbally or can bully your kids. These kinds of gamers have only one intention that is to cause you harm. They will try to get your private information or can ask you to add them on social media. So, for underage kids, the Fortnite game will not be appropriate as it can be an addiction for kids.

Ways to Prevent Your kid’s Addiction to Fortnite

Play Fortnite With Your Kids

A common mistake every parent makes is by not giving proper time to their kid. They are unaware of their kid’s addiction to Fortnite gaming. This problem can be solved by showing interest in their gaming activities. Parents should sit down and play games together and know what is the addiction factor of this game. It means getting involved with them while playing Fortnite. It’s important for parents to be involved in kid’s gaming activities.

You should know your kid’s behavior and should know whether your kid is addicted to Fortnite or not. You can check the sign and symptoms of gaming addiction which are given in the above paragraphs. You should also make some separate free time for your kids so that you can limit their gaming time. Playing Fortnite with your kids will help to build your relationship and kids will feel comfortable sharing their problems with you.

Have a Conversation

Most parents believe that their children should be held accountable for their acts. Although that's real, a little advice from time to time never hurts anybody. That's why you should move in and help them to handle their time effectively. It doesn’t mean that you are restricting their gaming devices. It means you are limiting their gaming time.

If your kid’s addicted to Fortnite. You should have a clear conversation about the bad effects of gaming addiction. You should always be polite and calm while talking with your kids. Make them clear about it’s for entertainment only. There’s also a real-world outside of this game. You only feel a sense of achievement in the virtual world which is not applicable in real life. Let your kid know that you should play but for a limited time only. So, have all these conversations with your kids to get rid of Fortnite addiction.

Limit Their Fortnite Game

It’s a necessary step to prevent your kid’s addiction to Fortnite. Let your kids know that you are going to bring some changes to our home. Tell your kid about not punishing them, we are helping you. You should make a rule for gaming devices. If you completely try to restrict their gaming devices they might get angry and get violent. Some kids may disobey their parents for this activity.

You should slowly limit their gaming device use by approaching so carefully, you're trying to draw them into the process. You can also get help from different gaming consoles. Some of the famous gaming consoles like PlayStations, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch have unique settings to set a limit. You can set a timer for a specific period and after the completion of the time, the gaming consoles will be automatically closed. You can also set a timer on your Tv screen.

Set Rule and Regulation

It’s also one of the most important steps to prevent your kid from Fortnite addiction. You should make a rule and regulation for playing devices gaming. It will help to limit your kid’s gaming activities. If there will be no rules and restrictions, kids may play games continuously. They ended up getting addicted to gaming. You should make boundaries if they break or cross those boundaries let them know they will have to face punishment like, No Fortnite game for 2 days, not allowed to use a mobile device, etc.

Make them aware of the online predators, scammers, and other people who are there to cause harm. You should make a rule.

For instance, not to talk with an unknown person in Fortnite, don’t try to make friends, prioritize your work first, after the completion of homework or assignment you are allowed to play the game.

Make them clear you can only play the game for an hour or a certain period and in family time you aren’t allowed to use any gaming devices.

Make a Reward System

Reassure your kids that we are not interested in cutting off your Fortnite time. The reward attracts the kid’s mind. In Fortnite also the rewards which is the factor that leads them to addiction. But this reward system helps to get rid of Fortnite addiction.

As I have already said in the above heading don’t try to completely restrict their gaming. So, make a rule for the reward system. Let them know if you obey and follow the rules you will get a reward from us.

For instance, if you complete the homework, if your academic performance is excelling, if you are participating in extracurricular activities, if you follow the rules and regulations of the gaming time then only you will get rewards. It can be any reward as per the parent’s wish.

Encourage Your kids

Every kid looks up to parents as their inspiration therefore you as a parent need to be good role models for their kids. Parents need to encourage their kids to make a friend outside. Make them understand there is a life outside of this gaming.

Encourage your kids to improve their social lives as it’s a prominent aspect of our lives. You need to make sure that your kid is playing Fortnite for an hour or longer. Watch their activities if they are addicted to Fortnite and make them busy in other development activities.

Encourage your kids to take part in extracurricular activities. Motivate your kids to follow their interests and hobbies. Make sure you support them fully and make a daily routine for your kids. You should encourage your kids to have other sources of entertainment like cycling, playing outdoors, running, and other creative activities.

Parental Control in Fortnite

parental control for kids safety.jpg

Fortnite is popular and trending gaming it not only provides a great gaming experience but also provides a safe gaming experience. You can easily set up parental control to make sure your kids have secure gaming time. There are also many parental control settings available in Fortnite gaming. It helps parents to control their gaming time and allows them to play with their kids. Fortnite can be played on different gaming platforms like Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and digital devices.

In all these gaming platforms you can set parental control. You can restrict your kids from buying in-game purchases, limit their playtime, not allowing them to talk with others, and restrict them to add new online games. It will help your kids to protect themselves from the danger of Fortnite Here are the steps to enable/disable the parental control settings.

  • Step 1: Open Fortnite from any gaming platform you want to.
  • Step 2: Go to the lobby of the game and click on the “menu” in the upper-right corner of the lobby screen.
  • Step 3: Tab on the “Parental Control”.
  • Step 4: Now you have to provide them with your mail account to link the Fortnite parental control. If you don’t have a mail account you can choose options and from the browser, you can link your kids and your account.
  • Step 5: You can protect your “Parental control” settings with a unique PIN code. So your kids won’t be able to change the settings.

Now you can set any parental control as per your want. You can enable the mature language and it will filter all the abusive language and replace it with emoji. You can on/off the friend request from online gamers and if you are playing with an unknown player your gamer name or id will be hidden. The name will be only visible to those who are on your friend or squad list. You can turn off the voice chat from parental control settings. You can also set screen time on your kid’s Fortnite gaming devices.


Therefore, it all depends on you how you help your kids to get rid of Fortnite addiction. Parenting is necessary for keeping your kids within secure boundaries. Fortnite is an addicting game. First, you should be aware of the symptoms of Fortnite addiction. If your kid is addicted to this gaming there are 6 ways you can prevent your kid’s addiction to Fortnite. If it’s necessary you can take your kids to a professional or seek help from the doctors. You can control Fortnite addiction with parental control settings.

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