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Table of Contents

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Published on Oct 31, 2023
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Sophia Clark

AI vs. Expert Essay Writers for Students: When to Choose Which?

Students around the world use various AI platforms for academic assignments. The likes of ChatGPT help you finish boring work fast and focus on interesting tasks. Some collegegoers believe in the power of artificial intelligence so much that they often forget about expert essay writers.

While this profession may seem outdated, it provides a decent alternative to ai essay writing free and text generation. Both solutions aren’t ideal and have something to offer students despite this fact. Let’s look into the peculiarities of each option.


When AI Tools Are Helpful

Getting Ideas

People who pursue higher education can’t always come up with good topic ideas. Despite abundant information available, they struggle to find a good subject to write about. When this happens, students may turn to AI platforms for ideas. All you need is to ask the bot for an essay or academic paper ideas on politics, sociology, physics, or other disciplines.

These tools provide lists of possible topics within a couple of minutes. Students often know something they want to write about but can’t zero in on the exact wording. Sometimes chatbots don’t give them exactly what they were looking for. Even then, collegegoers may use this information to come up with their own ideas.

In this case, AI writers serve as brainstorming center that points people in the right direction. This tool is a great way of overcoming writer’s block and getting new ideas when there’s no one around to discuss them.

Conducting Research

After you find out what to write about, researching it can be difficult. Some of the materials may be hidden behind a paywall. There’s also a chance that the information is too large to comprehend at once. This poses a problem, especially if the student in question doesn’t have time for thorough research.

AI tools help deal with this since they have access to billions of sources. Unlike “write my essay” platforms, they often provide surface facts about various disciplines and subjects. Additionally, this information may be outdated since most bots work with limited data. To write about things, students still have to compare what the bots tell them and the most recent info.

Despite this, AI tools still provide enough information for students to work with. One may even use them to explain concepts they find hard to understand. It’s a great alternative to watching videos or looking at charts, thanks to the concise nature of the AI’s answers.

Getting Paper Examples

Some collegegoers have a more blunt approach when it comes to using AI platforms. They copy the text, paste it, and present the work as their own. In some cases, such individuals don’t even bother to check the text for obvious signs that it was written by an AI. Instead of blindly using the text, collegegoers may use it for the following:

  • Looking at essay outlines;
  • Getting examples of hook sentences;
  • Familiarizing themselves with the structure of papers.

This information can be extracted by asking the tool to write a paper. Say you wish to elaborate on the importance of the First Amendment. To do that, ask the tool for several small papers on this matter and use these AI-made texts as templates for your own work.

When Expert Writers Are Helpful

To ensure that your papers maintain authenticity and aren't purely AI-generated, it's worth checking them using tools like this Free AI Detector.

Writing About Difficult Topics

Collegegoers often have no trouble writing and editing their assignments. But sometimes, they come across subjects that are way out of their reach. Perhaps, they don’t pay much attention to them in class or have trouble understanding them. In this case, no amount of work with AI bots will help. Additionally, there won’t be enough time to write and proof.

A good essay writing service has experts in different fields. They are ready to conduct the research and provide insight into various topics. These professionals have degrees in a number of disciplines that are taught at universities. They also possess the latest knowledge that will make your essays up to date.

Content Improvement

Even with the help of AI tools, students may feel that their work isn’t good enough. No matter how many times they review and rewrite, it still doesn’t look right. Sometimes they don’t submit the work at all. Professional writers can get past this and polish papers to perfection. They have years of experience under their belt to pull it off.

It’s a good choice for students who did most of the work but need the guidance of more seasoned writers. They may point to areas that need improvement. The work produced by these individuals often serves as a blueprint for future college papers. This approach is also more cost-effective than writing papers from scratch.

Sadly, AI writers lack the finesse when it comes to making original content. Students often don’t check their texts for plagiarism, which brings their grades down. With essay writers, there’s no need to do this. They ensure that each piece of work is 100% original and even provide authenticity reports.

Pending Deadlines

Of course, using artificial intelligence helps students improve their work and find topic ideas. But what if you don’t have the time or energy to tweak the prompt or revise the first draft? You might be too stressed to create a well-written paper that’s properly structured and original. Yet, professional paper writers are able to create works in a nick of time.

The quality of their essays depends on how much time they have and the complexity of the ordered work. So, students still need to keep track of their assignments to set manageable deadlines. If the time limit is feasible, experts can produce excellent pieces of writing. The best research paper writing services have professionals that work in the direst time constraints.

More Customization Options

Lastly, students turn to professional writers when they feel like their papers lack a personal touch. This happens when they can’t follow the formal structure, academic requirements, or other things. Professional writers tailor essays that follow professors’ instructions to the letter. They also ensure that the papers meet the current standards in various research fields.


Both types of writers offer something to the students. The choice of using them entirely depends on the situation, a student’s abilities, and the complexity of assignments. Experiment, combine different methods, and apply sound judgment to see what benefits you the most.

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