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Table of Contents

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Published on Sep 28, 2023
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Juliya Smith

10 Best Clicker Games to Play Online for Free [ 2023 ]

Ready to pat yourself on the back for stumbling upon these best clicker games? Then swipe on!

I know that "idle games" often come with hesitation from others, as some find them addictive, while others are not very fond of them. If you belong to the former group, great! If not, these easy-to-play click-based games might change your mind.

To my surprise, I found that more and more gamers are now ditching games that demand high-end system requirements and relying on simple yet addictive games as the new genre creeps in "Idle clicker".

These games are oddly satisfying and only require mouse-clicking to play. At the same time, the tiny in-game rewards are enough to keep players engaged for long hours.

To fit in the description perfectly, we dug out the 10 best free games that you can play in your spare time. Let’s jump on to a quick look at what they are and much more.

What is an Idle Clicker Game?

Idle clicker are the type of games that are made for solo players who want to play addictive titles with little effort. So these games generally revolve around the themes where players typically start with a simple task, such as actively clicking, tapping, or swiping on the screen to progress in the game.

The main idea behind idle games or incremental games is to watch yourself level up, make the best out of resources, and unlock new upgrades faster. What's even better is that these games have addictive gameplay that keeps you coming back to see how far you can go. We have also seen many gamers use gt auto clicker for faster clicking and automating mouse buttons.

Moreover, you can find these games in various themes and almost all kinds of presentations. Some may involve running a miner, building cities, collecting coins, or attacking enemies. But what they all have in common is that you can make progress and get a sense of achievement throughout the game. And the best part? Most of them are completely free to play.

10 Best Clicker Games to Play Online for Free [ 2023 ]

Hero Wars

Chances are you've heard of Hero Wars. It's an extremely popular online fantasy game that has made it to the top of our list due to its engaging PvP battles, a bunch of characters, and dozens of guilds to join.

The playsets are pretty simple; you lead your heroes in an arena battle using skills and strategies to get that 3-star raid defending the enemies. Galahad is the hero you start with, and you have to unlock the rest of the heroes in Dominion as you progress in the game.

Nonetheless, the game offers two different modes PvE and PvP, where each level will take you on completely different adventure.

Cookie Clicker

Who can forget one of the best free and most popular games? It fits perfectly into this category where each time you click on the big cookie you earn a cookie. Simple right? But the fun doesn't end here. You can click as many times as you want and once you earn enough cookies, you can use them to buy in-game rewards like new faster cursor, farms, or even hire grandma's to click on your behalf.

The game doesn't stick to a single way to earn cookies because there are multiple minigames in thier that will make you forget the count of cookies you baked. Plus 600+ upgrades give you enough reason to build an entire cookie business out of it. Apart from that, we are pretty sure that you are definitely gonna find this game in the list of unblocked sites.

Idle On - The Idle MMO

This RPG game has a unique take on the idle genre with MMO elements. Its cute pixelated world and human-like characters will surely draw you in. You can either create a character and start clashing with the monsters or create more specialized characters from multiple classes with different abilities that will help you collect resources or build items all day long, even if you are away from the game.

Besides that, you can indulge in multiplayer activities like PvP battles, boss fights and dungeons. Also, the game gets more exciting to play when you find hidden shops, complete quests, or discovers secret outlands with unique bosses in an open-world environment.


Platera can be your next favorite idle-clicking game if you love gardening. The base of this game is to set in a garden where you as a blue-mellow creature collects enough resources to grow garden that later converts into a profitable business of selling fruits and vegetables.

Initially, you will start by catching flies in a net that gives you coins that can be used to grow crops. And as you expand in the game, you will unlock helpers that will automate tasks like collecting fruits & vegetables, harvesting plants, and whatnot. You can also own a guard dog to protect your crop from sneaky critters that may try to invade your garden.

A Dark Room

Nothing fancy here in terms of graphics but this game is perfect for anyone who enjoys text-based adventures, in-between puzzles, or just a good story. You start alone in a dark room, with only a fire to keep you warm. As you roam around and gather resources, you get to build a village, a civilization, and eventually a technological marvel.

In this game, you have to make clever decisions to grow, survive, and manage the resources. As easy as it seems, while playing you will encounter numerous difficulties such as figuring out what's going on in the dark room.

Clicker Heroes

If you are looking for similar free games like Cookie Clicker, then Clicker Heroes might deserve a play. It is based on a similar concept of incremental games where you start as a single hero to defeat the monsters just by clicking, where each click gives tiny damage. Upon successfully defeating monsters you earn gold as a reward that can be used further to build your allies or upgrade to your heroes that will automate the attacks on your behalf.

Did I mention each hero has a higher amount of DPS that can increase damage per click? Sure, they are upgradeable to even better perks.

Not to forget that you are also free to explore new lands and zones where each zone has a mighty boss and extra health to take by. If you fail, you will stuck in the same zone and will need to build your skills to take further fights. Sure, there is alot to take in as you play this game.

AdVenture Capitalist

If you are fond of becoming a business tycoon without the real-world stress then AdVenture Capitalist is the game for you. The goal is simple: you need to outgrow your business by investing in multiple businesses and running into profits.

Initially, you start with running a lemonade stand and work up your way to owning more stands to cash them in more money. The more you click the more revenue you earn along the way. Once you collect enough megabucks (in-game currency), then you can re-invest them into more ventures like pizza parlors, and movie theaters, or make essential upgrades.

You can even hire managers to look after these ventures while you are away. And as you accumulate 100 trillion dollars you can start investing in new worlds - Moon or Mars.


Ever imagine you are in a 2D open-world game where you are open to explore, pick fights, and find hidden dungeons, all in a cute pixel art style? If not, then you are unaware of Forager. It is an idle clicker game where you start on a small island with nothing but a pickaxe and a shovel, and your goal is to explore the world, gather resources, and build up your base from scratch.

Whether you want to cast yourself as a builder, farmer, merchant, gatherer, or even an adventurer, there are no limits to what you can become in Forager. And this makes it a perfect pick for short bursts or long gaming sessions.

Leaf Blower Revolution

Watching your character from a top-down view blowing off leaves around the yard with upgraded leaf-blower tools is a fun addon to your coffee breaks.

It plays like an idle game where you start with cleaning your yard of leaves with bare hands and then you quickly upgrade to a rack, then larger rakes, and eventually nuclear leaf-blowers.

As you continue to play, you unlock even better tools like blowers, shovels, swords, and trouts at a faster rate. There's even an auto leaf blower tool that will clean the mess by itself. Not to forget that you can play this game even on your mobile browser.

Cell to Singularity

The game positions itself as a cosmic clicker game and takes you on a journey through the history of evolutions while at the same time giving engaging gameplay. Although there is not enough you can do in terms of mechanics, it hooks you with the plot as the game progresses.

It takes you back to the origins of life on Earth, starting with a simple cell where with every single click you gather entropy to evolve into new and form more complex life.

As you play through, you will unlock new species, upgrade your creatures, and witness the evolution of life right before your eyes – from the extinction of dinosaurs to, the discovery of fire, and industrial revolutions. Even pass on to more advanced civilizations all within a 3D-like environment.


That brings an end to the list of the 10 Best Clicker Games which you can play anytime for free. You may also have some more cool and fun-loving ones online but these are pretty good and covers different type of themes. Now the only thing left is to pick the game that you want to try out first. Each of them is unique in its way, so I guess you'll have a pretty good time playing, especially if you're into idle games.

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