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Table of Contents

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Published on Nov 30, 2021
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Juliya Smith

Top 6 Best Kids Smart GPS Watch | Watches To Monitor Your Kids' Location

You might want to know where your kids are. With the increase in crimes in the real world and the online world, parents constantly fear their kids' safety. You might constantly call your kids when they go out with their friends and family. Constantly calling your kids might annoy them, and they might feel you do not trust them at all.

Hence, to keep trust among your kids and know where they are at the moment, you can use Smart GPS Watch for kids. These GPS watches will provide you with your kid's location and ensure they are in a safe place. You can easily find where your kids are with the smartwatch. There are many kids' smart GPS watches with rich kid-friendly features.

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Features That You Need Consider While Purchasing Kids Smart GPS Watch

Even though all smartwatches have similar features, you need to consider the following things while buying a kids smart GPS watch.

  • GPS Tracking

Every parent is worried about their kid's whereabouts. The main reason behind parents using GPS watches is to monitor their location. While selecting a GPS watch, you need to check the accurate location that the watch provides. You should look for a GPS watch that provides accurate GPS and sends you geographical boundaries.

  • SOS Alerts

The next feature that you need is the SOS alerts feature. SOS alerts are the most important feature that a smartwatch needs. When you consider buying a GPS watch for your kids, do check if there is an SOS button or not.

Kids can use this SOS button whenever they are in any dangerous situation. When kids press the SOS buttons, you will get an SOS call that will not stop ringing until you answer the call.

  • Two-way Calling

Two-way calling is also an important feature that you need to look at while buying kids smart GPS watches. If you do not want to give cellphones to your kids at a very young age but still want to stay connected, you can use smartwatches with calling features in them.

With a two-way calling feature on a smartwatch, your kid can make and receive calls through their watch. You will need a SIM card that is compatible with the device to use this feature.

  • Waterproof

When selecting a kids smart GPS watch, you need to make sure it's waterproof. Smartwatch exterior should be waterproof, as kids sometimes get caught in the rain or forget to take out their watches while swimming or on the beach. So, it's better for your smartwatches to be waterproof, which minimizes the chances of getting damaged.

  • Camera

You need to consider a camera while purchasing a kids smart GPS watch. The camera is not a much-needed feature, but it works as a great source of entertainment for kids. Your kids can use the camera for fun, and they can take snaps to take all the memorable events and upload them directly to the computer storage.

6 Best Kids Smart GPS Watch

When you think of buying a kids smart GPS watch for your kids, you might get confused and overwhelmed with the variety of choices you get from it. Here is the 6 best kids smart GPS watch that you might consider while choosing a GPS watch for your kids:

1. Themoemoe Smartwatch

Themoemoe Smartwatch.jpg

The first kids smart GPS watch that we have is the Themoemoe smartwatch, which provides you with detail about your kid's whereabouts. It ensures your kid's safety by providing the location of your kid no matter where they go. You kids can wear this watch even at school as it has a do not disturb feature.

Themoemoe smartwatch is a supercute watch suitable for kids from the age group 4 to 12 years old. There are many features that Themoemoe Smartwatch provides, which makes the watch the number 1 choice on our list. This watch will cost you $500, which means it is on the pricier side.

Features of Themoemoe Smartwatch

  • SOS Button

Themoemoe smartwatch provides an SOS button feature and allows kids to send SOS alerts to their parents whenever they are in danger. You can set 3 numbers as SOS numbers on this feature, and kids need to press the SOS button for three seconds to make SOS phone calls to registered numbers.

  • GPS Tracker with Accuracy

With the Smart GPS watch feature, you can track your kid's location. You can get the location of your kids in real-time through the GPS tracker feature provided by Themoemoe smartwatch. Once you connect the watch with your phone, you can view where your kids are at the moment.

  • Class Mode

The most interesting feature about the Themoemoe smartwatch is its class mode. With this mode, you can turn on the "Do Not Disturb" mode, which will restrict kids from using games, cameras, or make a call except for the SOS function.

  • Two-Way Call

Your kid can make phone calls using their Themoemoe smartwatch. Using your SIM card, you can make phone calls through your smartwatch. To make phone calls using your smartwatch, you need to insert a SIM card in the watch and install the SetTracker2 app.

  • Multifunction

Other features that Themoemoe Smartwatch provides are voice calls, camera, flashlight, alarm clock, phone book, and so on. There is a dual camera on this watch, which means kids can take photos from front and back cameras.

2. Smart Gadget Kid's Waterproof GPS Smartwatch

Smart Gadget Kid's Waterproof GPS Smartwatch.jpg

If your kid is a water baby, we recommend using Sart Gadget as a kid's smart GPS watch since it is waterproof. This smartwatch has a screen of 1.4 inches with a silicone band and waterproof material. You can get the camera, alarm, and phone with this smartwatch.

Smart gadget kid's waterproof GPS smartwatch is suitable for kids from 3 to 14 years old. You can get this smartwatch from Amazon at $149.99, and it is available in 2 colors, blue and pink.

Features of Smart Gadget Kid's Waterproof GPS Smartwatch

  • Waterproof

Kids tend to forget to take out their watch while playing watersports, so you should make your device waterproof. The device withstands water up to 50 meters but should not be kept inside the water for more than 3 minutes.

  • SOS Button

The next important feature that Smart Gadgets Kid's waterproof GPS Smartwatch provides is the SOS button. You can set 3 numbers on SOS buttons that send phone calls when kids press on SOS buttons. Whenever your kids are in danger, they can press the SOS button, and you will get their phone call.

  • Monitors Sleep

The most interesting feature about this smartwatch is it monitors your sleep time. Smart Gadget Kids Waterproof GPS Smartwatch records the total sleep time of your kids. This app helps your kids to maintain healthy sleep habits.

  • Make Voice Calls and Video Call

This smartwatch also allows you to make voice and video calls. You can put your SIM card on the watch and connect with your kids. You kids can also send voice messages to you or their friends. You can make two-way calls using this watch.

  • Notification Setting

This smartwatch also allows you to set notifications. If you feel like your kids get disturbed by a notification, you can turn them off.

3. Ojoy A1

Ojoy A1.jpg

Ojoy A1 is a digital wristwatch that shows your kid's location and tracks their location in real-time. The watch has a 1.4-inch display with a built-in camera, and you can get a 2-megapixel camera with a 1.4-inch retina display.

Ojoy A1 is a waterproof watch that claims to be dust, sweat, and water splash resistant. Ojoy A1 provides your kids a sense of freedom at the same time, ensures your kid's safety.

Ojoy A1 will cost you around $159 and is available in two different colors, blue and purple. This watch is ideal for kids around 5 to 10 years old, and it is fully designed for kids with a cute interface and full animation.

Features of Ojoy A1

  • GPS

Ojoy A1 connects you with your kids through the GPS feature. You can track your kid's location through a SIM card, and you need to use smartphone SIM cards that provide you with your kid's location.

  • Smart Calls

Your kids can make phone calls using their smartwatch. This kids smart GPS watch lets you white-list and black-list contacts, and this feature lets your kids make phone calls whenever they are in trouble.

  • Messaging

This smartwatch also allows you to send text messages as well as voice messages. This watch allows you to send voice messages up to the 60s, and you can present text messages, emojis and send pictures and videos.

  • Time Keeping Feature

Kids Smart GPS watch also has features like alarm and stopwatch features. This means you can set the alarm on the smartwatch and keep track of the time simultaneously.

  • Fitness

Apart from GPS tracking, you can track your fitness activity, like the total number of steps that kids take throughout the day. You can rank your kids among one another. When your kids achieve their specific target, they can get upgraded to a new level.



XPLORA X5 is a kids smart GPS watch that allows you to keep track of your kids' health. This is a water-resistant watch that you can wear while playing sports. You will get a built-in camera in this watch. Kids can capture their special events through their cameras and store them on their cloud storage.

You can get this watch for $149.99, and it is available in two different colors, which are pink and blue. XPLORA X5 is specially designed for kids and suitable for kids aged 5-12 years old.

Features of XPLORA X5

  • School Mode

This watch has school mode that allows you to set to do not disturb mode that allows you to set to do not disturb mode. You can set a period for 3 times. When the school mode is on, kids will not be able to use their watches.

  • Text and Voice Message

The next important feature that you can get is the text and voice message feature. With this feature, you can make a voice call and receive a call from a saved number. Using a GPS smartwatch, you can end voice chats, send images, emojis on text messages.

  • SOS Button

You will also get the SOS button on the XPLORA X5 smartwatch. With the SOS button, you can get your kid's location whenever they are in an emergency. When your kids press the SOS button, this feature sends the location to you.

  • Camera

You can also get the front camera on this watch which allows your kids to capture fun moments. Kids can send their pictures to their family members as soon as they click pictures.

  • WiFi Connectivity

XPLORA X5 allows you to connect to WiFi at the lowest cost. This device is compatible with different mobile networks like Sprint, US Cellular, and Verizon.

5. The Verizon Gizmo Watch2

The Verizon Gizmo Watch2.jpg

The next kid's smartwatch that we have is Verizon Gizmo Watch2 which is a very high-tech watch. This watch has features similar to smartphones and works similar to a smartphone, and this is a durable and waterproof watch. Verizon Gizmo is a kids-friendly watch that is designed with kids' safety in mind with additional parental control features.

You can install a parental control app on this kid's smartwatch to view your kid's activity. It also provides built-in location tracking and emergency features, which come in handy for kids whenever they are in an emergency.

You can get a geofencing and geo-tracking feature in this watch, and you can set boundaries for your kids and watch where they go through GPS service. Verizon Gizmo Watch2 is available in 5 different colors and will cost you $99.99 for 4 GB.

Features of Verizon Gizmo Watch2

  • Real-Time Tracking

Verizon Gizmo Watch2 has a location tracking feature that allows you to track your kid's location in real-time. You can get a geofencing feature on this watch that allows you to set virtual boundaries for your kids.

When your kid tries to cross the boundaries, you will receive a notification. You can even see where your kids are at the moment through the real-time tracking feature.

  • Set Notes and Reminder

Using Verizon Gizmo Watch2, you can set reminders and alarms. You can set a task for your kids, check tasks, set reminders for the task on the watch. In this watch, you can set a to-do list for your kids and ensure they do their tasks by setting reminders about the task.

  • Stay In Touch

You can add 10 trusted contacts on your kid's Verizon Gizmo Watch2 and allow your kids to contact those trusted contacts. Whether your kids are in an emergency or want to communicate with you, they can do it through their Verizon Gizmo Watch2.

  • Keeps Track of Your Fitness

Verizon Gizmo Watch2 also works as a fitness watch as it tracks the number of steps your kids have taken in a day. You can set your fitness goal and get reminded about the goal through this watch.

  • Quick Dial Feature

Verizon Gizmo Watch2 provides a quick dial and auto-answer feature that helps to contact your kid easily. Your kids can contact trusted contacts using this feature. With the auto-answer feature, your kid can answer your calls automatically if you need to speak to your kid.


PTHTECHUS 4G Watch.jpg

If you have set the budget of around $100, you can choose PTHTECHUS 4G Watch. PTHTECHUS 4G watch is a waterproof watch with a screen size of 1.4 inches. This watch allows its users to connect through Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular, GPS, etc.

PTHTECHUS 4G watch comes in three different colors, which are black, blue, and pink. Talking about the price of the PTHTECHUS 4G watch, it will cost you around $109.98.

Features of PTHTECHUS 4G Watch

  • GPS Tracking

PTHTECHUS provides you GPS tracking feature; you can easily locate your kid's location. This feature provides you with the exact location of your kid's whereabouts. You will know where your kids are through the GPS tracking feature of PTHTECHUS. When you turn on the WiFi on your watch, it can give the precise location of the watch.

  • SOS Button

PTHTECHUS also provides an SOS button that kids can use when they are in an emergency. When your kids press the SOS button for 3 seconds, 3 registered numbers will receive an emergency call. You can add up to 3 numbers in the SOS call feature.

  • Two Way Calling

PTHTECHUS 4G watch provides a two-way calling feature, which allows users to make two-way calls. Using this smartwatch, your kids can make and receive both video and audio calls. You can have voice chat and video chat using this feature. Also, parents and kids can be in touch even when they are away from one other.

  • Multifunctions

PTHTECHUS 4G watch provides features similar to your smartphones. This watch allows you to take pictures, have audio and video chat, play games, adjust brightness, and so on. If you do not want to give your kids a smartphone too early, you can give them this smartwatch that performs similar features to smartphones.

  • School Mode and Alarm Clock

You can also get a school and alarm clock feature that is suitable for school-going kids. Using school mode, you can keep your kids safe from disturbance while doing their homework or in the classroom. Likewise, using the alarm clock feature, you can set three alarms.

Wrap Up

Wrapping up, if you do not want to give your kids a smartphone at an early age, you can give them a smartwatch. You can give your kids a smart GPS watch that works similar to smartphones. Kids Smart GPS Watch has been a blessing for parents who are constantly worried about their kid's whereabouts.

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