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Published on Nov 16, 2021
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Sophia Clark

Best Remote Control App for Android

Every electronic appliance at home comes with different remote controls. Sometimes, the remote swipes under your sofa set, you look all over for it, and it’s not there. Sometimes the entire family cannot find a single remote after looking for hours.

Also, you have to change batteries, use different remotes for your smart home appliances like a TV, AC, DVD player, Projector, and other gadgets.

What if I say you can have an ALL IN ONE remote control app for Android devices at your home? You should no longer worry about taking care of different remotes; you can install some android tv remote apps on your mobile to control your tv and other home appliances.

The Android remote apps make smart homes much smarter. You can control multiple home appliances using a single remote tv app. If you look on google play, there are many remote control apps for Android. You can also find the Apple tv remote, and you can find the universal tv remote app.

Choosing one from many remote tv apps can be tedious for you. Thus, in this article, I have suggested the 7 best android remote control tv apps on Google Play. Check out these best remote apps for Android and choose your favorite.

7 Best Remote Control App for Android You Need to Know



The Android remote control mobile app that has made it to the top of my list is Android TV Remote control. Remote control app by Android is simple yet most effective remote for Android phones. To those who have android phones, they should install this remote control right away.

The functionality of the Android tv remote control is the best, simple and effective. The users get access to the basic remote functions, including a virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard allows easy typing.

You may ask, how can I connect this mobile remote TV app with myTV? The answer is simple; you can easily connect the remote TV app and TV via Bluetooth or Wifi.


  • User-friendly remote to control your TV and other gadgets.
  • A Virtual keyboard included
  • Voice control and voice command
  • Designed to work with Android TV and Chromecast


  • It is universally compatible with all TVs.
  • It offers controls such as a Touch screen, D-pad, Touchpad, and Gamepad.
  • It takes the user's voice commands and controls to perform actions.
  • It supports keyboard input as well.


  • A minimum of Android 4.0 is required.

Logitech Harmony

logitech app.png

What's next on my list? It's Logitech Harmony. Logitech Harmony is a popular name among the best remote apps for android available in the market. This tv remote app is everyone's favorite because of its user-friendliness and perfect design.

With the Logitech remote control app, a user can do anything. The functions and features of the remote control app are customizable.

For the remote app to be operating, you should connect the remote control to a secured wifi network. Once the remote mobile app starts operating, you can monitor the operation of your smart household appliances like TV, house lighting, speakers, gaming controls, etc.

The Logitech Harmony elite remote TV app works perfectly fine with TVs, a Blu-ray player, a Roku device, Chromecast devices, an AV receiver, Cable set-top box, etc.


  • High feasibility: you can use it with 750,000 devices from 5,000 brands
  • Allows voice command to control your Tv and other appliances
  • Excellent user interface
  • Feature customization is available.


  • Unlimited functions
  • Single-touch automation to launch activities or switch channels
  • Closed cabinet control to manage the devices behind closed cabinets and doors using IR sensor, Wifi, or Bluetooth.
  • Easy set-up. Auto scanning for available devices.


  • Compatible with Android 6.0 and above.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon_Fire_TV app.png

With the Amazon fire tv remote control app, you can now use your mobile as a Fire TV remote. The Amazon Fire TV remote control is a user-friendly remote control app for android devices and Fire TV users. The mobile remote apps for Amazon Fire Stick help the users to do easy searching and typing. Browser navigation is also easy with the remote. Type from your mobile's keyboard and press search; the page will load on your TV.

Amazon Fire TV remote control app is an amazing app for controlling your TV and other home appliances. It is available for Android mobiles, iPhones and Ipads, and Amazon Kindle Fire devices. You can easily stream movies and popular TV shows on TVs and popular apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can also connect Amazon Alexa and Amazon Fire Tv.


  • A simple interface and easy navigation
  • Virtual keyboard included
  • A feature that recognizes the voice commands
  • This android remote control app is free.


  • Best for Live Streaming
  • Best application in a lot of devices
  • Voice recognition


  • Compatible with Android devices, Amazon Fire Tv, IOS devices, Kindles Fire, etc.

Anymote Remote Control App

AnyMote app.png

Anymote smart remote control app is a suitable remote control app for your IR-based built-in mobile phone. Using the Anymote universal remote TV app, you can control your TV and various activities on your TV and other smart home appliances. The IR blaster on your phone assists your mobile in customizing your virtual remote.

With Anymote app, users can access some interesting features like unique button placement, fresh colors, font options, etc. You can implement as many commands as you want on a single touch with full macro control.

Anymote Universal remote app gets connected to the user's devices via a stable wifi connection. It works with many devices and allows the integration of tasks and voice commands. Once you install the Anymote app on your phone, you have an unlimited remote controlling feature along with backups and customer supports.

Your phone doesn't need to have an IR-blaster. AnyMote works with many WiFi-enabled smart TVs and connected speakers. However, access on Android devices with no IR blasters is limited. But still, controlling home gadgets with Anymote remote is super duper easy.

The only issue you'll hear from almost every user is that the Anymote app was last updated in 2018, and no updates since. Let's hope that they are working on the updates, and once they're out, we'll have some amazing additional features.


  • Easy-to-use design
  • Hulu and Netflix buttons are available on the remote.
  • You can rearrange the buttons on the remote to customize it.


  • With this remote, you can control over 900,000 devices.
  • Remotely control all devices that use IR.
  • Creating macros on your own
  • Wireless media center control using Wifi


  • The operating system must be Android 4.03 or later.

Roku App

roku remote app.png

Roku's app for Android is one of the best remote control apps to control your TV. You can find many remote control apps on the Google play store, and many of them function as universal smart remote controls. However, it would help if you had proper hardware on your phone and on remote devices, which may not be available in all the phone models in the market.

So, the Roku application for Android is the new hero. It is the most mobile-friendly remote control app one could ever find. But, there is a criterion set to use the remote app; you have to be a Roku player.

The Roku ecosystem is easy to get into for only $29 for their cheapest device. With your Roku device programmed, you can flawlessly use the Roku remote app.

The Photos+ tab in the Roku app remote allows you to stream content to the Roku box through your mobile's storage. You can access everything on your mobile's internal storage; music, photos, videos, and others. All you have to do is set the app permission to yes on the settings on your mobile.

Likewise, if you want to do some private listening, the Roku app allows you to listen to the audio on your TV to your mobile phone. You can even get access to content saved in the cloud in services like Google Photos. Isn't this feature super cool?


  • An easier mobile experience design that almost looks like a Google Home app.
  • Has an easy bottom-based navigation system.
  • There is a list of streaming channels, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Video.
  • Easy pairing with a lot of connected devices.


  • The photo-sharing service.
  • The audio and voice search feature.
  • The D-pad and waking up your TV feature.
  • You can shop for apps right on your TV instead of using the standard Rokus user interface.
  • The Install App Button to get apps from the app store.


  • Compatible with all Roku devices and almost all modern TV manufacturers.

Universal TV Remote Control

Universal_TV_Remote_Control app.png

The Universal TV Remote Control is the "all in one" TV remote control. When you have a Universal TV remote control app for Android on your phone, you will no longer need individual remotes for your tv set, Blu-ray player, set-top box, DVD players, cable box, streaming devices like Apple TV, satellite tv, etc. You are connected to all the electronic gadgets at once via the universal remote control app.

This remote works for almost all brands at your home. You can use it with a Samsung TV set and LG TV set. With the help of this remote control app, you can adjust the image quality on your different models of the TV set. You can command Smart TVs, adjust the volumes, dim the lights, and customize the tv screen as per your preference through this smart TV remote.


  • Highly comfortable to use.
  • You don't need different remote controls for your electronic gadgets.
  • It is possible to connect up to eight devices at the same time.


  • Allows command controls through Wifi.
  • It is an IR remote control. Supports a range of traditional devices with old IR receivers as well.
  • The universal smart remote feature allows pairing without an IR blaster.


  • Works efficiently with 300 different brands and TV models.

Mi Remote Controller

Mi_Remote_Controller app.png

Mi Remote app by Xiaomi is a universal remote control app that works with the IR blaster port on the user's mobile phone. You can install the Mi remote control app on your regular Android phone with a built-in IR blaster.

Users can control all the smart IR-controlled electronic appliances at home using the remote app. You can use a Mi remote for multi-tasking. You can use this remote for your TV, Air Conditioners, A/V receiver, Cameras, set-top box, DVDs, smart box, projectors, and other gadgets.

The remote requires a stable internet connection (Wifi) to operate. The remote app works with some world-renowned brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Haier, Videocon, Micromax, Onida, etc.


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with almost every phone that has inbuilt IR blasters
  • You can control multiple devices with one gadget.


  • Offers best features for phones with IR blaster
  • Controlling Mi Box, Mi TV, and Smart TVs
  • Planned TV schedules


  • Supported phones: Samsung S4-S5-S6-S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 3&4, HTC One Series, Mi 4-4c-5-5S-5c-5X-6, Redmi 4-4A-4X, Redmi Note 2-3-4-4X-5A, Huawei Honor 3-6-6 plus


Summing up, remote control apps make your life much easier. Using remote control apps, you do not have to search for your remotes again, as you may be aware that not finding your remote when you need is the most irritating.

Here I have mentioned some of my favorite remote control apps that I love to use. If you have used remote control apps, I would love to know your experience, please write them in the comment section below.

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