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Published on Nov 18, 2021
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Juliya Smith

Best Workout Apps for Teens in 2022 | Fitness Apps

Because of the pandemic, we all are stuck in our homes all day and night. We do nothing but eat, sit or lie down in our bed, which has surely taken a toll on our bodies. Forget working out in the gym; it's scary to even go out for a run in the streets or the park.

So in such a situation, you must be thinking about how you will reach your fitness goals by just staying at home? Likewise, talking about teens, they are so addicted to their smartphones, and they spend all their time glued to their phones. So, what can you do to encourage them to work out?


Therefore, to solve your query here, I have come up with the best workout apps for you and your teens that you can use to easily workout at home. To work out at home, I have also mentioned the best YouTube channels that you can subscribe to.

Top 7 Best Exercise or Workout Apps for Teens

Workout Trainer: Fitness Coach

Workout Trainer can be an awesome partner for your bodyweight workouts at home. Workout Trainer's experienced trainers walk you through each workout with timed step-by-step voice, picture, and video guidance.

It offers hundreds of free workouts and personalized training programs taught by professional trainers to suit your needs, whether you prefer working out at home with just your body weight or a few basic dumbbells or weights.

Features of Workout Trainer: Fitness Coach

  • Workout Trainer, with its customizable difficulty levels, is appropriate for any step of your fitness journey: basic, mid-level, or advanced.
  • You can hire a fitness coach to provide you with individual online training. With the assistance of a genuine online trainer, you can receive a unique training plan suited to your needs and accomplish your body goals faster.
  • Advanced Heart Rate Feedback and Comprehensive Workout Performance Analysis can connect to your Bluetooth or Apple watch.
  • If you are a fitness trainer, you can also sign up and reach millions of fitness-minded individuals to expand your brand.
  • You can schedule personal workout training and get reminders.


Store: App Store (iOS), Play Store (Android)

Price: Free

Nike Training Club

With Nike Training Club, you can achieve your fitness goals by providing yourself with tools, inspiration, and accountability to feel confident and successful.

The Nike Training Club app provides more than 185 free exercises for every body type, including HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), energizing yoga sessions, cardio that gets your heart rate racing, and bodyweight-only workouts that you can do with little to no equipment.

Features of Nike Training Club

  • Workouts that target specific body parts, such as your arms and shoulders, back, abs and core, and glutes and legs
  • Workouts such as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Yoga, Endurance, Boxing, Strength, and Mobility
  • There are three levels of difficulty in training: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • You can even join trainer-led workout programs.
  • You can also work out based on time and reps.


Store: App Store (iOS), Play Store (Android)

Price: Free

PUMATRAC - Training & Running

PUMATRAC arrives with personalized training material with more than 120 free workouts. You can add tools for planning workouts and measuring progress. With PUMATRAC, you can see how other trainees in your community are using areas like streets, playgrounds, and hills to exercise.

More than that, you can access special events and support from a community of similar trainees. And you've got everything you need to construct a fitness regimen that's personalized to your movements.

With a little support from your friends and family, you'll go further, grow stronger, and run faster by connecting PUMATRAC with your social platforms. You can even create motivational tales that will both inspire and be inspired by others.

Features of PUMATRAC

  • PUMATRAC features a clever learning engine that customizes exercises from its collection of running content and performance-based training.
  • You can use PUMATRAC to access your Apple Music and Spotify playlists allowing you to move to the beat of your own drum.
  • A planner can help you fit the proper workouts into your day. Choose a goal which can be fitness, running or weight loss. Then, schedule workouts for each week that will help you achieve it.
  • Set goals to improve and see where you stand on the scoreboard for various workouts and runs.


Store: App Store (iOS), Play Store (Android)

Price: Free

Lose Weight App for Men - Weight Loss in 30 Days

It is the finest fat-burning and weight-loss app for guys to use at home. You can remove belly fat, love handles, and man boobs with extremely efficient fat-burning routines. You can follow the 30-day workout plan and spend only 5 to 10 minutes per day reducing weight and staying in shape.

If you are overweight or have problems with your joints, this app brings you a low-impact alternative. There's no need to go to the gym or buy any equipment; use your own body weight to lose weight and gain muscle.

Features of Lose Weight App for Men

  • Three levels of difficulty, appropriate for men, women, beginners, and experts.
  • Low-impact exercises for beginners.
  • Create your own exercise plans and schedules.
  • No gym, no equipment, just bodyweight exercise
  • It consists of many workout options like chest, abs, legs, arms, back, fat reduction, and more.
  • Workout reminders help you stay on track.
  • Video tutorials and animations
  • You can use graphs to track calories burned and weight reduction progress.


Store: App Store (iOS), Play Store (Android)

Price: Free

Workout for Women: Fitness App

Do you have a limited amount of time yet still want to improve your health? This is the app for you: Workout for Women. Workout for Women, rated number 1 by 7 million, is the most popular app for female-focused exercises, fitness, and overall wellness.

This app is specifically catered for women or teen girls. The workouts are scientifically proven to be beneficial to one's health. Workout for Women consists of yoga exercises as well—workout whenever and wherever you choose. You have a personal trainer in your pocket.

Features of Workout for Women

  • Workouts that are both short and effective and will make you sweat.
  • In just 7 minutes each day, you can burn fat and reduce weight.
  • Workouts that are simple to understand and execute for beginners.
  • There's no need for a gym or exercise equipment—workout whenever and wherever you choose.
  • Both voice and video tutorials are available.
  • Use Apple Health to keep track of your exercise, calories, and weight.
  • Individualized daily workouts in which we choose the exercises and music. You are the source of energy.
  • Results-oriented multi-week training regimens created by experienced trainers.
  • Workout collections are designed to help you get more specific outcomes.


Store: App Store (iOS), Play Store (Android)

Price: Free

30 Day Fitness at Home

What person doesn't enjoy a good challenge? The 30 Day Fitness at Home app is a 30 Day Workout Challenge, created by a certified fitness instructor, has been scientifically shown to aid in fitness and health improvement.

If you stick with the plan and schedule, you will notice incredible improvements. Workout at home that anyone may do at any time. This app raises exercise intensity gradually while considering workout guidelines, so you may easily stick to regular workouts. The 30 Day Workout Challenge will considerably assist you in maintaining your fitness and efficiently losing weight.

Each task includes three degrees of difficulty, ranging from starter to expert. Choose an exercise that is right for you. After that, begin your 30-day challenge and start exercising. At the end of 30 days, you can notice that your emotional and mental fitness has improved in tandem with your physical health.

Features of 30 Day Fitness at Home

  • You can sync your workout data with Apple Health.
  • This app has no hidden fees or charges.
  • Automatically records training progress.
  • It reminds you to exercise every day to be a better version of yourself.
  • Comprehensive video tutorials and gradually increases training intensity.
  • Comprises of challenges like an abs challenge for 30 days, a 30-day full-body workout challenge, a thirty-day butt challenge
  • You can post your workout progress on social media for your friends to see.


Store: App Store (iOS), Play Store (Android).

Price: Free

Fitness & Bodybuilding Pro

Fitness & Bodybuilding Pro is a professional workout software with pre-made exercise routines for bodybuilding, powerlifting, and fitness. Fitness & Bodybuilding Pro has a user-friendly design that allows you to get the most out of the workouts according to the muscle groups.

This app serves as your personal trainer for key muscle parts such as the abs, chest, back, shoulders, triceps & biceps, forearms, legs, calf muscles, and more. You can also create a custom workout plan by adding your own exercises and setting the time.

Features of Fitness & Bodybuilding Pro

  • Every workout includes exercises with video assistance
  • A comprehensive list of the most efficient exercises for each muscle group
  • Each exercise has a text instruction with illustrations
  • An exercise database that is updated regularly with new workouts
  • The ability to record and track information such as your weight and the number of repetitions for each activity completed
  • Workouts include pictures of the muscles being worked on interactive workout progress graphs based on weight, performance, and repetitions/


Store: App Store (iOS), Play Store (Android)

Price: Free

Best Fitness or Workout YouTube Channels for Teens

Pamela Reif

pamela_reif youtube.png

Pamela Reif is a fitness instructor. Her YouTube channel has more than 7.7 million subscribers, and her YouTube videos have an overall 1.1 billion views.

Pamela Reif provides you with free fitness videos, workout schedules, and different versions of workouts like Beginner/Basic, different body parts workout, 30 min per day, 45 minutes slow/hard, and more. So you can begin your workout depending upon your level.


Blogilates youtube.png

Blogilates is a YouTube channel of certified Pilates and fitness trainer: Cassey Ho. This channel has over 5.6 million subscribers. She teaches you exercises ranging from beginner to expert level.

She teaches you exercises like instant energy booster, thigh slimming exercise, fat-burning cardio, butt shaping workout, and more. This channel can help you achieve your health and fitness objectives so that you may look and feel great.


HASfit youtube.png

With more than 1.7 million subscribers, HASfit's goal is to motivate you to become and stay fit. For all objectives and fitness levels, it provides more than 1,000 full-length, free exercise routines.

HASfit has entire 30 to 90-day fitness plans and programs. These free plans include exercise routines, diet planning, and the finest motivation to keep you going ahead.

Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone

Walk_at_Home_by_Leslie youtube.png

Walk at Home is the first walking workout and the world's largest fitness walking brand. The popular YouTube channel of Walk at Home has more than a million subscribers and is rated as one of YouTube's TOP FITNESS CHANNELS. For more than 30 years, Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home has helped MILLIONS of people live active and healthy lifestyles.


Workout does not have to be a punishment for what you ate or only a way of calorie burning. It has the potential to be a vehicle for self-improvement and self-awareness. You'll change the way you live if you can love and accept where you are while working for your objectives.

So use these workout apps or fitness YouTube channels mentioned above and start working out or exercising at home. Have you ever used any of these workout apps? Let us know in the comments down below.

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