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Table of Contents

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Published on Dec 06, 2021
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Juliya Smith

How To Convince Your Parents To Say Yes To You

Parents love their kids; they want the best for their kids. All the things they do for their kids have a reason behind them. Parents think their kids are always young when it comes to decision-making. Whenever they say no to their kids for anything, they say it for a reason.

Most of the time, when you do not get "Yes" from your parents, you might get upset with them but never try to convince them again. If you have never tried to convince your parents to say yes to you, try it once; trust me, it works. Here I will mention tips and tricks that help you to convince your parents to say yes to you.

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Tricks To Convince Your Parents

Do your parents agree with whatever you say? How hard is it for you to convince your parents to say yes to you? Many times you might get upset when your parents say "No" to you. If your parents keep saying "No" to you, you should try different ways to convince and request them. Some tricks that you can use if your parents never say yes to you are,

Do Good At School

Every parent wants them to do well at school. Good grades at school make parents feel proud of you and reward you for something. When you always do good at school, your parents want to do anything for you. It becomes easy for your parents to change their minds.

If you need to ask permission from your parents time and again, then, first of all, get up-to-mark grades as your parents expect from you. Therefore, it would help if you studied seriously. You can make a goal to get the first position in your class which can make your parents proud of you, and they will say "yes" to most of your demands.

Be Responsible At Your Duties

Your parents want you to be responsible for whatever you are doing. If your parents always scold you for not doing your duties properly, you can change your habit, which can help you convince your parents. By being responsible for your duty, your mom and dad will feel happy for you.

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If you wonder what duties you can do, you can start by doing chores around the house. You can clean the house when your parents are at work and surprise them with a clean and tidy home when they are back. Or you can even help your parents with laundry or do laundry for them.

If you do not have a washing machine, you can either go to a laundry place or wash your and your parent's clothes yourself and surprise your parents. Convincing parents and changing their minds will be easy when you are responsible for your duties.

Try to Explain to them How Your Idea Will Help them

If you need to convince your parents to say yes to you on some urgent topic, you should explain why the subject matter is important to you. You should tell your mom and dad how things you are asking for will benefit you, and you need to make your parents understand your request.

For instance, if you want to go to IVY league college but your parents want you to go to the nearby college, you need to explain why your choice is a better option. Also, it would help if you make them understand how your choice can make a difference in your life.

Hence, you should clarify the needs and benefits of the subject matter while talking with your parents. As you know that when your parents spend on you, they spend it as an investment, hence they want it to be beneficial.

Demand Something Expensive At First

This might sound funny but, this trick works most of the time. Many kids use this technique to convince their parents to say yes to things they want.

As per this method, first of all, you need to ask for expensive things, and when your parents reject your demand, you can ask for things you want to ask for, which is a cheaper option. Parents will agree on the second opinion, which is the thing that you want.

For instance, if you want an iPhone 13, then, first of all, you can ask for the iPhone 13 pro max with your parents first. When your parents reject your demand, you can finally convince your parents to buy you the cheaper ones. You can apply this method to buy materialist things and while choosing a college or negotiating to go somewhere.

Admit Your Mistake

The next thing that helps you convince your parents to say yes to you is accepting your mistake. When you accept your mistake and act maturely before them, they start to trust you and get convinced of you. By gaining trust from your parents, you will be able to convince your parents of anything.

For instance, if you have ever made a mistake while going out with your friends, tell your parents about your mistake. It will help your parents gain trust in you. So, next time you ask your parents to let you go to your friend's birthday party, it's unlikely they will say no to you; they will believe you are mature enough to handle yourself.

Let Your Parents Think Its Their Idea

Well, parents indeed want to feel they have the best idea in the family. Most of the time your parents want you to follow their ideas. So, whenever you tell your parents your ideas, they might reject them. Parents reject your idea because they feel you are too young to make any decision.

If you want to approach your parents with a new idea, you need to talk to your parents. It would be better for you to spend time with them and know what they want for you. When you start to pitch your idea to your parents, pitch them as if it's their idea. You can drop your idea as a suggestion and link the idea as if it's your parent's idea.

5 Ways To Convince Your Parents To Say Yes To You

Besides these tricks, you should also follow the following ways to convince your parents to say yes to you.

1. Prepare Yourself

If you are planning to ask something very important to your parents at first, you need to be mentally prepared. You need to be sure you want the thing that you are asking for. It would be better for you to do more research about the topic, so you know it in detail when your parents ask you about the thing.

For example, if you want to ask permission for road trips, you need to prepare 4 to 5 answers, like where you are going, how many of you are going, how long you will be going, etc.

2. Ask At Right Time

Timing also matters the most when it comes to making some important decisions. If you have to convince your parents to agree on your decision you need to wait for the right time. Your parents might not be in the same mood all the time, so while asking them something, you need to wait for the right time.

There is a high chance of getting your idea or demand rejected when you tell in when your parents are busy or exhausted. If you demand your parents for a new Mac right after they come from their work, then they might reject your demand.

And the main reason behind it can be, they are tired and do not want to listen to anyone else, or they have lots of work pressure, and at the same time when you put in your demands, they do not want to listen to you. Hence, before you put forward your demand, you need to study your parent's mood.

3. Be Honest

Honestly, being honest is the best way to win the trust of anyone. If your parents trust you, they will be convinced of whatever you tell them. No matter what you want, you need to be honest with your parents. If you convince your parents to say yes to you from a lie, they will not trust you next time.

Even if your demand is something your parents might not agree with, be honest about it. Who knows, your parents might agree on what you want. Convincing your parents by telling them the truth might be hard, but trust me, it's worth it.

4. Know Pros and Cons

When you are about to convince your parents of something, you first need to know the pros and cons. Your parents can ask you about both positive and negative aspects of things you are demanding from them. When you cannot tell them the pros and cons of the demand, they can reject your idea.

You should be able to mention more pros than cons while telling pros and cons to your parents. It would be better for you to emphasize more positive aspects to your parents which help to change their minds.

5. Talk To Your Parents

Last but not least you need to communicate to your parents about things that you are convincing them of. For example, if you are convincing your parents to buy you a new phone, talk to them about your current phone, problems you are getting from the phone, the reason for buying a new phone and so on.

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If you are unable to tell them directly your problem, you can give them a hint. You can talk with your mom or dad, whoever you are close with. While talking to your parents, if you do not agree with them, leave the conversation and continue when you are relaxed but never argue with them.


Summing up, every parent has a different nature; your parents are different from your friend’s parents. You should not be upset if your parents do not say yes to you for everything. There is always a reason behind denying your request by your parents.

You need to learn different ways to convince your parents to say yes to you. I hope the method mentioned above will help you to convince your parents to say yes.

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