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Table of Contents

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Published on Oct 08, 2021
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Juliya Smith

How To Get Your Parents To Trust You?

Do you feel like your parents do not trust you? Did any of your past actions break your parent’s trust in you? It might be hard for you to win the trust back again when someone breaks your trust, so is the case for your parents.

You may agree that trust is the key to any relationship, be it with your parents or friends. Being a teenager can be tough for you if your parents have a hard time trusting you. If you have broken your parent’s trust once, it might be difficult for you to regain their trust.

Rebuilding trust can be extremely difficult for you, and it also depends on the activities you have committed. If you have made severe mistakes, it might be hard for your parents to trust you, but it’s never too late for you to try.

You must feel annoyed at your parents when they have a hard time trusting you. Many time you feel like you parents do not understand you. Hence, to live your teenage life freely, it is essential to get your parents to trust you.

Ways to Get Your Parents To Trust You

Losing, your parent’s trust does not mean you cannot gain the trust back again. Even if your parents have trust issues despite not making any mistakes or because you have made mistakes in the past, here are few ways of gaining trust:

Be Honest

The first and foremost thing you need to do to gain your parents’ trust is, to be honest with them. You need to ensure your parents that you are trustworthy and brutally honest with them. No matter what things you have, try not to hide from your parents. This will ensure parents that you will never hide anything from them and you are an honest person.

Being dishonest with your parents will automatically break your parent’s trust in you. Your parents will not be able to trust you the next time. But, when you are honest with your parents, they will trust you without questioning you. You need to say your mistake right away to your parents when you make a mistake instead of keeping it secret.



To make any relationship work, you need to have proper and time-to-time conversations with each other. It would be best if you had frequent communication with your parents to gain their trust. It would be better if you make your life like an open book in front of your parents so that they will have no hard time trusting you.

If your parents have a hectic schedule and are busy with their work during weekdays, spending time with them during the weekend is always better. You can hang out with them, communicate, tell them what’s going in your life.

For instance, if you have given some test, you can tell them how your test went and your expectations from the test. If you make some mistake during the week, apologize for it and acknowledge your mistake before telling you about it.

Be Responsible

The next thing that you can do to gain your parent’s trust is to be responsible. Accepting responsibility and fulfill your duties right in time will help to build trust among your parents towards you. Also, if you have done some mistakes, be responsible for your acts; it will ensure your parents that you will accept your mistake and will not lie about it.

You can even set a benchmark for yourself which will help your parents to trust you. Even when there are some mistakes or errors at home, your parents will not suspect you feel you will not do anything wrong. Also, make friends with good people and people your parents trust; your parents will trust you.

Show Your Action Instead of Telling

Instead of promising your parents “I will do this and that,” you should show them the result of your action. If you have lied to your parents and have promised them not to lie anymore, then instead of saying it, again and again, prove them by not lying to them.

When you say you promise something to your parents, try to fulfill it. For instance, if you have promised to be at home by 10 PM, then be home at 10 PM or before, instead of late by 5 or 10 minutes.

Similarly, instead of saying you will bring the specific grade in your next semester, you better work hard in silence and make your grades do your talking. You should make sure that your action speaks for you, which helps in building trust.

Have Some Quality of Time With Your Parents

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The next thing to do is to have some quality with your parents. When you spend more time with your parents, you will get to know them better. You will know what are the things that can break their trust and how you can avoid them. When you get to spend time with your parents, you can have more time to communicate with each time.

When you spend time with your parents, you will be able to bond with your parents easily. The relation between parents and child get stronger when they spend time together.

Listen to Their Words

Listening to parents is also one of the ways of gaining parents’ trust. When you follow your parent’s word, they will have faith in you. You need to understand your parents’ feelings, what they are trying to say, and follow their words to gain trust.

When your parents are advising you, you need to listen to them by paying attention to their words and ensuring you will consider their advice. Your parents have more experience than you; their advice is worth every penny, so it is better to listen to their advice. Instead of getting angry at your parent’s advice, analyze the advice, understand from their point of view.

Show Them That You Love Them

As you grow up, you will start to make more numbers of friends. You have more friends in a circle and start to spend more time with them more than with your parents. It can make your parents feel unloved also your parents start to suspect you when you spend more time with your friends than with them.

Even when you increase your friend circle, you need to spend equal time with your parents to ensure you love them. In the course of making your parents realize you love them, do not overdo it, which may look like you are faking it.

Answer Their Calls

Have you ever ignored your parent’s call to hide your whereabouts from your parents? Your parents might start to suspect you when you start to ignore their calls. If your parents call you no matter your situation, you better pick up the call to build their trust towards you.

Even if you are busy, you can text your parents to be sure that you are safe and secured. When you pick up your parent’s phone as soon as they call you, they will be sure that you are not into any bad company.

Accept Your Mistakes

Accepting mistakes is the hardest thing to do, yet it is the most effective way to gain trust among your parents. Most of the time, trust between you and your parents breaks when you do a mistake and do not accept it. Even your little white lies can be the reason for breaking trust. But when you accept your mistake, it will show you as a mature person in front of your parents. This will also help your parents to believe you will not repeat the mistake.

No matter how small or big your mistake is, you should confront it with your parents. For instance, if you broke a vase and inform your parents about it, they will not be as upset as they will if you try to hide from them. Telling the truth about your deed will make you a hero in front of your parents.

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