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Table of Contents

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Published on Apr 17, 2023
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Juliya Smith

How to Quit Social Media & Why Would a Student Want That

Real life is much more exciting than the phone screen, but many of us limit it to social networks and likes. And it is not surprising, as social media tends to drag us deeper and deeper. Without it, our life seems boring and we experience FOMO, as there’s so much information on the internet. We share what is happening in our lives, tag our friends and look for others’ reactions.

Basically, social networks take plenty of our valuable time and reduce sleep, as it is almost impossible to go to bed without watching the news feed. Ask yourself: why are you so attracted to social networks? Surely, getting rid of this habit won’t be easy. So, you need to reduce your dependence gradually, and here are a few tips on how to succeed in it.

But before we begin, let us share a small piece of advice. Once you spend less time on social networks, you will have the opportunity to find new activities and hobbies. And then you definitely need a reliable helper. Otherwise, you won’t dive into the process because of stressing over upcoming deadlines. If you think “Can someone write my paper for me?”, the answer is sure yes. Talented authors always do their best to come up with the best solutions, thus, you will have nothing to worry about.

1. Develop The Habit Of Starting And Ending Your Day Without The Internet

This is a basic and mandatory condition. Before going to bed, take your phone to another room. Spend time journaling, reading a paper book, or meditating. Start the morning with a little exercise or yoga. The world won’t end if you fall out of the information noise for a while.

2. Follow Your Timetable

Make a time limit for social networks per day and let it be acceptable for you. Identify sites that you don’t need, but open them just because it’s your habit. The first time will not be easy, but in 21 days, you will form a brand-new pattern.

3. Educate Yourself

Make sure you are busy most of the time. Books, courses, and classes will help with this. Read everything that opens up a new world for you and helps you reveal your hidden potential. Take on the things you've been putting off for the last couple of years, whether it's storytelling, Spanish, dancing, or cooking. Go to the gym, buy yourself presents and go into nature more often.

4. Be More Selective About The Content

To step away from social networks, post things rarely, but meaningfully. Make your presence on the internet useful - both to yourself and to other people. Yes, you can share something really worthwhile, but daily stories with a cup of coffee or sunsets will only make you more addicted.

5. Be In The Moment

Enjoy strolling around with a cappuccino and taking cool photos, but not for Instagram, but for yourself and your memories. Chat with friends live. Look around when you walk. The world is full of precious minutes of happiness, but one must learn to truly value them.

6. Use Handy Resources

Don’t clutter your brain with unnecessary pictures and funny videos. Set filters for news and focus on the most important content. Surely, social media can be of great help when promoting your business and reaching new customers, so we don’t discourage you from giving them up too.

And now, let’s study the main question.

What Happens If You Leave Social Media?

1. You Will Finish The Planned Things Quicker

When you don't worry about incoming notifications, your productivity skyrockets. The fact is that social networks constantly distract us. As a result, they don’t give you the opportunity to concentrate and take a lot of energy. Let’s agree, this is a high price for a few likes and comments.

2. You Will Increase Your Creative Flow

“Digesting” has a lot of content, and your nervous system is exhausted. And when you have a clear mind, ideas come to you more easily, and you can turn on your creative potential to the fullest.

3. You Will Be Anxious At First But The Tension Will Disappear Over Time

While the effects of quitting social media are generally positive in the long run, you may experience stress and anxiety at first. These feelings are caused by a neurobiological loss - you will miss the sense of constant communication and staying in touch. Fortunately, this feeling passes away rather quickly.

Since social networks are always at hand, we are online 24/7. However, the consequences include memory worsening and an increased risk of depression.

4. You Will Be More Confident

When we post something on social media, we tend to share only the positive moments of our lives. It may seem harmless, but when we see people in their "improved" version, it's easy to feel less happy. Comparison is truly a pleasure killer. Quitting social media will help you get rid of this social comparison and you will become much more self-sufficient.

5. You Will Sleep Better

You opened Instagram for a minute to read just one message, and then suddenly realized that you had spent 2 hours there. Sounds familiar, right? When you leave social media, you guarantee yourself a good night's rest.

6. You Will Strengthen Personal Relationships

Of course, social media can be a great way to stay in touch with old friends and family. But live relationships tend to be much stronger than those existing online. Isn’t it the reason to leave social networks?

7. You Will Become Your Best Friend

Once you stop caring about other people's opinions, you will learn more about what motivates you and what turns you on. When people decide to leave social networks, they stop doing 2 things: they no longer seek attention and approval from others. This is a quick way to become more conscious and self-sufficient.

To Wrap It Up

By adhering to simple and clear rules, you can make your life more vibrant and full. In the end, by showing determination and willpower, you will earn your own respect, make great friends and discover your talents. Plus, you are likely to find a hobby that may become the work of your whole life.

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