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Table of Contents

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Published on Oct 10, 2021
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Sophia Clark

How to Raise a Well Behaved Child?

Raising a child is difficult. On top of that, raising a well-behaved child is a real challenge. Many parents even use parenting websites to raise their kids. Kids are stubborn and naughty. Trust me; I’ve seen some worse kids. They don’t understand most of the things that elders say.

Consoling a kid is not as easy as you think. It is in the hands of parents and families to shape their kid into a disciplined child in society. But how? You cannot just sit with them and talk about everything, and they won’t understand. That’s why you have to be practical.

Your kids learn and adopt behaviors from you. So, it would help if you acted nice for your kids to act nice. This is the reason why people say, “While raising a kid, you have to become like a kid yourself.”

Listed below are some secrets to raising a child with good manners. Please have a look:

‘SHAPE’ Your Child into a Well Behaved One

S- Set Rules and Create Routines

S- Set Rules and Create Routines.jpg

Creating rules and teaching your kids to strictly practice your rules is vital in raising a well-behaved kid. Kids develop most of their habits at their own house with their family. You should hang the set of rules and your kid’s everyday routing on your wall in a big chart paper.

There should be no excuse for rule-breaking. Parents have to be consistent and strict when it comes to following rules and routines. Let’s say your kids pluck flowers randomly from the garden. You should punish them and tell them instantly that they have a bad habit. If you leave it thinking it is their first and last time, they might think what they do is fine. So, the rule is a rule.

Apart from setting rules at home, you can also tell your kids what they can and cannot do when you take them out. When you are going for a family dinner at a local restaurant, you can tell your kids what they cannot do at the restaurant. This will help develop good manners in them.

Routine is essential to keep kids healthy and disciplined. You should set a timetable for “time to wake up”, “get ready for school”, “homework time”, playtime”, “family time”, “time for bed”, etc. You can add fun and creative activities for your kids during the weekends in their daily routine.

Additionally, teaching your child about your religion and religious practices is always a good idea. Passing your religion and family tradition to your younger ones is essential to keep your traditions alive. Also, it would help if you taught kids that being polite and respectful is always admirable.

H- Happy Home Practice with “Try-Try Again” Skills

While raising a kid or many kids, parents often lose their patience. It is human nature that they tend to give up on things so easily. However, it would be best to keep in mind that patience is the key to success. One who cannot remain patient is never satisfied. An unhappy family is a toxic environment for a kid to grow in.

Parents should be patient and should plan their beautiful future without hustles. When they are patient, they should teach the skills to their kids. Kids adapt to most of their parent’s habits. So, parents must be patient. They should emphasize the try and try habit again at home. If you do not succeed at once, you shouldn’t panic. Instead, you should be calm and try doing it again.

When everyone at home is respectful towards one another, your kid will automatically learn how to respect everyone at home, at school, and in other places. Building good manners in your kids is in your hands, parents. So, parents should always emphasize maintaining a good and happy environment at their home. A happy home will breed happy and well-mannered kids.

Also, offering a lot of praise when your kid develops a good habit can encourage them more towards good habits. It would be best if you praised them, saying, “I’m proud of you”. Also, when you talk with them, use words of gratitude like “please”. They will learn these good habits eventually.

A- Appropriate Behaviour Avoid Using Threats

Raising your kid into a disciplined child requires a lot of effort and time. You shouldn’t always be loving, but sometimes, you have to be strict. It would help if you didn’t scold your kid or use bad words in front of them.

A kid imitates the behavior of parents. So, to teach your boy good manners, you should practice good manners at home. Even when you are angry at something or someone, you shouldn’t use bad words or loud tones with them. It would be best if you were polite while you point out their mistakes and bad habits.

Let’s say your kid is not good at studies. It would help if you didn’t yell at them for a reason. Instead, you must encourage them to study by helping them with their assignments and homework.

Another cause can be that your kid wants to use mobile and watch tv for longer hours. You shouldn’t scold them or treat them harshly for this reason. Instead, it would be best if you made a routine including TV time and mobile time.

Always bear in mind that good behavior in kids comes with your polite manners. So, for your kids to become polite and well-mannered when they grow up, you should always behave well too.

Using threats to silence your kids isn’t a good option. You should always be polite and tell them why. When they know what they’ve done wrong, they will learn to realize their mistakes. It takes a bit of guilt to learn what is right and what is wrong.

P- Practice Problem Solving Skills and Social Skills

Everyone wants that their kids develop problem-solving skills as they grow up. Also, they would want their kid to be outgoing, making wise friends, and using good manners while they go out. But, how can a kid learn these skills? Make them think out on their own.

In my view, if you let your kids take their decisions on their own, they will gradually learn skills to solve problems that they’ll encounter shortly. But, it is your role to spend time with them and see whether the decisions they made are appropriate or not. You should suggest to them some ideal solutions and tell them why they are good for problem-solving. As you allow your kids to find solutions to problems, you’ll see that the kids will develop cognitive skills.

Also, to improve social skills in your kids, you can take them out on social gatherings and other events like picnics. You should also encourage them to make friends and treat them gracefully. Having good friends in life is treasurable. It would help if you also taught them that they should greet everyone they meet. (Kids learn social skills from their parents and family members. So, you should practice the habits that you want your kids to learn.)

E- Empathy and Love

Another one among the secrets to raising kids is love and empathy. Kids learn behaviors and emotions like love, care, empathy, etc., while they are young. So, you must spend time with your kids. No matter how busy you are, always make time for your family and kids.

You can teach kids that caring is a good habit. Let’s say your kid does not want to share his toy with his friend. You can tell your boy that playing together and sharing toys is a good habit. You can encourage kids more by praising their little acts of kindness and love. You can say, “You are my best baby for sharing your toys and loving your friend.”

Okay, I know toddlers will not get it when you talk empathy with them. But, you can teach them empathy for their little actions. Say, “See! Pragya is crying now that you didn’t want to share your toys with her”, and see how your kid reacts. Kids have feelings too, but they don’t understand their own emotions. So, you should help them out.

Say you are walking the street with your younger ones. You see a beggar and give her some cash or food or anything. What will your kid learn from that? They’ll know that, if they can, they should always help those who are in need.

Thus, teaching empathy and love to kids isn’t explaining what or how but showing them and encouraging them to act well.

At Last,

They say getting pregnant is difficult, finding a baby name is difficult. But, I’d say raising a baby is the toughest of all either it be raising teenage boys or raising teenage girls. Moreover, raising a well-behaved child is beyond tough. From teaching your kids social behaviors to good emotions like empathy, care, love, respect, etc., raising a child is a thick book. You should spend time with kids and teach them good manners and discipline. When they learn good manners when young, they’ll become well-mannered people as grown-ups.

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