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Table of Contents

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Published on Nov 10, 2021
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Juliya Smith

How To See What Someone Likes on Instagram?

No doubt this is the age of social media; you can find everyone on social media. Social media has been a way to communicate and interact with one another in this modern age. Social media helps us to know people in a better way. With social media, you will know your friends, family, and celebrities based on what someone likes.

Out of all the social media, Instagram is the most popular social media among teenagers. Instagram is pretty safe for teenagers; however, it would be better for you to supervise your kids using Instagram and oversee what someone likes on Instagram.

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Some teenagers even have a Finsta account which is a fake Instagram account. You can know what your kids are up to and their likes and preferences through their Instagram.

Here, I'm gonna tell you how you can see your kids' Instagram activities. To check someone else's Instagram likes, comments, and followers on Instagram, you can follow the methods that are mentioned in the section below.

Methods To Track What Someone Likes on Instagram

If you have used Instagram before October 2019, you might know the following tab on Instagram, which shows likes and comments that people who you have followed made on their Instagram.

The section showed the Instagram activity of people you followed, but after October 2019, Instagram removed this section. The reason behind this technique is to keep people's data private. To track what someone likes on Instagram, you need to follow the methods given below.

1. Check Their Following List

The first method you can use is checking the following list of your kid's Instagram account. Your kids will follow people or posts they want to see the most; hence, it would be better for you to check your kid's Instagram following list to know who they are following or whose post they would love to see.

To check who your kids are following on their Instagram, follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the user's profile on Instagram that you want to follow.
  • Now go to the following tab that you will see next to the follower's section.
  • Click on the profiles that you feel suspect about.
  • Now check the profile post and click on likes to see if your kids have liked the person's post or not.

However, if your kids have hidden their activity status on Instagram, you won't see what they have liked on their Instagram.

2. Use Third-Party Apps

There are even parental apps and spy apps that you can use to see someone's activity on Instagram. Here are some of my favorite apps to track the Instagram activity of my kids and partner.


fencedai new.png is my top favorite parental control app that not just keeps track of your kid's social media activities but also helps to keep kids safe from online dangers. In, you can find a feature named social media monitoring, inside which you have an Instagram monitoring feature.

Using the Instagram monitoring feature, you can keep track of liked posts on Instagram and even monitor posts that your kids have made on their Instagram. The app also allows you to track all the incoming and outgoing text and calls on Instagram.

Apart from Instagram monitoring, is also known for some other amazing features like monitoring location, sending alerts, keeping track of screentime, and so on.

ii. Kaspersky Safe Kids

kaspersky safe kids.png

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a parental control app that keeps kids safe from online activities. With this app, you can manage kids' screen time, and can limit their screen time. Using Kaspersky safe kids, you can keep an eye on activities that your kids perform on their Instagram.

My favorite feature about Kaspersky Safe Kids is it provides a battery tracker feature that notifies you when the target device battery is low. You can keep your kid's Instagram activity safe with this app. Kaspersky Safe Kids offers both paid and free versions. And the app is compatible with both android and IOS devices.

iii. Bark

barkus new.png

The next app that is suitable for tracking what someone likes on Instagram is Bark. Bark is also a parental control app that helps you monitor your kids' social media activity. You can track people who your kids follow on Instagram, likes on Instagram, recent followers, and so on.

With Bark, you can not just monitor the Instagram activity of your kids but monitor over 30 popular apps. Using Bark, you can keep track of apps activities and monitor calls and texts shared through apps.

Bark is best known for detecting target device activities 24/7. With this app, you can even filter websites that are inappropriate for your kids. It helps you to keep track of target device screen time and block inappropriate sites. It even helps you to manage the screen time of the target device.


You can even use spy apps like the MobileSpy app. MobileSpy allows you to track the target device activity from anywhere you like. The app allows you to track social media activities on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, and so on. You can track Instagram messages; files shared on Instagram, locations on Instagram, and so on.

Besides monitoring what someone likes on Instagram, the app also alerts you when the target device does some inappropriate activities. You can even monitor in stealth mode, track app activity, and so on. It even allows you to monitor photos and videos that are downloaded on the target device.

v. mSpy

mspy new.png

Lastly, we have the mSpy app. mSpy app helps you monitor activities on Instagram. You can even read text messages sent through Instagram, and you can even see people that your kids have followed on their Instagram through this app. To use mSpy, all you need to do is create a mSpy account, pick a plan you prefer and use, and set it to monitor.

There are over 1.5 millions customers, and the app is supported in over 180 countries. The best part about mSpy is it works in stealth mode and also provides a keylogger feature. The best feature of mSpy is, it provides an uninstall alert feature.

Why Did Instagram Remove the Following Tab on Instagram?

Instagram removed the following tab on Instagram to maintain users’ privacy. The following tab was the feature that was on Instagram ever since Instagram was published. The purpose of the following tab was to increase interaction, but it did hamper users’ privacy. To give users more personal space Instagram decided to remove the following tab on Instagram.


To conclude, Instagram doesn't provide the following tab that shows what users have liked on their Instagram. But, you can see what someone likes on Instagram through different apps and using different methods. By following the methods I mentioned above, I hope you will be able to see what someone likes on Instagram.


How Can I Check What I Have Liked on Instagram?

If you want to check what you have liked on Instagram, then you need to follow the steps given below.

  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Now, select the three-bar that you will find on the top right corner of the app.
  • The first option you will see is Setting; click on it.
  • Select Account and then scroll a bit until you find the Posts You've Liked option.
  • Now select the Posts You've Liked option and view all the posts you have liked.

How To Check If Someone's Online On Instagram or Not?

To check if someone's online on Instagram or not, all you need to do is,

  • Go to your DMs on Instagram.
  • Search for users on the search bar, or find the person's name on your chat list if you have even chatted with them in the past.
  • On click on the user's name, and you will see when they were last online.

However, sometimes people might turn off their online status; in such cases, you will not see people's online status.

How To Check The Most Recent Post of Someone on Instagram?

To check someone's most recent posts on Instagram, follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the explore section.
  • Type the user's username on the search bar and click on the profile once it appears.
  • Now go through the feed to see when the particular posts were shared.

Is There Some App To See What Someone Likes on Instagram?

Yes, there are many apps to see what someone likes on Instagram, here are some apps that you can try on to find what someone liked on Instagram:

  • Snoop Report
  • mSpy
  • Bark

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