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Published on Mar 15, 2024
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Juliya Smith

How To Track an iPhone Without iCloud | 7 Working Ways

Phones are the basic need for all of us, and we can't think about our life without digital devices. Moreover, losing a phone is the biggest nightmare ever since you store everything on your phone. Every phone provides you with backup software where you can backup data that is stored on your device.

If you are an IOS device user, you might be familiar with iCloud. iCloud provides you a backup service for storing all the data available on your phone. Log in to your iCloud account to use it as a backup service. However, if you have never turned off your iCloud, the data recovery process can take time, or sometimes iPhone data recovery cannot be done.

Also, it cannot be easy to track an iPhone without iCloud. However, there are still some ways by which you can track your lost gadgets or stolen iPhone location without iCloud.

7 Ways to Track an iPhone Without iCloud

Here I have listed a few ways to track an iPhone without an iCloud. By using them you can track your lost iPhone.

1. Use Find My iPhone


My favorite way to track my iPhone whenever I misplace or lose my iPhone is using Find My iPhone. Using the find my iPhone option, you can track your iPhone if you ever lost them or misplaced them. With this feature, you can track the location of your iPhone. The feature tracks the GPS that is connected with another internet-connected device like your iPad. But if you don't have access to this feature on your child's device, you can use Parentaler.

To use the feature, you need to install Find My iPhone on your iPhone and iPad. You can track the lost iPhone from your iPad or any other Apple device that you are connected with the internet.

By doing this, you will not need to log in to your iCloud account. As you use the find my iPhone option, you will be able to see the real-time location of your iPhone. The feature works with the built-in GPS feature of the iPhone.

But if you are trying to find your device through your family members or friends find my iPhone app, you will need your iCloud credential.

2. Use Your IMEI Number

The next method that you can use to track an iPhone without iCloud is by using your iPhones' IMEI number. Every phone comes with an IMEI code which is a 15 digit code. If you do not know your IMEI number, you can enter *#06#. IMEI number is your permanent number, and you cannot change your IMEI number.

If you ever lost your phone, you can track your phone through the IMEI number. Even if a person uses your phone with a new number, the IMEI number can not be changed, and you can easily track the phone.

3. View Your Google Map History

Google map history can help you to find your lost iPhone. To view the location of your iPhone, you need to make sure that you have logged in to your Google account on your lost phone. You need to log in to your Google device to another internet-connected device; for instance, log in to your Google account on your iPad.

From your iPad, you can view the map history of your iPhone and view the location of your phone. If the device is off, you will view the location where the device was active for the last time. To be more precise with your iPhone location, you can even select the time frame. One drawback of this feature is if the device is switched off, you will not be able to find the device location.

4. Use Feature that Siri Provides

If your iPhone is above the iPhone 6s, you can use the Siri feature to track lost or stolen iPhones. If you have activated the Siri feature, all you need to do is the command "Hey Siri" in a loud voice. You need to use a loud voice while commanding "Hey Siri" so that your device should be able to hear it.

If your device is nearby, you will be able to locate your device. The method is not effective if the device is not near you. It is only effective if you misplace an iPhone inside your house. But if you have lost your phone in the market, bus stand, or any public place, then this method might not be effective enough.

5. View Dropbox Camera Upload

The next method you can use when your iPhone or iPad gets lost is a dropbox camera upload. This method will work even if the sim has been taken out or set to airplane mode.

Dropbox does not provide you with the exact location of your phone, but it shows you images taken from the phone, which helps you identify who has the phone. With Dropbox, you can view the faces and places where the picture has been taken using the iPhone camera.

6. Use Apple Watch If You Have

The Apple Watch can also be helpful to locate your phone whenever you misplace it. The method is effective if you lose your phone nearby, like losing the phone within your house. Suppose both your phone and Apple watch are connected with Wi-fi or Bluetooth then you can track your lost iPhone.

For tracking your iPhone, using an Apple watch, first of all, you need to go to the “home screen” of your Apple watch. Now go to the “Control Center;” if your phone is connected to your watch, you will see the indicator with a green phone icon or green text on your screen.

If you have to locate your phone, you need to click on the pinging phone icon. If your phone is nearby, your phone will start to ring, which helps you to locate your phone.

7. Use Third-Party App Like Parental Control App

Third-party apps like the parental control app are also effective if you need to find your lost iPhone location. Many parental control apps provide you with a GPS location feature that helps you to locate device locations.

For instance, if you have installed a parental control app on your kid's iPhones, which they have lost, you can locate their device through the parental control GPS location feature. With these apps, you can track where the phone is in real-time. You can download these apps from app stores.

Looking Ahead

If you've successfully managed to retrieve your iPhone but are considering a switch to Android for any reason, you might be wondering about the best way to transfer your photos or other data. Transitioning your data safely and efficiently is crucial. For a comprehensive guide on moving your precious memories from your iPhone to a new Android device, check out our article on how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to make the transition as smooth as possible, ensuring you keep all your important data with you, regardless of the platform you choose.


To sum up, losing an iPhone is the biggest nightmare for anyone as phones are a basic necessity for all of us. Phones come with some built-in features that help you to find your phone whenever you lose them.

If you are an iPhone user who has lost your iPhone and hasn't signed in to iCloud, not to worry, you can track an iPhone without iCloud. You can use the methods mentioned above and let us know if the information was helpful through comments.

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