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Table of Contents

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Published on Nov 11, 2021
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Sophia Clark

How to Turn off Internet Access at Night

Wi-Fi isn't the only source for internet access. Unless you connect your device through mobile data, the cost for internet access varies based on the data package. Wi-Fi works 24/7 with the weekly, monthly, or annual packaged bill payment.

Since cutting off internet access through Wi-Fi doesn’t save the electrical bills, most people leave it on all day and night. But, it’s necessary to turn off internet access at night time.

You need to give bedtime for your internet for your physical and mental well-being. You may invest several hours at night browsing things on the internet, using social media, and videos on YouTube that are not useful and informative.

Using social media during the night, you might communicate with strangers with whom personal sharing of information is not beneficial. All in all, internet access at night for most people is tiring and a waste of time.


Why Turn off Internet Access at Night?

The potential benefit of turning off internet access at night is saving oneself from exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Even if you turn off the internet connection from your device but keep your router on, you constantly get radio waves harmful to your health. EMF frequency radiation damages human body cells and DNA, so you need to turn off the router at night.

With a smartphone in hand and an internet connection, you tend to use it late at night. If you turn off internet access at night, you get proper sleep at night. If you start to browse, watch videos on YoutTube or use social media, you get no idea how fast time goes. As a result, due to mobile distraction, you will be exhausted and won’t get proper rest.

Further, internet usage for prolonged hours introduces problems with physical and mental health. In the first place, you lack proper sleep, and you maintain no fixed schedule to a meal with hours of internet surfing. You develop anxiety and depression, therefore, cut off internet availability at night. Engagement in physical activity also gradually decreases. These are a few of the reasons you start to develop physical and mental issues.

Additional Reasons to Turn off Internet Access at Night

Prolonged hours of screen time with internet access to electronic devices is harmful to human bodies. I have listed a few health issues one is likely to get if they use electronics and the internet day and night with less time for rest and eat.

  • Exposed to Wi-Fi EMF radiation.
  • Mental issues with anxiety, depression, and irritation.
  • Joint and backbone pain.
  • Develops cardiac problems and arthritis.
  • Poor vision and hearing power.
  • Loss of appetite and dehydration.
  • Lack of physical activities makes people physically weak.
  • Endocrine health issues along with muscle spasms.

How to Turn off Internet Access at Night

There are many methods to turn off internet access. I have enlisted 7 ways to turn off internet access at night, have a look, and use the feasible method for you.

1. Turn off Wi-Fi on Electronics

The simplest way to get disconnected from internet access during bedtime is turning off Wi-Fi from your electronic devices. You can disable the Wi-Fi connection by going to ‘Settings’ of mobile phone, tablet, PC, etc.

Plug your computers, mobile, iPad to the internet when needed except for night. You get proper rest at night and be less exposed to EMF frequency radiation transmitted as radio waves through electronic devices through the very measure.

2. Unplug Wi-Fi Modem

The most effective and easier way to discard Wi-Fi at night is to unplug the router. If you unplug the Wi-Fi modem, none of the electronic devices can connect to the internet. Simply unplug the router before you go to bed and plug it in when you wake up.

However, one drawback of this method is that your family members can use the internet through their mobile data.

3. Use Router Settings

You need to turn on or off the power button of most of the routers to either access or restrict internet access. But, now routers come with the advanced setting through which you can disable internet connection at any time you don’t want a connection. The advanced setting is added as parental control to monitor kids’ usage of the internet.

To disable internet access through a router, you can go through the manual instructions you are provided with during router set-up. Or else you can get guidelines for router settings on the internet. Google the type and model of the router you have in your home, and see the instructions to disable internet access and follow the procedures.

4. Schedule Wi-Fi

OpenWrt-based Wi-Fi router is specially designed as a parental control tool. You can use pcWRT as a home network to schedule Wi-Fi.

The on/off times of the router are managed through wireless settings where you get a weekly calendar. You can note the time when you want to turn on/off the router in the calendar. Follow these steps to schedule a weekly based router on/off setting on pcWRT router.

Step 1: Open the app you downloaded for router management.

Step 2: Access the page ‘Wireless Settings.’

Step 3: You see an option ‘Edit Wi-Fi Calendar.’ Click on it.

Step 4: Select the time for turning on/off the router in the Wi-Fi schedule layout. The schedule can be done multiple times for a single day.

Step 5: After you schedule router enable/disable schedule, click ‘OK’ at the bottom right corner of the page.

Step 6: Finally, click ‘Save’ to save changes on Wireless Settings.

5. Use Phone to Turn off Internet Access

You can turn off the router with your smartphone. Most of the companies, Fing, Asus, and Linksys, provide router and built-in router management mobile applications. After router set-up, download the app on your smartphone, and manage internet access on/off period. You can turn on/off the Wi-Fi modem anytime you want through your phone.

You can use a web browser as an alternative to the router that cannot be managed through apps. You can visit the web address of the Wi-Fi router. On the page, you will see the option for turning on/off the router. In this way, you can easily use your phone to manage internet access at night.

6. Use Timer for Wi-Fi

Another mechanical solution that discards transmission of EMF radiation from your router is using a timer. You can set the router to the timer through which you can turn off internet access at night and in the daytime. The timer is safe, easy, and cost-effective to use.

For instance, you can use the BN-LINK Wi-Fi plug outlet as a timer to schedule router on/off time. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistance control the timer, and with voice commands, the user can control the home network.

You can control the router even if you are distanced from the router. Smart scheduling, monitoring consumption of electricity through the connected device are other features of the BN-LINK router.

7. Install Parental Control Apps

If your kids are sharing several hours of screen time using social media, playing games, and surfing videos on Youtube, here is an ultimate solution. Download and install parental control apps to block internet connection at night. You can use the parental control app such as OurPact as an internet blocker to turn off the router at night.

OurPact is available on both Android and iPhone. The app is featured with internet blocking processed through the internet allowance schedule. At any time, you can reduce the internet usage time of your kid. The app blocks internet access by restricting connection to web browsers and mobile applications. Through the parental control app, you can block internet access and manage your kid's screen time.


In a nutshell, internet connection at night time is dangerous for human physical and mental health. No matter if you use electronics and the internet in the daytime, but at night, you need to give rest to your body. If you or your kids are distracted through devices and internet connections and find it difficult to sleep, you probably should disable the router at night for EMF protection.

I have rounded up seven ways to block internet access at night. Go through the information and try a reliable method to cut off internet access. Was the information helpful? Let us know through the comments if you have any queries.

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