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Published on Nov 15, 2021
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Sophia Clark

Is Kik Safe For Kids? A Complete Parental Guide to Kik

Kik is a “free” text messaging and social networking app that allows users to communicate with friends and strangers. It is intended for people aged 13 and above and is popular with kids.

The notion of reaching out to others in person can be terrifying for many people who suffer from social anxiety or other mental health. Teenagers and children can make new friends all across the world by using Kik messenger.

Although not everyone will feel at ease meeting people and speaking online, it is significantly easier for many people with social anxiety.

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Kik is an app that works on iPhones, Windows, and Android devices. It's a free app with no limit on the number of characters or texts you may send. It allows kids to create a username and text strangers without having to give them their phone numbers. On this site, users can share photographs, videos, and games.

With a user base of 200 million people, teenagers make up the majority of Kik’s users. It allows users to speak online with strangers and exchange photographs and videos with them. Although there is no way to stop a stranger from messaging your child, users can block people to prevent future conversations.

In Kik, messages get buried deep within the program, making it impossible for parents to locate those messages. Users can also delete individual messages or entire chats if they don't want to keep them.

Younger children can easily use the app on non-phone mobile devices if they have access to Wi-Fi because Kik does not need a phone number to register.

Why do kids use Kik?

Children use Kik because of its easy availability and access to share entertaining stuff such as memes, viral videos, and photographs through their mobile phones. Furthermore, users can send texts without being bothered by message limits or character limits. For children, the ability to easily interact with and share popular, trending stuff is very appealing. Their lives pretty much revolve around the Internet.

Another feature that youngsters like about Kik is that you can sign up with only a username. You don't have to link your account to your phone number, unlike regular SMS texting. As a result, you'll be able to communicate with a more significant number of possible chat mates, some of whom you may not know. Also, while on the Internet, kids and teenagers find chatting with strangers fun.

Some features that children and teens like in the Kik app:

  • The Kik app now has a lot of new and fun Emojis, GIFs, and Stickers.
  • Kik bots allow you to do more, as you may speak with them, take quizzes, play games, and seek advice, among other things.
  • Sending Images and Videos is easy
  • Can use Kik codes to connect with new friends from all over the world.
  • “Keep you safe” is a feature for children and other user’s safety
  • Also, a user interface that is basic and easy to use.

Why should parents be aware of Kik?

Kik isn't a dating app but is great for meeting new people. It’s also recognized for creating hookup opportunities. “Match & Chat” and “Matcher” are two popular Kik methods for meeting people. These are third-party services that try to connect you with other Kik users who share your interests.

After selecting a username, the user can search for their friends using their username or use one of the many internal apps to interact with strangers. Some of its internal love applications provide a list of individuals in a specific age range to flirt with, as the name implies. Others provide convenient cover for adults; games like Truth or Dare and RolePlay are frequently used for sexual activities.

It also has much mature content, including nudity and drug usage. They are even hosting child-porn trading groups, even though it is not an official hookup app. It's also impossible for parents to track and see what their children are doing in the app without using any parental control.

Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of Kik, as well as how to teach your child how to use it appropriately. Kik is not for children under the age of thirteen. It is for people who are at least 13 years old. The kids must have parents' consent and monitoring while using the app.

You have to decide how to make it safe if you let your teen use Kik messenger. Keep the following points in mind:

  • Kik doesn't have any parental controls, so you can't manage what your child sees on the app.
  • Users can use the in-app browser to explore the web or watch videos while talking.
  • It's anonymous - users don't have to give out their phone numbers to use the app; instead, they create identities and profiles.
  • YouTube, public group chats, bots, sexual content, spammers, and flirtation applications are available to users.

We can never say that Kik messenger is safe for kids without parental control or guidance, as you will realize that some people use Kik to exchange and receive explicit pictures or nude photos. It's referred to as sexting by some. Others refer to it as "kid pornography."

While using Kik, you will notice several dubious statements in the evaluations. One terrible thing about it is that random individuals text you and ask if you want to see them on your webcam or if you want to see their nudes. Anonymous messaging is a huge advantage for those sexual predators and such individuals.

What Makes Kik a Dangerous App?

Don't get misled by the innocent-sounding name. Kik app is famous for sexual predators to track down their prey. Your child will begin receiving explicit photo-sharing requests within hours of installing this app on his phone.

Predators dress up as teenagers and try to persuade children to share naked "selfies." This program is constantly transferring large amounts of nudes and obscene screen images. Keep your kids away from Kik!

Conversation With Random Strangers

Kik, always linked to child exploitation. It allows users to have anonymous chatting with other unknown users. So, there is also a danger of allowing your children to communicate with strangers over the Internet.

Many sex offenders use this app under various usernames. They used it to get indecent photographs and videos of under-aged children.

Predator's paradise

Kik, according to a convicted child molester, is a haven for predators. As a result of this program, many online crimes related to teens got easier to commit.

For example, some users take sexually graphic photos of themself and then send the photographs to other Kik users. Also, there is no age restriction for users to see those photos.

Sexual Content Aimed At Children

Sexual predators use this app to recruit young children as young as 14 years old. Kik hasn't removed the sexual predators' profiles either.

The issue is that children have heard about the app but many parents are unaware of Kik. The app boasts millions of users, with a high percentage of them being between the ages of 13 and 24. Kik app is also increasingly being used to contact minors for possible grooming

No Safeguards

The issue with this app is that it lacks any security features. It allows for anonymous communication with no guarantee of privacy.

Kik is aware of the issues with its app and encourages users to report any improper messages or images they receive. The corporation is also collaborating with law enforcement to report people who appear to pose a threat to youngsters.

Kik should do more to safeguard young teenagers. On its platform, there is a need to remove a large amount of sexual content.

Not Safe For Kids

Shortly after using this app, kids would get approached by some weird people. They would ask specifics about the level of sexual experience (asks some very graphic questions) and wanted to meet up so they could "enjoy." This app is in no way secure.

It's yet another undetectable predator site that's primarily used for sexting. It encourages the creation of a false persona and encourages dangerous dialogue.

What to do if your child is a Kik user?

If you know your children are on Kik messenger, have an open chat with them rather than slamming their device. Allow them to walk you through the software and earn your trust. Try to make them understand the dangers of various online activities. A kid must know that their parents are up to date on the latest technological developments. Let them know you can comprehend what they're going through.

Some ways to make your children aware of the Kik app:

  • Parents need to communicate with their children and teenagers. Inform them of the dangers of using Kik and the importance of not sharing personal information.
  • Show children videos about the hazards of Kik and how predators use it. If your child is unaware of such difficulties, showing related videos might be eye-opening.
  • Set up parental control settings on your child's device so that installing new apps requires a passcode.
  • If your child is already using Kik, tell them not to disclose personal or social media information on the app.
  • Tell them not to share their Kik username on other social media sites.
  • It will be tough for you as a parent to track what your children do online. You can keep telling them of any fresh facts or news you come across regularly.

Take advantage of your adolescence by utilizing dating apps. Talk to them about staying safe on social media and what is and isn't acceptable to share. Maintain open lines of communication since children may save and hide these apps in "vaults" or "regular" apps on their devices.

Is Kik avoiding all the problems?

Kik isn't avoiding the problem. According to a law enforcement official from Canada (who requested anonymity), Kik started rolling out a program called PhotoDNA last year. It helps to identify previously shared photographs and videos of child abuse on its online platforms. It's a sign of resolve from Kik to fix the ongoing problems.

The corporation also agreed on giving data to legal authorities when they required it. It includes the subscriber's given name and information for their app usage. Also, predators are broadening their tactics, and Kik is no longer the only medium they use to commit crimes.


Kik can be a very dangerous app for kids who are not aware of its wrong sides. Parents should make kids realize the dangers of using and sharing personal information on such apps. Also, teach your kids about online safety.

Social media apps for messaging and sharing information are much safer for kids. If your children use Kik to message their friends, there are other message apps available. Parents should also help kids have a little common sense of what to share and what not to share in such apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to have many accounts?

Yes, of course! But you will need to use a different email address for each account you create. You must log out of your account before switching between accounts on the same phone.

Is it possible to log in on many devices at the same time?

You'll only get signed onto one device per account at a time as a security measure on the Kik app. If you connect to your account on a different device, your account will get logged out of the prior device. Then all past conversation history will get cleared. When you log in again, the list of persons you've spoken with will still be there.

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