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Table of Contents

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Published on Mar 15, 2024
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Sophia Clark

Securing Your Business Network: 3 Game-Changing Tools to Adopt

Nowadays, digital connectivity is a prerequisite for a thriving business. Due to the enormous scope for collaboration and productivity it enables, the public Internet provides a crucial pathway to success. By the same token, however, your enterprise also needs an efficient and well-maintained internal network to operate optimally, and problems can arise when online activities put your internal network in the crosshairs of cybercriminals, exposing it to potential breaches.

To achieve your organizational goals and continually grow your company, you need to safeguard your investment by protecting your network against breaches. Fortunately, having the right technological tools in place can go a long way in this regard. In this article, we'll shine some light on three such tools, highlighting how adopting them can help you foster longevity and success at your enterprise.

Securing your business network is crucial for safeguarding sensitive data and protecting against cyber threats, starting with implementing robust measures to secure your company's formation.

Virtual Private Networks

With digital collaboration and WFH models becoming the norm, there is little option but to embrace the concept of remote work in the pursuit of success. However, doing so raises some legitimate cybersecurity concerns.

Working across online collaboration platforms, for instance, can potentially create a digital footprint that leads hackers to your network. Likewise, depending on the authentication status of the network they're using, workers can potentially expose your network to cybercriminals by remotely accessing company resources. Fortunately, however, this is where VPNs excel.

VPNs make it possible for your employees to mask device IP addresses and secure their connections by encrypting your Internet traffic. As such, they can prevent cyber criminals from tracking them or accessing their data on shared Wi-Fi networks. By ensuring that your remote workers utilize a VPN extension for online platforms or a VPN client for remote access, you can mitigate the risks associated with digital collaboration.

Remote Monitoring and Management Software

Aside from protecting against external threats, it's also essential to keep a watchful eye on what is happening on your network. Vulnerabilities will also exist to some extent, after all, so you need to be vigilant and ready to respond in the event that suspicious activities do occur. This is where remote monitoring and management (RMM) software comes into play.

Monitoring software helps your IT team by giving them the ability to track the performance and health of any devices connected to your internal network. As such, they can quickly identify issues as they emerge and swiftly remediate them to minimize their negative impact. Additionally, monitoring software can enable your IT team to automate processes like deploying security patches to ensure that your network maintenance is proactive against cyber threats.

By utilizing RMM software at your company, you maintain and monitor your network to root out network issues before damage can occur, strengthening your overall security posture.

Endpoint Protection Platforms

With digital communications secured and your network under close surveillance, you can shift your focus to endpoint protection. Internet-enabled devices are often susceptible to threats like malware, which can pose a significant danger to your network. While your monitoring solution might help you to identify threats on your network, you will naturally want to apply every measure to ensure that issues never reach that stage, and endpoint protection platforms can help you to do this.

Endpoint protection platforms, or EPPs, offer a comprehensive solution to endpoint security, providing services like firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware protection for your company devices. Moreover, many EPPs now also leverage AI for real-time threat detection, enabling them to analyze potential malicious files, identify suspicious activity, and respond dynamically to new and evolving threats.

By utilizing endpoint protection platforms at your business, you can protect company devices against a wide variety of threats and ensure a swift and decisive response should suspicious activity be detected. By protecting endpoints in this way, you can head off cyber threats at the source, preventing them from ever reaching your internal network.

Wrapping Up

In the age of remote work and digital collaboration, success in modern business is largely contingent on your organization's ability to leverage the power of the Internet to its advantage. However, doing so can be something of a tightrope walk. As you strive to foster remote productivity and collaboration through online platforms and remote access, you must equally take care to protect the internal network of your enterprise. Fortunately, technology can aid you in the form of VPNs, RMM software, and EPPs. By incorporating these innovative tools into your operations, you can achieve optimal performance while maintaining a strong security posture, enabling your business to pursue its organizational goals with absolute conviction.

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