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Published on Oct 04, 2021
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Juliya Smith

How to Set Parental Controls on Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a free Internet browser that was first launched on December 11, 2008. A few of the features include synchronization with Google services and accounts, tabbed browsing, and automated translation and word checking of web pages.

Although the Internet has become an integral part of our lives, we all know how scary it can be, especially for children. Children are little explorers who are always up to something. Thus it's only a matter of time before they explore the explicit content over the Internet. Therefore you need to set parental controls on their web browsers.

So in this blog, I will explain how you can set parental control on Google Chrome to restrict access to websites with explicit adult content, why you should do that, and different alternatives for the parental controls.

After reading this blog, you can restrict access, block adult sites, tweak Chrome's settings to enable safe browning for your family safety.

How to Manage Your Kid's Activities on Google Chrome

The best way to set up parental controls on Google Chrome is through the Family Link App. You can manage your kid's Chrome browser, set screen time limitations on your child's Android device or Chromebook when you use Family Link to create a Google account for them.

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Set Parental Controls on Your Kid's Browsing on Chrome

First, create a google account for your child. Then use that account to sign in to your Child's Chrome browser. Then link your child's google account to the Family link app. If your child uses Chrome on an Android smartphone, you can only use Family Link to restrict websites or permissions. Then follow:

  1. Open your Family Link App.
  2. Select your child's account.
  3. On the "Settings" card, tap on Manage Settings and tap on "Filters on Google Chrome."
  4. Now you can choose the settings appropriate for your child:
    1. Allow all sites: You can choose which site your child can visit. Your child can not visit the sites you have blocked.
    2. Block inappropriate sites: This filter helps block adult sexually explicit content from your child's reach.
    3. Only allow specific sites: You can choose the sites that your child can access, and The app will block the rest of the other sites. Only the sites you authorize will be accessible to your child.

Allow and Block Websites

If you block a website, your child can request permission from you to access it. You'll receive a notification in the Family Link app, and you'll have the option to accept or reject their request. Follow the steps to allow or block websites:

  1. Open your Family Link App.
  2. Select your child's account.
  3. On the "Settings" card, tap on Manage Settings and tap on "Filters on Google Chrome."
  4. Tap on "Managed Sites" then "Approved" or "Blocked."
  5. Tap Add an exception(plus sign) in the lower right corner.
  6. Put the name of the website or domain you'd like to block. You should include the www. component of the URL if you're adding a website.
  7. Tap Close(cross sign) in the upper left corner.

Things to Note in allowing and blocking websites:

  • Websites: If you block or allow, the permission does not apply to sites that start or end differently, such as or
  • Domain: If you ban or allow a complete domain, such as Google, the authorization extends to sites with different beginnings or endings, such as and

Change Permission Settings of Website

Along with allowing and blocking sites, you can choose whether or not your child can grant site permissions to the websites they visit, such as the ability to utilize their location, camera, or get notifications.

  1. Open your Family Link App.
  2. Select your child's account.
  3. On the "Settings" card, tap on Manage Settings and tap on "Filters on Google Chrome."
  4. Tap on "Chrome dashboard."
  5. If you want your child to access the website, turn "Permissions for sites and apps" on else turn "Permissions for sites and apps" off.

How does Google Chrome work on your child's devices?

Children receive a similar experience to adults when they sign in to their Google Account on their device. Although available features may be upgraded from time to time, the following are some of the differences:

  • Your child can't use incognito mode.
  • Chrome Web Store apps and extensions will be unavailable to children.
  • You can choose which websites your children are allowed to view on Chrome, as well as limit their ability to provide permissions to websites.
  • Chrome browser blocks violent and sexually explicit sites if "Try to block mature sites" is enabled for your Child in Family Link.
  • Chrome Sync is necessary for certain parental control features to work with your Child's Google Account. On your child's device, you can disable certain types of data collecting.
  • Google may use your Child's Google Activity settings to customize your child's experience across Google goods and services by using Chrome browser history and website activity. This information, however, will not be used to tailor ads for children under the age of 13. (or the applicable age in your country).

Why do you need to set Parental Controls on Google Chrome?

Internet is a vast place, and you can find anything here. Within a few clicks, you can reach any corner of the Internet. It has made information readily available and made our life a whole lot easier. But the Internet is also the home of much explicit content and adultery website, that is very inappropriate your young ones.

We all know how children can reach precisely the areas they are not supposed to be. Children by the age of seven have smartphones in their hands. And as the Internet is so viable, they can find all the age-inappropriate content from the Internet within a few clicks on their phone. They can get access to adult sites containing sexual content, pornographic videos, and images which can cause them to get addicted to it at a very young age. More than that, it can even affect the child's mental stability, causing them to suffer from many mental issues.

Kids can use Chrome browser to use various social media and talk to fake people not knowing they could be sexual predators, pedophiles, cybercriminals slowly traping your kids and making them their victims. Kids can also easily fall victim to cyberbullying and harassment.

Furthermore, if the kids keep on digging, they can reach the dark side of the dark web, where illegal activities are performed. Unknowingly your kids can get into illegal meshes, which can be hard for you to help them get out of.

Therefore, for these mentioned reasons, you need to set up parental control apps on the Chrome browser to monitor your kid's internet activities so that you can block or allow websites and enable safe browsing and protect them from various threats or dangers on the Internet.

Alternative: Set Parental Control and Monitoring App To Monitor Google Chrome

Family Link App is one way you can set up parental control on the Chrome browser and block inappropriate things over the Internet. However, the features are limited, and your tech-savvy kids can easily pass through the hoops and use other browsers to access the content. So as an alternative, you can use various monitoring and parental control apps to track their overall web activities.

Software like helps in setting up parental controls on Google Chrome or any other browser. By setting as a parental control app, you can track your kids' web browser history and limit their screen time. You can view the URLs of visited sites, browsing history logs, and frequency of visits per site. These features help you know if your kid is accessing any inappropriate sites, and you can take necessary actions accordingly.

You can also use website blocker apps like Freedom, Limit, StayFocused, WasteNoTime, Pause, etc. You block or allow sites, filter sites on your kid's Android or iOS devices. These apps help to ensure that your child is safe on the Internet.


So if you want to keep your kids safe on the Internet, you can use the Family Link app to set up parental controls on Google Chrome. Using the Family Link app, you can block or allow sites' access on your child's device. You can also filter sites and decide what website your child can access and what websites to restrict.

You can also use Parental Control Software like to track your child's web and browsing history. Or, you can use various site blocker apps to manually manage what sites your child can view. Before using these apps, remember that you are using these blocker apps to keep your child safe and not restrict them or invade their privacy.

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