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Published on Nov 16, 2021
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Juliya Smith

Sprint Parental Control Apps- Things To Know About Sprint

With everything being digitized, it is pretty tricky for you to keep your kids away from their digital devices, especially their iPad, tablets, and mobile devices. Children need their mobile devices not just for entertainment and communication purposes but also for educational purposes.

The need for digital devices has increased the risk of kids getting exposed to inappropriate content or cybercrimes. With digital devices, children can get access to the internet anytime they want. Children can view inappropriate content on the internet or chat with random strangers and be victims of cybercrimes.

You never know what your kids are doing on their digital devices; this is the reason why parental controls are critical for families. There are many parental control and tracking apps that you can set on your kids' devices. Sprint parental control app is one of the popular parental control apps which have been offering many features.

What is a Sprint Parental Control App?

Sprint Parental Control

Sprint parental control app is a parental control app that ensures your kids are safely surfing the internet. You can monitor your kid's mobile phone activities from your phone. Sprint parental control is a carrier service mainly used to keep track of a child's device activities and restrict many services.

The reason for the hype of Sprint is it provides many features to keep kids safe from internet danger. Sprint parental controls can be a blessing for you if tweens and teens are obsessed with the device. Please get to know what your child is doing on their phone even when they are not around you with this app.

I love the Sprint app because it sends you alerts if your kids are involved in unsafe activities on their devices. Also, the app works in stealth mode, which means that your kids will not know that you are keeping track of their device activities.

Features of Sprint Parental Control

Sprint provides you with many features that are suitable for monitoring your child's phone activities. Here are some of the fantastic features that Sprint provides:

Family Alert

One of the beneficial features of Sprint is family alert. This feature sends you a notification and your kid's location whenever they click on the SOS button. With the family alert feature, you can save your child and family members from dangers.

Let me tell you how it works. When your kids press the SOS button, it sends an alert to all the devices connected with the same Sprint account. The app will send you your kid's location in real-time. You will get an email notification as well as a text notification when your kids press the button.

Real-Time Family Location

With a real-time family location feature, you can get to know where your kids are at the moment. This feature provides you your kid's location in real-time. It is one of the most valuable features as kids can go to different places without your permission.

As a working parent, it is pretty difficult for you to go everywhere your kids go. Even your teens prefer to go out with their peers than with their parents. Hence, it constantly keeps you worried, thinking about where your kids are at the moment. This is the reason the family location feature comes in handy.

When you press on the family map feature, this feature will show you your kid's phone location on the map and give you peace of mind.

Phone Security

Another of the most useful features that you can get in Sprint parental control is phone security, which is phone security. Phone security helps you to find your child's phone whenever they misplace their phone. This feature comes in handy when your kid's phone is lost or stolen.

Sometimes, your kids might not obey you and use their devices even when you ask them to stop using them. This is when you can use the phone security feature of Sprint, which allows you to lock your child's phone remotely.

To use this feature, you can tap on your child's profile to see the last seen and right now location. You can even see your kids' location history in this section.

Safety Areas Alerts

The next fantastic feature that you can get in Sprint parental control is safety areas alert. With safety alerts, you can get notifications when your kids enter and exit specified places. This feature is similar to real-time location; however, you can only see your kid's location in the real-time location.

But with safety areas alerts, you will be notified about your kid's whereabouts. Here you can create different safe areas for your kids as safety areas. To create new areas, you can tap on new areas, add the area that you want to designate as a safe area, and you are done.


Sprint sends notifications about your kid's location, family alert, safety areas alert, and many more. The app sends you a notification instantly whenever there is any new update. Getting notification helps you to know everything right at the moment. You can even turn off notifications whenever you feel notification is disturbing you.

Most parental control apps send you an email notification, but Sprint sends you text notifications similar to social media notifications.

Parental Control

In the parental control feature, you can get most of the elements you look for in parental control. This feature allows you to block apps that you find inappropriate for your kids.

As you know that all the apps are not suitable for your child, so use the parental control feature of Sprint to block inappropriate apps. This feature also blocks websites and apps that you can use from web browsers like Google Chrome.

The incredible thing about this feature is, your kids can ask you permission to use apps they want to use. In this way, your kids will not use the app without your permission.


The next feature is the check-ins feature, which allows you to check in to send your family your location anywhere you go. The most fantastic thing about it is, it allows you to keep in touch with your family members no matter where you go.

To check in, all you need to do is click on check-in, and your profile will be shown on the map. This will let you know your family members where you are at the moment.

Pricing of Sprint Parental Control App

You can get Sprint for $9.99 per month. However, the tracker devices are sold separately. And the most exciting part is, this app allows you a free trial period for 30 months, 1 trial per customer.


Sprint is compatible with the following devices:

  • Android and
  • IOS

Reasons I love Sprint Parental Control

Here are some of the reasons why I love to use Sprint:

  • Ensure your personal information is secured.
  • The blocking apps feature will restrict you from using inappropriate apps.
  • Track phone's location and notifies you of the location.
  • It helps to maintain trust between parent and child.
  • Ensure the safety and security of your kids.


Summing up, using a parental control app has been essential for every parent out there, whether it's working parents or homemakers. Blocking apps, web filtering, screen time management, and location tracking are what parents look for when searching for parental control apps. On Sprint, you can find all these features.

If you haven't tried Sprint, you must try this parental control app at least once. Trust me; you will love this app. If you have tried this app, I would love to hear about your experience.

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