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Table of Contents

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Published on Nov 18, 2021
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Juliya Smith

Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Kid's School-Issued Computer

Technological advancement has changed the way people live. From home to office to industry, technology has left its mark everywhere. Now it is changing the education system all over the world.

Although the education system is changing, students have to go to school or university. But this has changed since the covid 19 pandemics took place. Since covid 19 took over most of the countries in the world, the whole system changed.

Almost 1.2 billion students from all over the world are out of school. Most of the schools and colleges had to shut down because of the increasing risks of covid 19. It led to many changes in the education system.

As a result, the distance learning platform is on the rise. Educational apps, which had a lower number of customers, now have doubled their customers. The school administrator also has no choice but to shift the system to online methods with the help of educational apps.

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Students of higher levels have enough knowledge to handle the online system. But the kid has issues because they do not have enough information on how to handle the situation. So, parents must help their kids with online classes.

To support kids in remote classes, parents need to understand all the processes involved. So, let's learn about the kid's school-issued computers. And the role of parents to manage kids' school-issued computers.

What is a School-Issued Computer?

School-issued computers are devices issued by the school to the students for better distance learning. These devices are the replacement pens and textbooks. School-issued computers are usually available for a highly subsidized cost. Some schools even provide them for free.

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The use of computers has changed the way students learn. Schools can track the students better and can actively work to improve their learning. Although it has many pros, it also has many harmful effects.

Positive aspects of school-issued computers

Access to a large amount of information

The internet contains a large amount of information. Since textbooks have a limited amount of content, the internet overtakes textbooks. The students can instantly access a large amount of needed information.

Education without geographical boundaries

Using the internet on a computer and mobile device, you can get access to information anywhere. You don't have to constantly visit your faculty or carry all the necessary textbooks with limited information.

It helps in getting kids engaged.

Kids born in the modern age are not fond of the traditional education system. So, to get your kids more engaged and interested, the modern education system is necessary.

Huge benefit in the real practical world and future career

All the offices and industries are using computers to get their work done. So, the use of computers from a young age can help them prosper in their future career.

Improves distance learning experience

Theoretical teaching in kid's schools is boring and not eye-catching, making it difficult for kids to understand. Traditional teaching methods are boring because there is no use of media to teach kids practically. An interactive way of teaching and remote learning by using virtual classrooms like google classroom makes the task easy.

Students can learn at their own pace.

The weakest aspect of the traditional teaching system is ignorance of the pace of the students. Usage of devices overcomes the problems so that kids can learn and educate themselves at their own pace.

Negative aspects of school-issued computers

High expenses

Although computer-based education has many pros, it comes with a price. The initial cost of the startup of computers in school is more expensive than that of traditional teaching.

Prone to external problems and errors

There can be a disturbance in the system at any point in time. Connection problems, ISP problems, System crashes, and so on can cause several issues.

Can be exposed to wrong data

The internet contains loads of information. Many pieces of information can be legit, And many of them can be misleading. The information on the internet is not as legit as textbooks used in schools and colleges.

Students can be distracted.

Mobile and computer devices can create distractions for students. Since the kids are free to use the internet, they can access other irrelevant content. Many sites expose kids to violence and pornography, which creates a massive amount of disturbance in education.

Copying and cheating problems

Since device-based learning is not fully monitorable, copying and cheating are common. Instead of working and getting prepared for exams, kids use their common sense and pass the exams by copying.

Difficulty in facing real-world problems

Kids who use computers to perform all their work are known to have the least real-life problem-solving skills. And this is because they have the least real-world experience and a low capacity for dealing with people face to face.

What are the Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Kid's School-Issued Computer?

Because of the global pandemic, Kids, parents, and caregivers have to remain quarantined at home. It is the time when kids and parents need to work together and support each other.

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Although it has many disadvantages, with little supervision, we can make things right. Here are some tips and tricks to manage your kid's school-issued computer.

Organize the device

Help your kids organize the documents and files sent by your kid's school. Small kids need much more attention.


Introduce your kids to all the documents sent by your kid's school that explain all the learning methods and guides. There are three main guidelines you need to follow. That is a digital learning agreement, cheat sheet, and device guides for the family.

  • Digital learning agreement

A Digital learning agreement is the agreement paper between kids and the kid's school. It contains a set of terms and conditions that need to be agreed upon before starting the classes.

  • The cheat sheet

The cheat sheet is a regular sheet with some helpful information for parents and students.

The sheet contains information like teachers' names, Where to find class links and assignments, Tech difficulties, emotional support, instructions/resources, quick weekly check-in, and much more.

  • Device guide for parents

The device guide for parents is a simple document containing all the necessary questions and their answers. It is the most helpful guide as it gives detailed information about everything parents need to do for the class to run smoothly.

Understand the school-issued device

In different places, different types of devices are issued. The school-issued device can have unfamiliar functionality and operating system. It is even more essential to manage screen time for online-school. Parents and kids should have proper knowledge about the device to be able to learn efficiently.

Understand the school-issued device.jpg

There are two main things to be analyzed about the school-issued device. They are listed below.

  • Device details

School-issued devices can come with different brands and functionality. And first, you need to analyze the device and go through the user guide to properly use the system.

  • The software

Different devices can have different kinds of Operating systems and software applications. For example, Apple devices have a different operating system and dissimilar software applications compared to Windows systems. So you need to know the mechanism of the OS and other applications.

Take care of the student's privacy.

Many reports have shown that kid's schools have been actively installing spyware in the school-issued computer. Spywares can result in a loss of integrity and confidentiality of your kids' data. Although kid's schools have no right to install spyware on their kid's devices, they have actively done it.

Take care of the student’s privacy.jpg

So you need to be careful about the spyware and always take your kid's privacy seriously. As a parent, you need to actively teach your kids about the importance of privacy and the ways others can exploit privacy.

Management of time

Teachers help kids manage their time in school. But at home, parents should help their kids to manage their time. Management of time is an essential trait a kid can develop over time. You have to take care of the time your kids are spending on these screen-based devices.

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Too much screen time on various digital devices can affect mental health and even physical health sometimes. Whereas too little time can result in poor performance in the class.

Setup a separate school account

Like in real life, school and home have different environments. Kids should make a habit of creating separate accounts for school and personal use. Google classroom is a perfect example of an app that creates a virtual schooling environment for students.


Creating a different profile will help your kids to focus on the teachings rather than getting distracted. And many students have been distracted from distance learning due to playing games and surfing the internet during class time.

Use Parental controls

Using parental controls can solve most of your problems. Parental controls application is specially designed for parents to help them spy on their kids. You can easily monitor your kids' activities daily and analyze their behaviour online.

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These apps are helpful for parents who have a minimum time to keep an eye on their kids. Spying on kids can be helpful to watch their behaviour. And help them to overcome the problems they are facing.

Teach the kids about basic cyber-security

Kids have a very minimum idea about the consequences of going online. They are highly prone to cyber-attacks in comparison to adults. .

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Cyber attacks can cause the failure of the device's Operating System, loss of data that can hamper education. So to protect your kids from getting attacked online, you should teach them some basics of cybersecurity. You should teach them the technical stuff, but you also have to teach them tricks about handling and dealing with online predators.

Manage a peaceful environment

An unhealthy and disturbing environment can create problems for kids in their studies. As a parent, you should always support them and help them with their studies. Parents should make a cosy study room with no disturbance at all for them.

Manage a peaceful environment.jpg

A peaceful and healthy environment is a significant factor that can help kids grow well. Common sense media has shown reports of how a peaceful environment can help kids grow much more healthy.


Hence, these are some of the tips and tricks to manage your kid's school-issued computer. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will definitely help in boosting your kid’s career.

To learn more about how to keep your kids safe online and make sure how they can be benefitted from the use of the internet and minimize the drawbacks caused due to it. The Internet is both useful and harmful for your kids. To learn how to make the internet useful for your kids subscribe to our website

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