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Published on Feb 28, 2024
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Juliya Smith

Top 10 coolest eSIM-supported phones for Tourists

Discover the coolest eSIM-supported phones in the UAE, where mobile tech is booming. eSIM is gaining love for its simple way of handling multiple plans on one device. Let's check out the best phones and what users really like about them. You can check the latest mobile phone prices in UAE and specifications. It will help you to compare the phones.

Why use a phone with eSIM when you travel? Easy answer – no stress. Forget about dealing with physical SIM cards when you hop between countries. eSIM saves you time and headaches. Switching between mobile plans? It's a piece of cake – just a digital process for flexibility on the go. And with an eSIM phone, you can keep a local number from home while having one in your travel spot. Perfect for staying connected locally and with folks back home. In short, eSIM-supported phones make your travel smooth, efficient, and user-friendly.

The eSIM Boom in the UAE

eSIM tech is on fire in the UAE because it's way better than regular SIM cards. People love how easy it is to manage lots of mobile plans on one device, and that's making eSIM usage skyrocket.

Recently, big changes happened in the UAE's phone world with eSIM technology. Etisalat and Du, the main companies, now let users use eSIM devices. With eSIM, you can change mobile plans without a physical SIM card, making it more flexible. As technology advances, more people in the UAE are picking eSIMs, making connections smoother and mobile experiences easier.

Choosing the Right eSIM Phone

Picking the right phone with eSIM support is key for a smooth experience in the UAE. It should work easily with local networks and suit different user needs. When you travel from any country to the UAE you need some international calls to talk with your friends families and co-workers. You have to change the physical SIM card if you do have not an eSIM-supported phone. If you have an eSIM-supported phone, you can buy it online while having it at home (But you need an Emirates ID).

Top 10 Phones with eSIM Support

You can check the latest mobile phones which are eSIM supported. If you are looking for an eSIM-supported phone, you can read the all specifications and their CPU, RAM etc below of each model.

1. iPhone 13 Pro

- Powerful A15 Bionic chip

- 120Hz ProMotion display

- More powerful camera system

- Cinematic mode for cool videos

- Longer battery life than iPhone 12 Pro

- Robust eSIM support

- Users love its easy use and advanced features.

2. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

- Known for eSIM capabilities and impressive specs.

- Users love the high-quality camera, 5G connectivity, and vibrant display.

3. Google Pixel 6 Pro

- Merges advanced tech with efficient eSIM integration.

- Users enjoy a great camera system and smooth performance.

4. Huawei P50 Pro

- Boasts advanced eSIM tech for virtual SIM card benefits.

- Unique features, including an innovative camera setup and excellent display.

5. OnePlus 9 Pro

- Offers seamless eSIM support, catering to user preferences.

- High-performance capabilities and user-friendly interface.

6. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

- Impresses with eSIM benefits and flagship features.

- Strong performance, excellent camera system, and added convenience of eSIM support.

7. Oppo Find X3 Pro

- Stands out with powerful eSIM features and outstanding specs.

- Sleek design, impressive camera capabilities, and seamless eSIM integration.

8. Sony Xperia 1 III

- Offers reliable eSIM compatibility alongside multimedia features.

- Users appreciate the exceptional display and camera capabilities.

9. Nokia X20

- Provides detailed eSIM support for a hassle-free experience.

- Emphasizes value for money without compromising on essential features.

10. Motorola Edge Plus

- Consistently uses eSIM technology, enhancing overall performance.

- Users in the UAE value its efficiency and reliability in the eSIM-supported phone market.

How to Activate eSIM in UAE

Setting up eSIM in the UAE is simple. Follow your mobile service provider's guide for an easy transition. Troubleshooting can help make the activation process even smoother. You can activate an eSIM in the UAE in various ways, depending on your situation—whether you're getting a new number, transferring an existing one, or using an Apple Watch. Here are the general steps for the two main operators, Etisalat and du:

Go to an Etisalat by e& store with your internet-connected phone. Ensure your phone has the latest software. Scan the agent's QR code and follow on-screen instructions.

Future Trends in eSIM Technology

Looking ahead, eSIM tech is expected to get even better, changing mobile communication in the UAE. Expect more security, better device compatibility, and wider use in consumer electronics.


In short, the top 10 eSIM-supported phones in the UAE offer lots of options for users who want the convenience of eSIM technology. Their smooth integration and standout features make mobile experiences even better in the dynamic UAE landscape. I hope this post help you a lot and that you have find a best phone which is eSIM supported in UAE.

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