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Table of Contents

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Published on Jun 05, 2023
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Sophia Clark

Top Features to Look for in a Parental Control App

Having a parental control app is now a must for parents for a number of reasons. Kids’ online activities are increasing, as is the time spent on digital platforms. There is a bigger chance that kids may find themselves in some sort of trouble or may be exposed to content that is not age-appropriate.

This is why parents must check on their kids' online activities. A parental control app can serve the purpose; there are several such apps with amazing features that can do the job without disrespecting the boundaries. There are some key features that one should look for in these apps, and we're about to inform you about them.

When you have one of these apps, you will be able to sleep in peace as the online safety of your kids will be guaranteed. But for this, having an app isn't enough; you also need an excellent internet connection, the best being Xtream Mediacom as most of the apps work in real-time. It gives you fast-speed internet with a stable connection all day and all night, so you're never out of touch.

With that solved, the following are some features that you should consider in a parental control app.

Remote Monitoring

A crucial feature that every parental control app must have is remote monitoring. This means that the parent is able to see what websites and applications are being accessed by their kids as they access them. This real-time monitoring is very helpful, as if things go wrong, they can be fixed right there.

Many of the apps may also allow parents to lock their kids' phones if they access a restricted website or app. The problem with remote monitoring and locking of the phone is that it can be invaded by kids. This is why it is recommended to use this feature only when there is a real danger and the point is to save the kid.

Content Filters

The best apps will surely give parents the option to restrict certain forms of content. This is a must-have feature because it is better to put filters in place than to block the whole website or app except for a few. Multiple categories will be given, from which you can choose to restrict your kids' phones. There are also a lot of levels of filtration that parents can choose from.

For example, if your kids are teenagers, straight-up blocking the content won't sit right with them. You can choose to first display a warning sign on their phone and give them a notification as well. Other than this, you can also put filters on photos so that the kids consume only the appropriate visual content. 


Screen Time Limits

Parental control shouldn't just be about content limits; it should also be able to regulate screen time. More than necessary screen time can be devastating for physical and mental health, and apps should be able to help parents with this. Having such an app can also prevent a lot of arguments over when it is time to stop using the phone.

You won't have to argue or beg your kid to give up the phone, the app will lock the phone itself, and there won't be any arguments about it. Choose the app that allows you to set the time duration and is flexible enough to set it at certain times of the day. This is how you can even reward the kids with more screen time when needed.

Location Tracking

This feature is important for kids of all ages who have started going out with friends. It's more than just knowing where the kids are; it's about their safety. There are all sorts of dangers out there, and just knowing the kids' location can save a lot of trouble.

You can check where the kids are even while sitting at home. The best such apps should also work even when the kids don't have an active internet connection. This feature can also come in handy if the kids lose the phone; it can be tracked in an instant.

Social Media Monitoring

The kids are going to be on social media whether you like it or not, so you better be ready for it. Instead of barring them from having social media accounts, it's better to just monitor their activities. The app should be able to tell you about who the kids are following, who is following them, who likes their posts, and especially who comments and what they comment on.

This will help the parents spot any instances of cyberbullying and take the necessary steps. Not many apps offer such features, and most only stick to telling how much time the kids spend on social media. Choose wisely.


Parental control apps are developing and introducing new features every day. To keep your kids safe in the online world, make sure that you have the best app that allows you to monitor their activities and take real-time steps to keep them safe.  

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