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Published on Apr 19, 2022
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Sophia Clark

What Does ISTG Mean In Text | The Abbreviation Explained

Texting is a popular way of communication nowadays. Young people and teenagers especially favor texting far more than real conversations or calls.

Even when they receive a call, they opt to ignore it and instead text. When texting, teenagers utilize short terms, such as code phrases or slang words, making them harder to interpret.


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Even if you think you know what you're doing with texting code, you might not. Teenagers prefer texting codes to actual words because code words are simple to use, fun to say, and seem cool. Teen texting codes are often used by teenagers to blend in with their peer groups.

While some text codes (like brb, lol, and omg) are simple ones that parents can understand, it can be difficult for parents to understand many codes teenagers use nowadays.

Likewise, if you have ever seen the text code "ISTG" in texting and wondered what does ISTG mean in text. Today, I'll walk you through what ISTG means in text and other text codes and slang that you should know about.

What Does ISTG Mean in Text

ISTG stands for:

I Swear To God.

This expression is most likely something you've heard in ordinary conversation. It's a close relative of the OMG (Oh My God) abbreviation, which has dominated the social web for years.

ISTG is one of those online acronyms that are not only tough to guess but also infrequently utilized. Understanding how to understand it, whether you come across it online or in a text, on the other hand, might give the message or conversation a whole new meaning.

For example,

You can use ISTG as:

  • ISTG! I am not forgiving him this time.
  • This time she won't get away, ISTG!
  • I'll join you after my work finishes, ISTG.
  • ISTG, he tagged me in that photo.

When You Shouldn't Use ISTG

When you wish to be respectful of the other person or individuals in professional interactions or conversations, the abbreviation ISTG is usually not suitable. There are different methods to come out as genuine.


You shouldn't employ ISTG when chatting to someone deeply religious or spiritual, either, out of respect for their views, and an expression like this could aggravate them.

ISTMFG, which stands for I Swear To Mother F***ing God, is a more vulgar and insulting variant of ISTG. This one is much more uncommon, and because it's so offensive, you'll want to avoid using it in text or online interactions.

Other Meanings of ISTG

Because they share the same initials, it may appear that ISTG stands for Instagram at first. Insta or IG are common abbreviations for Instagram, but ISTG can mean a variety of things:

  • I Stay on The Grind
  • I Support The Girls
  • I Stand This Group
  • Intersite Topology Generator

Teen Texting Codes Every Parent Should Know

Now that you know what ISTG means in text, below are some of the other common and sneaky text codes you should know.

Normal Text Codes

  • TBH=To Be Honest
  • ILY=I Love You
  • GR8= Great
  • NP= No problem
  • Salty = Bitter, angry, agi
  • TYVM= Thank You Very Much
  • LOL = Laughing out loud
  • Rn= Right now
  • SMH= Shaking My Head,
  • Dope = Cool or awesome.
  • GOAT =Greatest of All Time
  • Lit = Amazing, cool, or exciting.
  • Gucci = Good, cool, or going well
  • YOLO= You only live once
  • IRL= In real life
  • OMG = "Oh my gosh" or "Oh my God"
  • WYD= What you doing
  • HAG=Hugs and kisses
  • INMHO= In my humble opinion
  • BRB= Be right back

While some text codes can be normally used during texting, some can be vulgar and even dangerous. See them below.

Sneaky Teen Texts

  • 53X = Sex
  • FWB= Friends With Benefits
  • Netflix and chill= Having sex
  • LH6= Let's Have Sex
  • 121= Let's chat in private
  • KMS= Kill myself
  • KYS = Kill yourself
  • NSFW= Not safe for work
  • LMIRL= Let's meet in real life
  • CD9= code 9, parents around
  • Sorg= Straight or Gay?
  • WTTP = want to trade photos?
  • TWD= Texting while driving
  • GYPO= Get your pants off
  • 99= Parents are gone
  • LMIR= let's meet in real life
  • KOTL = Kiss on the lips
  • ASL= Age/ Sex/ Location
  • 1174 = Meet at a party spot
  • PAL= Parents are listening
  • 4:20=Smoking cannabis
  • TDTM= Talk dirty to me
  • KPC= Keeping parents clueless
  • MOS = mom over the shoulder
  • WTTP= want to trade photos
  • Smash= casual sex
  • GNOC= Get naked on camera
  • IWSN= I want sex now
  • MPFB= My personal f***buddy
  • CU46= see you for sex
  • ADR = what's your address
  • POS= Parents over shoulder

Tips To Talk To Their Teens About Texting

Teenage is a stage in life when teenagers are unsure about what is right and wrong. They desire to fit in with their classmates and be accepted by them. Parents should sit down with their teenagers and try to comprehend their emotions.

Parents should talk to their children about good texting habits. The following are some suggestions for parents who want to talk to their teenagers about texting.

  • Inquire if someone is requesting their obscene photos and videos.
  • Make them aware of the dangers of sexting and learn ways to stop spam texts.
  • Make it illegal for people to use their phones while driving.
  • Discuss the impacts of cyberbullying.
  • Texting and screen time should be limited.
  • When your teen is texting, keep an eye on them.
  • Don't overthink matters over text.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are over a thousand code words and slang used by teenagers, and new ones are added every day. You won't be able to know all of the code phrases, but it's always a good idea to know a few common ones so you can figure out what your child is trying to convey.

You can find out whether they are with a terrible company by reading their text messages. Also, teach your children about safe texting habits and make them aware of a secure digital presence. I hope you understood what ISTG means in text through this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

i. What does IMY mean in text?

IMY in text usually means "I miss you".

ii. What does IG mean in text?

IG means "I Guess". It is often used by teens while texting.

iii. What is the current slang for cool?

The current slang for cool is Dope, GOAT- Greatest of All Time, Lit, Gucci.

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