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Published on Jun 30, 2022
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Juliya Smith

What Does KMS Mean On Snapchat | Teen Texting Code Every Parent Should Know

Have you often seen the term KMS mentioned on Snapchat? So, what does KMS mean on Snapchat? Social media is full of slang phrases and texting codes nowadays, and it has been tricky to know what each slang word means.

Snapchat has been a widely used app nowadays by teenagers. They are actively engaged in sending snap streaks, posting stories, and maintaining snap streaks. And at the pace they love texting, they love using text teen slang with hidden meanings while chatting.


While our generation grew up hearing simple slang words and text codes such as OMG, LOL, etc., text codes and how today's children use them have majorly changed. They use different code words to sound cool among their friends and hide some conversations from their guardians and parents by using such short words and code words.

And mostly, the rise in texting code is contributed by the rise in social media usage and the popularity of the internet. In this article, I will tell you about one such often used Snapchat slang: KMS. Read below about "What Does KMS Mean On Snapchat?"

What Does KMS Mean On Snapchat?

If you're wondering what does KMS mean on Snapchat, then you are not alone. Teens use new text codes and slang every day, and social media comes up with trending and viral slang words that it is tough for our generation to keep up with new words every day.

KMS on Snapchat, of course, doesn't suggest Kilometers, and it is something very unexpected. KMS on Snapchat means 'Kill Myself.'

On Snapchat, you can use it as a melodramatic expression to convey fake outrage to your lover, or friends. On a more severe note, it can involve making a suicide threat or expressing depressive, sad, or disgusted feelings.


An exaggeration of sentiments is the main concept behind the term KMS. Saying KMS does not refer to committing suicide; rather, it relates to exaggerating or overreacting to any bad event. In other words, it is a method of demonstrating how distressing or incorrect something is.

It isn't comforting and requires attention, though, if someone uses it in a realistic manner. Teenagers frequently utilize KMS to express their annoyance or dissatisfaction with social media posts.

It is an excessive response to unpleasant circumstances.

Of course, it is frequently employed informally. However, if they are honest about it, they urgently need more assistance!

You can express how incorrect or disturbing something is by texting "KMS" to someone. They may actually irritate you with what they say or publish. But occasionally, people may utilize it to point out unimportant flaws because they are petty.

Other meanings of KMS You Should Know

Here are some other meanings of KMS other than Kill Myself

  • Kilometers
  • Key Management System
  • Knowledge Management System
  • Killing Me Softly
  • Kochen Macht Spass (Cooking Is Fun)
  • Kill Me Softly
  • Kiss Me Silly
  • Killing Me Soft
  • Killer Make-Out Session
  • Kiss My Swag
  • Kill Me Slowly

Other Texting Codes Parents Should Know About

Following are the teen text codes and slang parents should be aware about.

Scoop: To pick someone at their house or any place.

Skeet: Let's go

Dip: To leave

Mans: A man/person

AMOSC: Add me on Snapchat

Gualla: Money

SR: Streaks and Recents or Slow Reply (they might be slow to reply)

SB: Snap Back

POA: Plan of action

182: I hate you

IMO: In My Opinion

Finna: Resolving to do something

Yeet: A way to communicate excitement over something

SWYP: So, What's Your Problem?

TBT: Throwback Thursday

TCT: Total Crush Tuesday

Wcw: Woman Crush Wednesday (wce means Woman Crush Everyday)

Low key: To keep something hidden between friends

Wr: Won't Reply

Shade: Refers to "threw shade" or "throwing shade," to put someone down.

High key: I don't care who knows

A3: Anytime, anywhere, anyplace


Although more people are joining Snapchat, their experiences vary. While some people pick up the word fast, others take their time. Among the slang terms with various connotations is "KMS." However, the most popular Snapchat expression for overreacting to a circumstance is "Kill myself."

Pay attention to when and how you utilize it—not wanting to raise unneeded alarms.

The reason Snapchat is so captivating for its users is probably because of acronyms. Such slang phrases keep appearing the more we use them. Who knows, perhaps this language will quickly take over the internet in the future.

KMS is not meant to be bad or offensive unless used that way and is merely a means to respond to anything unpleasant or grating. We hope that now that you know what does KMS mean on Snapchat, you won't be confused the next time someone uses KMS in a post.

Through this article, I hope you now know more about Snapchat abbreviations than you did before. You can use it to express your rage in response to anything you find objectionable on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

i. What Does HMU Mean On Snapchat

HMU means 'Hit Me Up.' This text code is used positively to ask people to get in touch with you, which implies that when you get a text saying HMU, the person is inviting you to join through call or text.

ii. What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

GTS is used as an acronym that means 'Good Times.' Also, it can mean 'Go To Sleep.' Both are equally valid and used as GTS.

iii. What Does SU Mean on Snapchat?

SU can mean two different things. SU can mean 'Swipe Up,' and SU also means 'Shut Up.' if a friend sounds annoying or extra irritating, you may tell him to Shut Up. On the other side, you may write SU in the caption of your new posts or stories on Snapchat, which means Swipe Up.

iv. What Does 9 Mean In Text?

One of the most common descriptions for 9 is Parent Watching, which teenagers and children use as a secret text code. This is widely used on Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.

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