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Published on Sep 16, 2022
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Sophia Clark

What Does Sneaky Link Mean?

Our consumption and creation of social media content have been fundamentally changed by TikTok. Over the last couple of years, the app has spawned countless challenges, trends, and funny videos that have gone viral.

Slang expressions play an important role in the video-based platform. A slang term called "sneaky link” has been making headlines recently among TikTok users. But what does sneaky link mean? How did it come about? Is it good for your children? We shall discuss that and more in this article.

What does sneaky link mean?

"The sneaky link" is a slang term used by TikTok users that refers to a partner you have a sexual relationship with. In general, the phrase is used to refer to a partner with whom you may be cheating, or having a casual fling.

It can also refer to your husband/wife if you choose not to go public with your partner.

When people cover up their hookups it may be because they are having an affair, feel ashamed of what they were doing, or just be plain uncomfortable talking about it, meaning the term “sneaky link” has a wide range of use.

It is a very popular slang used by social media users like TikTokers who want to meet their partners in secret and hook up.

Sneaky Link Meaning and More: How to Talk With Your KidAbout Slang

Sneaky Link in simple terms means a hookup or a secret meeting with a partner. Most individuals and social media platform users like to associate the term with someone you have secret sex with.

The term is also famous for allowing quick hookups, or a clandestine meeting with someone. When forbidden lovers are secretly hooking up, TikTok users arrange the term sneaky link on their profile or status.

It may put the parents in a bind if their children, especially teenagers who are active on TikTok start having sneaky links or start mentioning the term in their text messages. As kids increasingly turn to the internet for entertainment and socializing, they are inevitably exposed to internet slang.

This can include everything from abbreviations (example: LOL, SMH) to emojis and meme culture references, or viral slang like the sneaky link.

For parents, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends, a slang term, or a phrase, and understand what their kids are talking about.

However, it is important to have a general understanding of internet slang in order to be able to communicate with kids and monitor their online activity and what they talk with friends, and take prompt action whenever required.

How To Talk To Kids About Internet Slang?

Here are a few tips for parents on how to talk to kids about internet slang:

  • Encourage kids to explain the meaning of certain terms or phrases if they are unsure about them. This will help them to understand the concepts behind the slang and also improve their communication skills.
  • If you come across something that you feel is inappropriate, like the sneaky links, take the opportunity to discuss why it is not appropriate for kids to use certain language online. This can help them to better understand your expectations for their online behavior.
  • Use internet slang yourself. If you show that you are familiar with the latest trends, kids will be more likely to feel comfortable coming to you with questions or concerns. Just be sure not to overdo it – after all, you want them to still see you as a parent, not a cool friend.

Why has ‘sneaky link’ gone viral on TikTok?

Sneaky link first appeared on TikTok when HXLLYWOOD released a song titled “Sneaky Link 2.0.” The song featured Soulja Boy and Kayla Nicole and was released on 21 Oct 2021.

Watch Sneaky Link Song 🕺

The song begins with the verse “Boy you just my sneaky link, so don’t keep texting me.” The lyrics repeatedly mentioned the term sneaky link.

From there, the slang term got viral and started appearing on TikTok videos more and more whenever individuals wanted to have a secret affair or cheat on their significant other.

With a large community of TikTokers sharing each and every aspect of their life: including personal lives on TikTok, and their own sneaky links, it did not take long for Sneaky Link to become popular.

Currently, the #sneakylink tag has gotten viral and has more than 3 billion views on Tik Tok with many using the term on their own videos.

Since it has a viral TikTok song, it is only natural that your kids will learn of sneaky links sooner or later in TikTok, through their friends, or through some other means on the internet.

So, parents need a reliable monitoring and parental control app that lets them monitor their underage kid’s online activities and keeps them far away from trends like sneaky links.

Use to monitor your kids with its extensive sets of features lets you monitor all social media activities of a target device. This lets you monitor what your child is doing on TikTok or other social media like Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

You can look up whether or not your children have searched for sneaky links on TikTok or another website through the monitoring feature of And if your children are, then you can take prompt action and prevent your children from getting more into contact with these inappropriate trends.


Is sneaky link a relationship?

A sneaky link is not just a relationship. It is a term used for secretly hooking up with another person. Often, a sneaky link can involve the sexuality of the person, but sneakily linked individuals are in a relationship and perform in-person meet-ups.

Is Sneaky Link about cheating?

The slang term sneaky link relates directly to hookups in secret. A sneaky link means someone with sexual relations with another person. It usually occurs when talking about a cheating partner in a relationship.

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