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Jun 10, 2021
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Sophia Clark

10 Ways to Prevent Suicide in Teens for Parents

Suicide is mainly caused due to mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, intense sadness, etc. Many parents are trying to help their kids prevent suicide or having suicidal thoughts. You should know about suicide and what are the causes of suicide or having suicidal thoughts among kids which helps you to prevent your kids from suicide.

During teenage, children can face a huge amount of hopelessness and frustration which leads them to depression. When children are not able to deal with their depression they select suicide as the solution to their problem.

They experience challenges in dealing with teenage pressures, such as rejection, failure, losses, victims of bullying, disturbance, and family instability. They can’t cope with these experiences and attempt suicide which is a final option, not a solution to a temporary crisis.

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Between the ages of 15 and 24 years old, suicide is the third most leading cause of death. Over the past 10 years, the researcher has shown that the suicide death rate between 10 to 24 years old has been increased by approximately 57.5%. According to a recent survey, the total annual suicide rate of around 1 in 10,000 individuals is teenagers 15 to 20 years old. For adolescents aged 13 to 19 years, up to 10% of boys and 20% of girls contemplated suicide. According to the survey, the number of women who commit suicide is twice as high as the number of men who commit suicide.

What causes Teens to Suicide?

Teenagers are a periodic age where they are packed with physical and emotional changes. Their physical appearance will change, their mindset, thinking, and emotion will also change.

Teenagers can feel insure about their body change and start to feel inferior which can lead to the emotional problem among them. Self-acceptance is something they might not be aware of at the age which can lead them to depression. Fake friends on social media are also a reason that might lead teens to suicide as many times teens become victims of cyberbullying from these so-called online friends.

Emotional reactions of tension, frustration, anxiety and fear can hinder the problem-solving and decision-making of a teenager. Mental health issues such as depression or anxiety may also cause suicide in teenagers. Here are some other factors that cause suicide.

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➢ Mental disorder

➢ Loss in family members closed friend or loved ones

➢ Family history of suicide cases

➢ Feeling isolated with family and family

➢ Extra mental pressure from home and school

➢ Being the victim of bullying

➢ Poor family environment

➢ Physical health complication

➢ Unsupportive parents or society about their sexuality

➢ Addiction towards drug and other violent activities

Warning Symptoms of Teens Suicide

Suicide thought doesn’t come over overnight or naturally. It’s the thought process where teenagers can’t find the solution and can’t cope with the stress or depression or other factors causing suicide. Then only they attempt suicide which for temporary problems is not a viable solution. If teenagers are going through a hard time and have any suicide intention warning symptoms will help to prevent those attempts. Here the warning sign of teen suicide.

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➢ Frequently talking about suicide or writing suicidal letters

➢ Spending time alone and keeping themselves isolated from others

➢ Frequent mood change

➢ Talking about sad things and incident

➢ Feeling hopeless

➢ Involved in risk-taking activities

➢ Sleep deprivation

➢ Change in physic

➢ Lost interest in hobbies and other activities

➢ Mental illness(depression, anxiety)

➢ Harmful habits(smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs)

Ways to Prevent Suicide in Teens for Parents

Parenting plays a vital role in keeping teens safe from suicide. If your teen is going through a rough time or finding difficulties, you should know the main root cause of that problem and find ways to solve those issues. You can prevent suicide in teens by addressing the warning symptoms of teen suicide and keep interacting with teens about their daily lives. Here are the 10 ways to prevent suicide in teens for parents:

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1. Address Depression or Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are the major issues that every teen faces. They can feel depressed if any incident occurs like family pressure, bullying, breakup, etc. Parents need to know that their teens are going through depression or anxiety, or not.

Parents need to empower their teens about ways to tackle those problems. Don’t expect that your teen will talk freely about depression, you need to take the initiative first to have a genuine conversation with your teens and offer your help.

2. Watch Teens Activities

If your teen is thinking of suicide or having a serious problem he/she may show the warning symptoms of suicide. You as a parent need to watch their all activities closely and never ignore your kids when they are showing some weird behavior.

It’s never too late to take action if your teens are giving you warning signs. You should provide children with problem-solving abilities. You can make a rule in the house like talking or sharing sessions about their school, high school, or daily activities.

3. Build Self-Esteem and Confidence

It's important to teach your teen to have self-esteem and confidence. Parents can build their teen’s self-esteem and confidence in many ways. If anyone tries to bully your teen’s physical appearance it will have fewer effects on teens because of high self-esteem.

You should make your teen aware of bullying and give them confidence that they can handle those bullies personally. Parents should motivate their teens if they find such activities, make sure you take some action to stop them

4. Listen To Your Teens

Parents need to pay attention to their teen activities and listen to what they are trying to say. If your teen is having a suicidal thought he/she might not talk or share their problem with parents but parents can know there’s something bad going on by the warning symptoms of suicide.

Thus, you as a parent should create a peaceful environment at home and make sure you listen to your teens. Don’t be harsh to your teens and try to understand their problems from their point of view. You need to make a stable environment where your teens can feel comfortable sharing their problems.

5. Regular Exercise

No matter what your age is it’s important to be healthy and fit. To stay healthy you need to do regular exercise. It helps to refresh our minds and helps to mitigate tension and stress.

You need to make sure that your kids always spend at least 15 minutes doing physical exercising, yoga, or meditating. It gives us a very disciplined life. If your kids are having suicidal thoughts, anxiety or depression encourage them to meditate which helps to relax their minds.

Hence, it is your responsibility as a parent to create a daily routine for regular exercise. Make sure you also involve in those activities because teens will feel motivated to do exercise when you are doing with them.

6. Be Supportive

During teenage, teenagers can feel lonely therefore you should be a supportive parent when your kids are teenagers. Stop interrupting your kids whenever they are doing any activities give them some privacy.

If you are not spending time or talking with their teens, they feel isolated and feel they are not loved by their parents. This leads to loneliness and depression and slowing lead teen to suicidal thought. You need to respect your teens' choices and support them in every aspect of life.

If teens get support from their parents they tend to share their feelings and if any problems occur they will tell their parents. Supportive parents also help to build teenagers' self-esteem and confidence.

7. Monitor Your Teen Device

You never know what your kids are doing on their devices and this thought might stress you all the time. Teenagers spend around 7 hours on their devices and no one knows what they are doing. Sometimes teenagers can view some inappropriate websites or play inappropriate games. Also, not to forget that teenagers are obsessed with social media and spend hours without taking a single break.

View such inappropriate content can affect teenagers' mental health. Similarly, spending too much time on social media can make anyone depressed and anxious.

Thereby it is necessary to monitor your teen's mobile devices to know what they are actually doing on their device and if they are on the right track or not. You can use parental control apps to monitor their social media accounts, messages, photos, and videos, etc. Parents aren’t aware of their social life online. You don’t know what’s going on in their mind.

By monitoring their digital device, parents will be able to know about their online worlds and if any problem is hindering teen lives parents will be able to help before any serious incident occurs.

8. Always Encourage Your Teen

Parents should always be encouraging their teens because it helps to boost their morale. Encourage your teens to have limited device activities. Make sure they are involved in such activities that help to enhance their problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

Encourage your teen to have a clear discussion. If they need any help and support let them know you are there for your teens. Your teens to spend their time with friends and family, try not to spend time alone.

Never ever demotivate your teens on any choices they make in their life. For instance, if they want to color their hair blue, let them, experiment, never make fun of their choices. This can demotivate them, let them make their own choices, however, encourage them to make better choices in their life.

9. Strong Connection

It’s important to have a strong connection between parents and teens. If there are strong bonds between parents and teens, there will be less chance of teenagers harming themselves. You as a parent need to get involved in teens' lives and need to have a good influence on them.

Consequently, they can look up to you and learn their good habits. Let your teens know how much you love them and the importance of their presence. Try to spend quality time with your teens give your free time to them. Make them aware of the cause and effects of suicide and how can we prevent it. You have to have taught your kids that suicide is not the solution to any of their problems.

10. Seek Professional Help

If your teen’s behavior is changing and he/she behaves like a different person then you must know there’s something wrong. Parents should know the warning symptoms. If your teen is thinking of suicide and you should know the warning symptoms then seek professional help.

If your teens are out of your reach and don't listen to you it’s better to take them to the doctor or someone who they listen to. It can be a helpful step for teens who are having mental health issues. Follow the doctor or professional instructions to prevent your kid's mental health complications.


Therefore, there are many risk factors causing suicide among teens. The role of parents is very important in keeping them safe and not having any suicidal thoughts. Parents should know the warning symptoms of teen suicide. It helps parents to react or take some measure action to prevent those harmful incidents.

If your teen having some serious issue, not all teens will come to you to share their feelings. Parents should go to them and talk about what’s going on or what’s the problem? Sometimes teens get affected, becomes bully and get charged with a crime. In such cases, their immature brain might think of committing suicide. As a parent, you must take the right steps at the right time if your child is charged with a crime.

I have briefly described the ways to prevent suicide in teens it will be helpful for any parents. By reading this article you will be able to know about what should be done or what shouldn’t be done. Make sure you always support and encourage your teens. Suicide is not a solution to any issue.

Also, if you have some more solutions to prevent suicide or suicidal thought among kids please feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

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