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May 26, 2021
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Sophia Clark

Surprising Facts on Child Cell Phone Usage Statistics

Not long ago, there was a time when parents concern were about whether they wanted to buy a phone for their kids. Given the increasing usage of cell phones among kids, parents’ concerns have taken a rise. It is problematic for parents to determine the appropriate age for children to own a cell phone.

There is a rapid increase in the use of phones due to the development of accessible and portable devices. The easy interface of the cellphones makes any user understand how to use them. The children’s curious minds always wonder about the use of cell phones. And, the combination of it makes a larger contribution to the increased use of cellphones.

Children have a better understanding and grasping power than any parents do. Children are owning a phone from a very young age. They use cellphones and the internet for study purposes. They also use cell phones as a source of entertainment in their lives.

Almost 1 in 5 eight years old own their smartphones according to the study of Common Sense Media. The rate of children having their own smartphones is taking new heights. This rate increases rapidly by the time children reach the age of 13-14 years. Also, the number of users of phones is different according to genders.

There is surprising facts revelation on child cell phone usage statistics. But, let’s first talk about the general statistics about the usage of cellphones first.

General Statistics On Cell Phone Usage

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Recent Statista statistics showed that more than half ( 66.53 % ) of the population’s of the world owned a device. It predicts that the numbers will reach 4.68 billion in future years on a global level. On average 2,617 times a day, people tap, swipe, and like posts.

The cell phone addiction study shows people on average checks phone about six to seven times an hour. This means people unlock their phones about once every 10 minutes this came out as a shocking revelation. People spend around 51% of their time browsing social media and exchanging messages. 71% of the cell phone users usually sleep using their phone and have their phone on immediate reach. 45% of parents give cell phones to kids before the right age.

Everyone is aware of the problems such as eye problems, bad posture, anxiety caused due to the use of cell phones. But, the statistics also show that only in America the phone usage has caused 26% of accidents. The usage of digital devices may lead to dangerous behaviors.

Surprising Facts on Child Cell Phone Usage Statistics

There is a continuous discussion on the use of children’s mobile phones in social media. People wonder how much time children spend on their phones and what they do during their screen time. A recent study focusing on child cell phone usage statistics is shockingly high.

Age is the factor that many parents consider while buying their children a phone. With age, parents also consider their kids’ sense of responsibility, maturity, and necessity. They analyze when their child is capable of having a phone of his own.

SellCell discovered that 40% of US parents let their children cell phones at a young age. By the time their children cross the age of 10 or 12, they have a phone in their hand. Below are the survey study results on what age are kids when parents first buy or give them their own cell phone.

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A household condition is a major factor that impacts the decision to buy a phone for their kids. Some families allow their children to use a cell phone when they independently do things. Parents want to stay in continuous contact with their children when they are away. The use of cell phones varies according to family concerns and situations.

Statistics show the need for connection is a driving force behind the growing use of phones. Parents always want to ensure their kid’s safety when they are not in their line of sight. Due to the number of increasing crimes, they want to keep a regular update on their kids via phones.

Despite the number of reported negative consequences, the parents focus on positive aspects. According to Sellcell, around 98% of teens have access to their smartphones. 40% of parents admit that they give themselves a break from one-on-one parenting. Out of 10, 4 parents think providing their kid's a cellphone benefit both the parents and the child. Parents get the time off when they are busy on the phone and kids have a source of entertainment at the same time.

The surprising fact is that children spend their two days’ worth on digital devices. The study revealed that 40% of children are spending at least 30 hours a week using mobile devices. Children spend too much valuable time on their cell phones. Once they get cell phones teens and tweens use social media. This widespread use of mobile phones doesn't come without limits. The use of parental monitoring has increased due to the high usage of mobile phones by kids.

88 percent of parents knowing the passcode to their kid's devices. This type of access helps parents to know what their kids are doing during their screen time.

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From the figure, it is clear that the increased use of cellphones is to access different content. Children’s addiction to their screens is not permanent but they spend screen time for fun. 57% of children use their mobile for excessive gaming. And, 50% of children use their phones to watch TV and film on a daily basis.

Parents' concerns are about their kid’s screen time but they equally see the usage of cell phones as positive for their development. This is the factor that impacts the overall usage statistics. Parents nowadays set a screen time limit for their children. This sometimes is the reason for family conflict.

You all are aware that the world is drawing towards cellphone usage because of its many benefits. Almost every chore is possible through the use of a mobile phone. So, the reason for the attraction to the mobile phone is pretty clear, for both the parents and teenagers.

The use of children's cell phone numbers seems strong. This is because of the desire to be in touch in a digital-centered world and for entertainment. The majority of kids prefer communication with friends through online social networks. Parents are powerless to prevent them from using mobile phones in this tech era. But to keep an eye on them without them knowing, they can use parental control apps.

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