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Table of Contents

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Published on Apr 30, 2024
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Juliya Smith

7 Common Areas for Laser Hair Removal

Are you fed up with extensive body hair growth, and nothing is working? It's high time to try Laser hair removal treatment. Globally, laser hair removal treatment is getting immense hype, and the market size is breaking records. In 2023, the global laser hair removal market size was valued at around £1412.21 and is expected to grow to around £5640.98 by 2031 with a CAGR of 18.9%.

Laser hair removal treatment has revolutionised the hair removal industry, offering a versatile solution to unwanted hair. It has become a go-to method globally, replacing traditional techniques like shaving, waxing, and threading. Laser hair removal is not limited to a single area; it can be used on multiple yet seven most common parts of the body. Most spas, clinics, and salons that offer laser services cater to all these areas, providing a comprehensive solution.

Regardless of how beneficial it could be, the biggest pro is that you can find a suitable spa or clinic to get the service by searching "laser hair removal near me." You will be provided with multiple options. All you have to do is to assess and choose a suitable one.

Seven areas to have laser hair removal treatment

Here are seven areas where laser hair removal treatment is highly common and you can clearly achieve impressive results in just a few sessions.


Facial hair removal is common in females, usually done with threading or tinker razors. However, the practice of removing hair to laser techniques rapidly. It takes quite some time for results to be prominent on the face, and it is considered a good grooming option for females.

Session required

4-6 (6 weeks apart)


Laser hair removal treatment is highly common on the arms, and the results are impressive. Both males and females get this treatment to maintain personal hygiene.

Session required

3-5 (6 weeks apart)


Laser hair removal treatment is promoted for underarms as it shows great results. However, some people have shown concern regarding getting breast cancer due to laser treatment. Yet multiple doctors have confirmed that using a suitable laser treatment and hiring a professional doesn't do any harm.

Session required

6-8 (2 months apart)

Bikini line

Keeping your body top-notch is a dream of every girl. However, when it comes to body hair, it gets hard with waxing and shaving to always keep it clean. In comparison, laser hair removal has been introduced as a permanent solution to this hairy problem.

Session required

6-7(1 month apart)


Waxing can be a really painful experience, especially when it comes to thick and hard leg hair. So, to avoid drastic pain and struggle, laser hair removal is a great option to switch to.

Session required

Results will be visible in 3-4 sessions. However, the session requirement depends on the growth of your hair.


Laser hair removal helps to get rid of all the rigid hair on your stomach and stops the growth of ingrown hair and persistent red bumps on the tummy.

Session required

5-6(1 month apart)

What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

There is a wide range of advantages that anyone can utilise when opting for a laser hair removal treatment. Here are a few of them;

A lasting solution

Tried all the treatments and still regressed in ten days? It's time to try laser hair removal treatment and get rid of all unwanted hair for a lasting time period.

Easy to upkeep

Undoubtedly, laser hair removal treatment is not only a long-lasting solution but also doesn't require investing in upkeep. You have to get a touch-up bi-annually or annually; no extensive treatment is required.

Fewer side effects

Does hair removal remind you of the waxing pain? You need to try laser hair removal treatment. It is way more effective and has very few side effects. The most apparent side effect of laser hair removal is follicular edema, which lasts from 1 to 2 days.

Swift service

Unlike waxing, laser hair removal doesn't require much time. The whole process takes 10-20 minutes, mainly for the upper lips, chin, and bikini.

Eliminates hair ingrowth

You don't have to worry about getting bumps on your skin or any ingrown hair leading to itchy skin. Laser hair removal treatment eliminates the chances of inflammation and any other skin-related problems.

Safe and painless

Compared to all the traditional methods of removing hair, including waxing and plucking hair with tweezers or thread, can be quite painful. Moreover, it can be harmful for your body to use razors as it leads to cuts or scratches.

Precision and Fidelity

The biggest advantage of laser hair removal treatment is that you can rely on this technique to remove your hair from the skin with extreme precision. For example, suppose you just want to remove hair from a specific area of your chin. In that case, laser hair removal treatment is the best option.

Healthy skin

Along with the hair, the laser treatment can simply remove the dark marks or decrease the frequency of acne. Furthermore, clear, hair-free skin reflects glow and even tone.

Highly convenient

The laser hair removal treatment is highly convenient as there are no such post-care rules you need to follow. Neither it's required to be done every month, like waxing or every week if you shave.

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Factors to keep in view

Here are a few factors which I usually keep in mind whenever I am choosing a laser hair removal treatment near me.

  1. Read the online reviews.
  2. Have an overview of the certifications.
  3. Look for a good market competitive price.
  4. Ensure they have good equipment.
  5. Assess the experience of the aestheticians.


Unwanted body hair removal is a common practice around the world, and these practices are evolving around the concept of providing an easy and less painful solution. The latest techniques, especially laser hair removal, are gaining steady popularity as they spare you from harsh and extra hair growth.

Laser hair removal treatment does require time and multiple sessions to get the desired results. To remove hair from the seven common areas with laser hair removal treatment decreases the efficient yet quick hair growth.

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