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Published on Nov 11, 2021
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Sophia Clark

Auto Forward Reviews: Features, How To Use, Pricing, Drawbacks

Do you get worried about what your kids might be doing on their phones at your workplace or when you are busy with your house chores? Have you set screen time for your kids? Do your kids stop using their phones even when their screen time is over?

No matter how hard you try, it becomes easier to monitor your kid’s device activities as you get busy with your work. On average, kids use their devices for more than 9 hours. Even though you set screen time rules for your kids or check screen time on their devices, it still becomes necessary for you to monitor their device activities.

These days parents are using phone monitoring apps to monitor their kid’s iPhone or Android devices. Phone monitoring applications are similar to parental control apps which have been crucial for families to keep kids safe from digital threats.

Auto Forward is also a monitoring app that many parents prefer to monitor their kids' devices. The hype of Auto Forward is increasing; if you do not know what Auto Forward is, here's the honest review of Auto Forward.

What is Auto Forward?


Auto Forward is an easy-to-use phone monitoring app that tracks your kids' devices, either Android or IOS. With auto-forward, you can remotely monitor the target device activities without letting the user know about it. What's interesting about auto-forward is that it ensures a 100% guarantee that it works.

Auto Forward app is mainly targeted at parents to monitor kids' devices. There are more than 1000s of parents who are satisfied with the auto-forward app. The reason for parents to love auto-forward is because of its variety of features. Apart from that, the rating of auto-forward has also been the reason behind its popularity.

Features of Auto Forward


Auto Forward provides many features which have drawn interest for parents. Some of the amazing features that Auto Forward provides are:

1. Browser History

Do you ever wonder what your kids browse on their web browser? Parents always get worried about their kid’s web browser activities or other online activities; keeping this thing in mind, the browser history feature is made on the Auto Forward app. With the browser history feature, you can keep track of your kid's browsing history.

The browser history of Auto Forward allows you to monitor the browsing history of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other web browsers. With this feature, even if your kids delete their browser history, you can view what they are viewing on their browsers.

The app provides you with detailed information on which websites they have visited, the total time they visited certain websites, including their recent searches.

2. GPS Location

Next interesting feature that Auto Forward has is the GPS Location feature. GPS tracking feature is provided with a GPS location feature. The feature shows you where your kids are by showing their location information in real-time. What's most amazing about this feature is it keeps updating the kids' actual location every 10 minutes.

The GPS location feature provides you a map where you can see where exactly your kids are at. You can view kids' actual locations on Google Maps.

3. Multimedia Files

The multimedia files aim to keep track of photos and videos that are saved on the target phone. Sometimes your kids might take inappropriate pictures of themselves and share them with random people. So to protect your kids from such activities multimedia phone tracking features will become handy.

Using this feature, you can have remote access to the target device pictures that are sent or received online. You can even save pictures from the phone on any device you prefer. You can not just monitor all the photos and video, but you can also monitor audio files.

4. Remotely View Installed Apps and Blocks Them

Auto Forward will allow you to view installed apps on the target devices. You can view apps that are installed and running on the target phones, and it also shows you apps running on the phone also; if you feel like your kids are using some specific apps for too long, you can block the app remotely.

For instance, if your kids use social media apps more than they should, you can block the mobile applications to reduce screen time on social media activity without taking their device. You can also view the total app usage time with this feature.

5. Record and Monitor Emails

You can use the email monitoring feature provided by the Auto Forward app. The feature is useful for parents as they can see with whom their kids communicate.

Recording and monitoring emails will show emails sent and received on the targeted phone along with the date and time and other contact information. Likewise, kids can also receive many fake emails, scamming emails on their mail which they might believe. Hence, you can block such fake emails using record and monitoring emails.

6. Takes Picture Remotely

What's more interesting than being able to take pictures remotely. Using the camera of the target phone, you can take a picture remotely. Using this feature, you will view things that are happening around the user's device.

To take pictures remotely using this feature, all you need to do is activate the target device camera, and you will be able to take pictures remotely. The feature comes in handy when you want to know where your kids are and with whom they are, and you can also detect if they are safe or not through this feature.

7. Remotely Locks Phone

The Auto Forward app allows you to remotely lock kids' phones whenever you want. If your kids never follow what you say, use their phones all the time, then this feature will be helpful for you. This feature will also become handy if your kids ever lose their phones. To lock the target device, you need to go to the dashboard and lock the target device.

If your kids use their device during their lunchtime or during their study time, you can lock it from anywhere you like.

8. Send Alert When Specific Keywords are Used

You can also find the keylogger feature in the Auto Forward app, which will send you notifications whenever your kids use certain words or terms. If you have listed certain words as restricted words, then the app notifies you as soon as your kids type such words.

The feature is extremely helpful to protect your kids from cyberbullying and online predators. You will also identify if your kids are thinking of suicide or having any negative thoughts through this feature. It's the best way to protect kids from online predators and bullies.

How To Use Auto Forward

auto_forward_how to.png

If you are new to using monitoring mobile applications, it might not be very clear for you at first, but after getting used to the app, it becomes easy to use the app. Using Auto Forward is similar to any other app; its installation process is not different from other monitoring software.

You need to choose your plan, purchase it, download the app and start the installation process. Now, you will be provided with the license key and phone number. After entering your license key and phone number, you will be able to monitor your target device.

Auto Forward is compatible with Android and IOS, which means you do not have to worry if your device is Android or IOS. This app also works on tablets and iPads, which is the plus point of this app.

Pricing of Auto Forward

Auto Forward provides two Basic price plans and Pro plans. Here is the price plan for both the Android and iPhone plans.

Pricing of Auto Forward
Plan Price
Basic The basic plan for Auto Forward costs $2.99 per month for both Android and IOS devices.
Pro The Pro plan for Auto Forward costs $6.99 per month for both Android and IOS devices.

Drawbacks of Auto Forward

Well, no app will indeed provide you with all the features that you need. Similarly, Auto Forward has some major drawbacks.

1. No Geo-Fencing Feature

Many phone tracking and monitoring apps provide geofencing features. The geofencing feature is an extremely important feature for parents to know about their kids. The feature will let you know where your kids are at the moment.

Also, it will allow you to create a virtual fence and if your kids try to go beyond the restricted area. However, Auto Forward does not provide this feature which is the drawback of this app.

2. Lacks Viber and Instant Chat Monitoring Feature

The next drawback of Auto Forward features is the lack of Viber and Instant Chat Monitoring features. The ability to monitor chats of messaging apps like Viber and BBM is the basic feature of monitoring apps. With this feature, you will know what your kids are up to. But the Auto Forward app lacks the message tracking of BBM and Viber.

3. Lacks Proper Customer Service Feature

Many users who have used the Auto Forward feature are facing common problems with customer service. Many customers have made complaints about the apps' customer service feature. Even though the app says it provides a 24/7 customer service facility, it lacks at its came providing service.

Is Auto Forward Legit?

Yes, Auto Forward is a 100% legit app. Auto Forward is a phone tracking app that gives remote access to the target phone activities, including social media activities, offline as well as online activities of the targeted phone. The app is similar to a spying app as it provides features similar to spying apps.

Many people think that spying or tracking someone's phone is illegal. However, if you monitor someone's phone by letting them know about it, it is not illegal. Also, if you are monitoring your kids who are below 18, then it's not illegal.


To sum up, the Auto-Forward monitoring app is suitable for parents to monitor their kids' device activities. If you are new to monitoring apps, you will love this app. But if you have already used monitoring apps, you might not prefer this app as it lacks many important features. However, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly monitoring app then, this is the app for you.

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