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Table of Contents

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Published on Oct 26, 2021
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Juliya Smith

Summer Screen Time Rules for Children | Limit your Kids’ Screen Time

Everyone waits for summer; not just adult children are equally excited for their breaks. Children can get out of their regular schedule and set themselves free for a while. During summer, kids have lots of free time, and if the proper rules aren't set, they can use their devices all day long.

Things have changed a lot then our childhood, in past children were all about doing a new activity every day during summer break.

As a kid, swimming, painting, camping was my favorite activities during summers. The only screens that used to be were TV and with very few channel options, which was also why screen time during that period was significantly less.


But now, all children think about is playing new games or using new and trending social media sites during their break.

Parents are most concerned about their children's screen time during summer, and you cannot even totally ban screen usage for your kids. Tweens and teens can spend all their time on social media in comparison to little kids.

Even though it's summer break, parents should make sure their children aren't overusing their devices. You can let them use their device a little longer than usual but always set screen time rules.

Summer Screen Time Rules for Your Kids

Here are some summer screen time rules for kids that you can use to limit your kids’ screen time:

Complete Daily Duties at First

Summer means children try to skip their tasks and duties. Most of the time, children’s daily routines change during their extended breaks. Children of this technological age like to be on their devices as soon as they get free time.

They can get extremely lazy and try to procrastinate their daily activities during their long breaks. Once they get up, they open their smartphones or tablets and surf the internet or play games. Even they try to delay their breakfast and meal to be online and use their device.

Hence, it would be best to make them responsible even during their holidays. For which you need to set rules to complete their daily duties before they get into their device.

No Digital Device at Dinner Table

Even on regular days, your kids can bring their smartphones, iPad, or tablet to their dinner table. They shift all their attention on their screen when they are using their devices while having food.

Summer is such a time when there are lots of celebrations going on. Adults make plans for picnics, barbeque nights, family gatherings, and many more. However, in such a celebration also Cellphone Use During Meals Spikes Over Holidays among tweens and teens. They may not find social gathering and interaction fun and instead like to be alone with their smartphones.

It is the time when you can help your kids to develop their interacting skills. You can set a basket at the dinner table where you and your kids can put their devices on the basket. This will ensure your kids are not using their devices during their mealtime and use the time to interact.

Set Time Limit for Device Usage at Night-Time

Children’s bedtime extends during their long vacation. They prefer to stay up late and be online, watch movies and series, playing video games. If you do not stop your tween and teens, they can binge-watch series all night and such an increase in screens will affect your kids' sleep. It will even increase problems like eyesight, depression, anxiety, and many more.

For this reason, you should set a screen time limit for device usage during nighttime. You can provide their digital device for a while during nighttime. If they do not feel like sleeping, encourage them to read the book, and suggest some good books that can inspire them to do better in their lives.

Apart from that, you can even organize fun activities during nighttime like games, painting, karaoke night, and many more. These activities will help children to stay away from their devices for some time.

Organize Night Time Activities

Organize Night Time Activities.jpg

As mentioned above, it is always good to organize nighttime activities and some fun activities during the nighttime. It would be best to organize activities that will require very little screen time or no screen time at all.

Organizing activities for kids like quiz night, painting, guessing the spellings, etc., will help your children enhance their knowledge. It will help kids to gain new knowledge and keep their brains active at the same time.

Likewise, games and other fun, creative activities are a great way of increasing the bond between you and your kids. You can show your fun side to your tween and teens who might think you are boring to them.

Some fun nighttime activities that you can organize are chess campion, cross-word puzzle, quiz, ludo challenge, singing challenges, and many more.

Aside from that, sometimes, you can even organize family movie nights with your kids. Prepare some snacks, set comfortable living areas for watching movies, and select movies that all your family members prefer to watch together.

Keep Track of Your Kids’ Screen Time

During summers, you usually allow your kids to use their devices more than required. Sometimes, you even let your kids use their devices without keeping track of their screen time.

When you do not keep track of your kid's screen time, they can use it all day and night. Their screentime habit gets disturbed when you do not monitor their total screen time. With the increase in screen time, kids can get lots of physical and mental problems; therefore, you need to check screen time on your children's phones even during their holidays.

You can allow screen time a little more than usual during their long breaks but do make sure that they are not using it all the time. However, you should have a clear set of rules regarding your kids' devices and screen time, even if they want you not to monitor those activities.

Organize Outdoor Activities

Organize Outdoor Activities.jpg

It's always best to get your kids out of the house and connect with nature. Summers are always a good season for camping, picnics, fishing, hiking, and more. You can set rules of going outing at least once a month or week.

Outings are a great way of relaxing and refreshing your mind. It is an excellent way of improving children’s physical and mental health; children and teens use their devices for very few minutes when they are out of their house enjoying nature. You can even encourage kids to come out of the house and play and interact with children of their age.

As a kid, I loved playing with my neighborhood friends and organizing a picnic with them during the summers.

Encourage Them To Join Classes of Their Interest

Long vacation means kids have more time for themselves. Instead of investing their free time on their digital devices, they can invest in learning something new. It is an excellent time for kids to join the course of their interest.

There are lots of summer courses that you can enroll your kids into during their break. If they do well in such classes, it might even be their career.

Ask your kids to join some life skill classes like self-control, self-defense, time management skills, budgeting, and many more. Some classes you can let your kids join are painting, dance, swimming, cooking, music, or even coding classes. If your kids are having difficulties in their studies, you can even let them join summer school.

Encouraging children to join summer classes will have less time to use devices and result in low screen time.


Sometimes, it can be pretty hectic for a working mom to manage my tween's and teens' screentime. They follow the summer routine I made for them when I am around them, but I constantly think about their screentime when I go to work.

Therefore, to be 100% assured of my family screen time, I started to use has been a great helping hand for managing my kid’s screen time habits.

Summing up, summer is when tween and teens can change their bad screentime habits and build some good device habits. You need to keep an eye on your kid's activities. Thereby, parents need to make rules for summer so that children are overusing their devices.


How much screen time is better for children during summer?

As per common sense, media teens can spend more than nine-hour a day. So here’s how much screen time is better for children during summer:

0-2 Years: No screentime

2-5 Years: 1 hour per day

6-9 Years: 1.5 hours a day

10+ Years: 2 hours a day

What are the chores your kids need to complete before using their screens?

Here are the few chores you need to make sure that your kids have completed before they use their devices:

  • Brush your teeth
  • Make your bed
  • Complete your food.
  • Finish daily reading
  • Clean your room.
  • Do some stretching

How do I limit my child’s screen time in summer?

Here are few ideas to limit children’s screen time in summer:

  • Allow using digital devices only in specific areas of your home.
  • Give them daily fun challenges.
  • Make a device-free bedroom.
  • Engage them in physical activities.
  • Set a good example.

What is the average screen time for teens in 2021?

Apart from using the device for school works, teens use 7 hours and 22 minutes. Most of the time, they spend their time on social media sites like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

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