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Table of Contents

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Published on Nov 11, 2021
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Sophia Clark

Cyberbullying Laws That You Should Know

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying occurs when people bully each other over digital devices such as cell phones, computers, and tablets. SMS, text messages, and apps can all be used for cyberbullying, like social media, forums, and online gaming.


In cyberbullying, someone sends, posts, or shares false or harmful content about another person. This can include sharing personal information about someone else that causes embarrassment or humiliation. There are some instances of cyberbullying that cross the line into illegal behavior.

Where Does Cyberbullying Occur More Frequently?

Cyberbullying has increased dramatically due to the rapid growth in children's access to the internet. Cyberbullying is most common in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Cyberbullying occurs massively in text and video messaging apps where users can transfer direct messages online or offline. You might think email is safe. However, bullying can also occur via emails.

Since the trend of live video gaming is increasing rapidly, the chat sections in live gaming have also become one of the places where bullying occurs more frequently.

Cyberbullying and Special Concerns

cyberbullying kids

People share comments, photos, posts, and content on social media and digital forums that can often be viewed by strangers. An individual's online content is a kind of permanent record of their opinion, online activities, and behavior. Cyberbullying can cause harm to the bullies and the victims. If one commits cybercrimes when young, they might face the consequences in the future as the record never goes away permanently.

Laws and Sanctions

Criminal law determines crimes against the state. Criminal law views cyberbullying as a crime. According to the effects of cyberbullying, how big the effect is, the law firm punishes the bully.

Harassment is a crime according to the criminal code. The term harassment refers to doing or saying something that threatens an individual's or an individual's family's safety. Whether or not the perpetrator intended to frighten the victim, harassment charges may be filed against him, if the victim feels threatened. If you commit criminal harassment, you may receive ten years in prison.

Libelous statements are criminal offenses under the Criminal Code. Criminal penalties are usually applied to charges of discrimination against people in authority or who are likely to be harmed by such statements. Libel can result in a five-year prison sentence.

Publication of intimate images without consent is also illegal. An image that is intentionally spread as well as irresponsible in knowing whether the person gave their consent to the conduct includes images in which someone is nude, is exposing their anal region, or their breasts, or is participating in explicit sexual activity.

5 Ways to Preventing Cyberbullying

The best way to prevent cyberbullying is by being aware of what children are doing and how vulnerable they are, as well as teaching your kids how to deal with bullying, trolls, and other dangerous users online. Anger or anxiety might be signs that a child has been cyberbullied if they express it after going online.

Both parents and teachers are becoming increasingly concerned about cyberbullying. There are different statistics regarding how much time children spend 'online.' However, it is generally true that some children spend more time online than offline. This means that they may be more likely to be bullied on a screen than anywhere else in school.

There is almost no escape from cyberbullying, unlike traditional bullying, which stops when school ends. Internet apps and social media channels are often used by kids to harass and torment one another.

Define Cyberbullying

Your kids must know what cyberbullying is and how to identify whether you are being cyberbullied. So, parents must make their kids aware of cyberbullying and the ways to prevent cyberbullying. Also, by telling your kids about the consequences they can face if they ever try to bully someone online, you can discourage them from offending others.

Establish Good Communication

Create a trusting and communicative environment for your child or student. The only way to help a victim of bullying (of any kind) is to be willing to speak with them and to hope that they will come to you. If you want to establish communication patterns, you should not simply treat them as resources, but also as a support system.

You Should Share

Kids should be outspoken regarding the topic of cyberbullying. They should share with their parents, siblings, friends, or teachers if they feel exploited on the web. If someone is trying online harassment, kids should immediately share and report it to their dear ones. This will help prevent them from becoming a victim.

Parental Control Apps and Softwares

Parental control apps are lifesavers. Every parent must have these apps installed on their phones. Using the parental control apps, you can monitor your kid’s online activities. You can keep a track of everything: which app they use, what websites they visit, who they text, who they call, what they texted, literally everything.

You’re spying on your kids for their benefit, so you need not regret monitoring their online activities.

Conduct Informative Sessions at Schools

Teachers can play a big role in preventing cyberbullying. Teachers should take time to discuss cyberbullying, what harm cyberbullying can cause to children, how to prevent cyberbullying, cyberbullying laws, etc. Digital literacy can prove to be effective in preventing bullying and cyberbullying.

Kids are bullied online or at school. So, once in a while, teachers can conduct an informative and interactive session on online crimes and cyberbully. Teachers should talk about types of bully and the harm cyberbullying can cause in children. In addition, they should put a light on the fact that anyone who commits online harassment, cyberbullying, and other cybercrimes are criminal. They can be punished according to cyberbullying laws and online crime laws.

At Last,

Cyberbullying is a big topic. Many kids are threatened and bullied on a daily basis based on their race, skin tone, gender, appearance, etc. Kids, especially in their teens are more prone to cyberbullying. The predators look for innocent victims and threaten them online. There are many active predators on the web; on messaging platforms, online gaming platforms, etc.

Keeping kids safe is mandatory since cyberbullying can have a huge impact on their physical, mental, and social health. For this reason, cyberbullying laws and bullying laws should be made in every country and should be implemented strictly. Law enforcement and criminal charges will discourage online predators and increase online safety.

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