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Table of Contents

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Published on Nov 19, 2021
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Juliya Smith

Teen Bullying: Detrimental for both Bully and Victim

Bullying is more than just a disagreement. Bullying occurs when someone utilizes their position of power to manipulate or injure others. This is offensive and expected to harm, such as an attack. The consequences of bullying can be very dangerous.

Bullies in school & high school are always physically more substantial or more common, which gives them their strength.

Bullying is an illegal activity. It's not just physical abuse. A bully may affect others by saying words and threats, and neither must Bullying be in person. With the Internet, bullies can hit people virtually anywhere on the computer, including at home.

Types of Bullying

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There are various forms of Bullying that children and adults may undergo, some being explicit and some subtler. We have listed various types of Bullying here:

Physical Bullying

Among the different types of Bullying, one of them is physical Bullying. The cause of physical Bullying may be a feeling of achievement through dominance and control over the victim. Punches, shoves, hitting, violent assaults, and other physical assaults are examples. In comparison to other bullying styles, it is easier to recognize physical Bullying.

Social Bullying

It's also challenging to identify and referred to as relational Aggression. It is meant to damage the social prestige of others and cause embarrassment, for instance. It was spreading false rumors, humiliating and embarrassing in public, etc.

Verbal Bullying

Verbal Bullying involves using harmful language to hurt people by calling names, insults, sexually expressed or racist comments, harsh taunting, taunting, imitating, or verbal attacks. It occurs when no adults or parents are present and is very difficult to detect.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber or online Bullying is a modern way of Bullying. It's an abusive act done through the medium of social media or the Internet. Cyber Bullying may be a form of commentary, offensive tweets, death threats, edited photographs and videos, and various other types of Internet abuse. There are many bullied children and much bullying occurs via the internet. Bullying behaviours may result in severe mental health outcomes. It sometimes may lead to the worst situation like bipolar disorder treatment.

Effects of Bullying

1. Low Self-esteem

Teens and adults who suffer from Bullying have low self-esteem. They even suffer from emotional and social impacts. They find it hard not to make friends but also fail to keep a good relationship with friends and families. If your kids have a lack of self-esteem, they believe whatever other children say to your kids. Children and adults might be furious, bitter, insecure, helpless, disappointed, lonely, and feel separated from their peers. They start blaming themself for being victims of Bullying.

2. Mental and Physical Pain

Children and adults suffer from physical pain like bruises, scratches, torn muscles, etc. This stress often contributes to several health complications, including becoming sick and other illnesses related to chronic anxiety and trauma. Teenagers' mental health is affected the most as they are more valuable to things happening around them at this age. Anxiety and despair will be a part of their lives.

3. Poor Academic

Bullying leads children to poor academic performance. Bullied children have trouble focusing on learning. They will not try to enhance their creativity, problem-solving, decision-making, multitasking skills. They will often miss school or college and isolate themself from others. Children will also lose interest in playing games or taking part in extracurricular activities.

Detrimental for Bully and Victim

Bullying does not only affect the victim but also affects the person who bullies. In contrast to people who either threaten or are only abused, children and teens who abuse others are at the highest risk for adverse cognitive and emotional health effects. These children and teenagers may encounter a combination of psychological issues, derogatory views of themselves and others.

Those who have bullied others and have themselves been bullied are at higher risk of critical mental illness, being at high risk of worrying about and committing suicide, and showing increased violence.

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Warning Symptoms of Teen Bullying

Signs Your Teen is Being Bullied

Several warning signals could suggest that your teen is affected by Bullying. Identifying the warning symptoms is a significant move in taking the necessary step against Bullying. Most of the teens didn't seek support or help. Here are some signs that your teen is being bullied.

  • Damage clothes, mobile devices or tor up books
  • Unidentified bruises, hissing, scratching, and injuries
  • Spend time alone and isolated themselves from friends and family
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Easily get frustrated
  • Finding themselves zone-out
  • Anxious and low self-esteem
  • Loss of appetite
  • Often headache and health problem
  • Effects on academics performance

Sign Your Teen is Bullying Others

  • Disagree and get upset easily
  • Takes immediate and confident charge of circumstances
  • Aggressive in nature, quickly getting into fights
  • Blaming other people for their issues
  • Never displays concern for anyone
  • Play physical and rough games
  • Not attentive in class
  • Doesn't follow the rule and obey their parents

Impact of Teen Bullied


Teens Who are Victim of Bullying

Teens who are bullied may have emotional, social, mental, and educational problems. Here below, we will elaborate on the effects of Bullying on teens.

  • Their educational performance will be low
  • They will feel insecure, and their self-esteem will be low
  • Many health problems like headache, migraine, depression, etc
  • They will have anxiety and mental disorder
  • They will try to stay alone
  • They will try harm themself
  • Lack of interest, they will not take part in sport and gaming
  • They will have few friends and isolated from others
  • Suicidal thinking

Teens who Bully Others

There are many effects of teens who bully others. Here are some of the effects

  • They will think of themselves as a superior
  • They will engage in an adult activity
  • They will primarily engage in a fight and have a violent nature
  • They will disobey their parents
  • They will have no sign of empathy
  • They will build more negative thought
  • They will engage in criminal activities

Interruption for both Bully and Victim

Parents must interfere earlier if their children have symptoms or seem to be bullying others. Here are the significant steps you should do if your kids are bullying others.

  • Educated them that Bullying is not good and it's not legal activity to do
  • Stop inappropriate television shows and banned violent gaming
  • Set a punishment rule if they did the Bullying
  • Know your kids friends circle and pay attention to what your kids do with their friend
  • Motivate them to be good and teach a positive attitude
  • Reward them if they are showing positive behaviour
  • Make them aware of the effect of Bullying and the consequences if they bully others.

Here are the significant steps you should do if your kids are the victim of Bullying

Make an environment where your kids feel safe and comfortable if your kids being bullied

  • Aware them of the Bullying
  • Encourage your kids to make more friends
  • Motivate your kids that it's not your fault
  • Teach them if anything happens, always seek help
  • Make sure to listen to their problem and support them
  • If necessary, go to the doctor or seek professional help

Ways to Prevent Bullying

Kids, teens, adults rely on family for guidance in difficult circumstances. It's necessary to take immediate action to stop bullying. Here are some of the effective ways to prevent Bullying

Be Aware of Bullying

Bullying in school is common so, you should know about your kid's daily activities and what they are doing in school or high school. It's crucial to identify where and when Bullying is occurring. Parents should be aware of their children's Bullying. The first approach to solve any problem is to know that there's a problem. If the problem has been found, additional steps to fix the issues can be established.

Encourage your Child to Talk

Parents need to create a comfortable territory where children can talk about and address Bullying. Parents should often ask their daily activities questions like how was your day? What happened today? Any problem you face, etc. Most of the children will not tell anything that they are the victim of Bullying. Motivate your kids to raise your voice if someone is bullying your kids.

Empower your Kids

As a parent, one of the best preventive measures to stop bullying is to empower your kids. Parents should also encourage their children to immediately report their parents or talk with their parents about the incident if they identify any bully. Make your kids aware that they are not responsible for being victims. Educate them about how to cope with Bullying.


Therefore, Bullying is detrimental for both bully and victim as it affects teens who are being bullied and affects the bullies. From parents to school, there should be a proper education and awareness program to eradicate Bullying. Motivate your kid to build self-esteem, as teens who primarily target to be victims, is the one who has low self-esteem.

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