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Table of Contents

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Published on Oct 07, 2021
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Sophia Clark

Digital Parenting is Essential for Teens whether they Like it or Not

Digital parenting is not much discussed as it is regarded as a topic that brings some discomfort among family members. But, imagine would you, as a teen, ever wanted yourself to be spied on by your parents? No, right?

Likewise, your teen kid will also not like being monitored. But you have to track their online activities to keep them safe and make your child access only appropriate things from the Internet. So, I say 'Digital parenting is essential for teens, whether they like it or not.'

The concept of digital parenting is not only limited to monitoring or tracing your child's every step in the digital world, but also it is related to counseling and guiding them to the right path. Every teenager's parent must know about their teen's online activity as the Internet is a great place offering tools for social interactions.

It opens a wide door of opportunities by giving your child a kind of global exposure. But there is also a bitter reality associated with the online world ranging from teen anxiety: cyberbullying, sextortion, predators, abusers, and more. It can appear like adolescents spend a huge part of the day accessing internet technology.

However, it's difficult to know where the boundaries lie in secure, productive usage and overconsumption of technology. This blog will guide you to explore a little more about how your kids use technology, whether they use it safely or not, and when there may be an issue with how they spend their time online.

For better parenting in the digital era, you must know how to help your child use technology safely; you must be aware of the side effects and risks of the Internet and virtual world on teens; you should find out and solve their issues. For all these, you must first understand why do teens use the Internet so much.

Neither can you keep your teen entirely away from the Internet, nor can you let them freely surf every content available on the Internet. So, to make your trip to digital parenting easier, we have brought a spy app, will give you each detail of your kid's activity, ranging from their browsing history, social media, phone calls, SMS to location. As it operates remotely and in complete stealth mode, your child won't know they are being spied.

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Neither can you keep your teen entirely away from the Internet, nor can you let them freely surf every content available on the Internet.

Tips for Parenting in the Online World

tips for digital parenting

Parenting has always been complicated and always will be, and I think it will be more challenging than ever in this digital age. Despite being hard, parenting is necessary to keep your kids safe online. However, it is not as hard as it sounds. Parenting guideline is similar in the reel and real world.

So, heading towards the protective measures a parent can adopt to prevent their kids from the online world. Follow the below tips to maintain online safety for your kids:

  • Since it is the world of digital technology, using the technology at its highest can be the first measure a parent can adopt.
  • Makes plans and rules that best fit your parenting technique and family ethics.
  • If you make proper use of internet technology, it can make your daily life better, but if you do not, then it can deprive you of family-time exercise, face-to-face interaction, sleep time, and many more.
  • Try to collect information about your teen's friend circle both in the real and online world, what type of application and software your child use, platforms that your teen engages more time and limit their technology usage, etc.
  • Try to engage yourself in the activities that your teen love. Maybe you can play an online game or be a part of their social media.
  • Teach proper use of technology and keep kids motivated for online learning.

How and Why Teenagers Use Technology?

As a parent some times you may get irritated understanding the relationship between teenagers and the Internet as most of the time, you may feel the life of your teen child only revolves around technology and the reel world.

Whether it be online games, television shows, phone calls, or social media, and various other online platforms, technology has become advance and more addicting. Internet technology has become an inseparable part of our life.

There is a different reel world on the Internet that completely varies with the real world. We now have got global exposure in some way. People that are close to us in digital life might not have seen us in the physical world.

Teenagers use social media and related platform to study something related to their coursebook, revise lessons, play various online games, create creative content, search and join a group of their interest, research on their area of interest, chatting or online messaging, building social network, and many more.

Teens Using Technology: the Benefits

Information communication technology has opened numerous doors of opportunities for people of all ages. With a young, creative mind, your teens have the power to conquer the world by proper use of technology.

Teens of this generation were introduced to a fully digital world at an early age. As a result, they have more knowledge about their usage. The only thing that you have to teach is about researching the right topic. With the use of technology, the benefits your teen can pursue are as follows:

  • Quickly research on the topic of their interest.
  • Develop networks and relationships over the Internet.
  • Showcase their creative skills and talent.
  • Use it as a platform to learn new skills and upgrade themselves.
  • Work on their personality development.
  • Stay connected with the diverse community around the world to exchange culture, thought, and idea.

If your teen becomes a success in being a good digital citizen by using the Internet in the right way, you can be assured that they will do good things in real life. If they can manage the time to use the Internet, school, family, and relatives, you can trust and be proud of your teen child.


If you are a parent struggling with parenting in the digital age, I want to help you by introducing the best child monitoring software, It will help you to monitor your kids and guide them on the right path. And, If you are wondering about the app's security, then you don't have to worry. It is even virtually undetectable.

Features of are awesome as it tracks your kid's real-time locations, their online activity and blocks the access of inappropriate and internet's undesirable content on the website.

As a busy parent, you cannot spend time with your children every time. In this digital age, children will be exposed to some digital technology in one way or another and cannot be helped. A parent cannot stop and control technology, but technology can control another technology. Thus, Digital Parenting is Essential for Teens whether they Like it or Not.

So, here parental control tool, ensures the safety of your children and provides an opportunity to the children to make good use of technologies, preventing them from staying at the corner sticking to the same device for hours and hours, isolating themselves from the family, from the real world. Installing brings peace of mind to those parents who are worried about the negative effects on children's social skills due to technology.

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