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May 26, 2021
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Sophia Clark

Are Your Kids Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleep is an essential factor for kids. Not only for kids, for all living beings. Sleeping is the process of resting your body. Your hormone and body won’t be able to function properly due to lack of sleep. Without sleep, you will have to face many health issues. Every parent is concerned about their kid’s sleeping duration. Your children’s health is also determined by proper sleeping time.

Sleeping is very necessary for developing kids. The sleeping time is varied by the age of your child. A newly born baby needs the longest hours of sleep. So the age range and sleep your need are as follows:

● Infants 4 to 12 months old need 12 to 16 hours of sleep, including naps.

● Toddlers 1 to 2 years old need 11 to 14 hours of sleep, including naps.

● Preschoolers 3 to 5 years old need 10 to 13 hours of sleep, including naps.

● Kids 6 to 12 years old need 9 to 12 hours of sleep.

● Teens 13 to 18 years old need 8 to 10 hours of sleep

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is a very important aspect of human life. You can’t live without water, air, and other aspects of human life. So you also can’t live without sleep. Sleep plays an important role in your life in good health and well-being. Getting good enough sleep at the right time will protect your mental and physical health. Sleep also promotes the growth and development of children and adolescents.

If you didn’t get proper sleep the next day, you will feel less energy, you won’t be able to work properly, your mind will be disturbed, and you feel irritation and mood swings. So here are the reasons why sleep is important.

● Your body will get proper rest

● Helps to improve productivity and concentration

● Lack of sleep will increase your physical health complication

● Helps to increase our energy, performance and lead to a healthy lifestyle

● Poor sleep lead to physical and mental health complication

● Helps to improve the immune system

● Lack of sleep increases the probability of depression and anxiety

Sleep is also very important for your kids. They are in the developing process. They need various factors which help in their development. Sleep is one of the factors needed for kids to develop their physical and mental well-being.

As most of the kids these days use social media a lot, you can keep an eye on their social media activity to find out what they are busy with. Children go to school and they will play with their friends, do their homework or assignments. In these processes, they will lose a lot of energy. So to restore their energy or for the proper function of their body sleep is needed for kids. If your kids aren’t getting enough sleep it will directly affect their developing brain and have to go through many problems.

Why Aren’t Kids Getting Enough Sleep?

Nowadays, the majority of kids aren’t getting enough sleep. The reasons for not getting proper sleep are the mobile device, family pressure & conflict, unhealthy eating, cyberbullying, and many other problems. Kids use a digital device and stay late at night watching cartoons, videos, playing games, chatting, and using social media. They get addicted to a digital device which leads them to less sleeping time.

If your kids are eating junk food and food containing caffeine also makes it difficult to have a proper sleep. Kids who are getting bullied by others also can’t get healthy sleep. There are many reasons for kids not getting proper sleeping duration.


Signs and Symptoms of not Getting Enough Sleep

You can know if your kids are getting enough sleep or not with the help of signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation. By knowing these signs you can help your kids to have enough sleeping time and will get to know the reasons for not getting adequate sleep. The signs and symptoms of not getting enough sleep are as follows.

● Get often tired and lacks energy level

● Feel irritated and frequent mood change

● Memory problem (often tend to forget)

● High chances of obesity

● Lack of concentration

● Frequent health complications and physical pain

● Dark circles and low vision

● Impulsive behavior

Ways to Know your Kids Getting Enough Sleep

The ways to know your kids are getting enough sleep or not are as follows.

Parental Control Apps

There are many parental control apps to monitor your kid’s screen time activities. Majorities of the best parental control app are paid for because of their unique functionality. It allows you to track every record of your kid’s activities on digital devices. One of the best and affordable parental control apps is This app allows you to check your kid’s time activities on mobile devices. provides an application screen time feature where you can monitor all the activities on mobile devices. You can check if your kids are using a mobile device at bedtime or not. You can check their app usage time. You will also get detailed reporting of screen time activities. If you find your kids use mobile phones excessively at night, time then you can block those apps and prevent your kids from using them.

Knowing the Sign of Sleep Deprivation

It’s the best way to know whether your kids are having a healthy sleep or not. Make sure you observed and notice your kid’s activities. You should know the signs and symptoms of Sleep deprivation. With the help of these signs, you can know their sleeping duration. If you didn’t find any of those signs, then your child getting enough sleep.

If not, then you should know the issues that cause your kids to have bad sleeping habits. You should have a frequent chat with your kids if they are having difficulties sleeping or any problem they are facing.

Screen Time

It’s an integrated app that is only available on the iOS device platform. The screen time app is a very helpful app to check your kid’s app activities. You can check the average time of social media apps. The system will list the most used app and you can view it. You can check their daily app use time. If you find your kids using a mobile phone even at sleeping time. You can lock their phone and disable the mobile function.

You can easily link your and kids' device. You can limit their phone’s activities. You can protect your screen time setting with a passcode so that your kids won’t be able to change the settings. You can set bedtime and kids will be reminded about the bedtime. It helps kids to follow healthy sleep habits.

Help your Kid get Proper Sleep

Parenting teens is essential as you can help them to practice proper healthy sleeping habits. Some tips for healthy sleep are as follows.

Schedule your Kid’s Bed Time

It’s important to schedule your kid’s digital device. The sleeping hours can be different for the age groups. So make sure you make a sleeping routine as per your kid’s needs sleep. Make sure you tell your kids to follow the sleeping schedule. If they don’t follow the routine, tell them they will have to face punishment. It doesn’t mean harsh punishment, it means constructive punishment.

Healthy Eating Habits

It’s necessary to have healthy eating habits for kids. They need to eat healthy food for their body to function properly. If your kids eat too much junk food and caffeine before going to sleep it makes their metabolism weak and causes difficulty while sleeping. Too much sugar isn’t appropriate for developing kids or teens. Kids need to ignore wrapping food, soda, coke, hard coffees, and other junk food which isn’t good for their health.

Make sure you set healthy eating habits first and then teach your kids to eat healthily. Kids follow their parents so you need to be a good influence. Tell them about the benefits of healthy food. Healthy and light food help a child to have a healthy sleep.


It helps kids to fall asleep faster at night. If your kids are having trouble while sleeping you should make your kids involved in some moving activities. It makes their body tired and their body also functions properly which helps them to fall asleep at night. Make a playing routine after finishing their school assignment or homework rather than giving underaged kids a mobile phone.

Their brain will also be active while playing. It will be helpful for kids in many aspects. For teens and adults also exercise is needed. Exercise helps to maintain your pressure, improve metabolism and reduce stress and depression. It also helps to have a night of quality sleep.

Encourage your Child

It would help if you encourage your child daily. Proper sleep also needs to be prioritized like other aspects of life. Make sure you encourage your kids to go to bed early, don’t stay too late. Parents also need to provide them with a peaceful environment. It would be best if you had a regular chat about their daily activities. Encourage your kids not to keep a phone in your bedroom and try to have device-free activities.

Limit Digital Devices Use

It’s necessary to limit their device use. As the majority of the kids keep their mobile phone side of their bedroom. The mobile phone is the main factor that disturbed kid’s sleep. If your child is studying online then it is more important to limit internet time after school for them. They tend to use the cellphone at bedtime and fall asleep while using a cellphone. So with the help of parental control apps, you can limit their mobile device usage. The best parental apps to limit your kid’s device are, Bark, and Net Nanny.

All these parental control apps provide a feature to monitor kid’s device activities. You can check their app history. You will get the date and average time of kids using any apps on a cellphone. You can set a timer or lock their device. You will get to know if your kids are using a mobile phone while sleeping. You can restrict your kids from overusing digital devices.


Thus, every parent is concerned about their child’s health. So sleep is a vital aspect to keep kids healthy. Children’s health will be at risk if they are not getting good sleep. They will have to face physical and mental health issues. It would help if you observed your child getting enough sleep or not. If not you should make a sleep routine, and your kids need to follow the sleep routines. Make sure your kids follow healthy living tips.

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