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Table of Contents

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Published on Jun 05, 2023
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Juliya Smith

Effective Strategies for Parents to Prevent Cyberbullying

The act of harassing, targeting, embarrassing, or threatening someone online is called cyberbullying. As more people use several digital platforms, the phenomenon of cyberbullying is increasing. In either case, parents can find out whether their children are being bullied online if they hear what they say about it or if they watch what is happening themselves.

But there are times when such things are posted online that embarrass the kids, and they may not tell their parents. In any case, parents need to be vigilant to see changes in the behavior of their kids and ask them in a way that they can confide in them. There are several apps and programs that one can install on smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets that can help parents spot any bullying.

Get those apps and pair them with the best internet connection, like CenturyLink Fiber as these apps work in real-time, so you stay updated with whatever your kid is doing and you keep a protective eye on your kids with a 24/7 super-fast and stable connection.

With that fixed, to help children deal with cyberbullying, parents should keep an eye on these strategies.

Offer Support and Comfort

When children are being cyberbullied, support is the biggest thing that any kid needs. Don't put more pressure on kids, it won't help solve the issue. Kids should find their parents as their safe place where they can find comfort and help, not more bullying. Parents, before offering help, must let their kids know that whatever is happening isn't their fault and that they are always there for them.

The kids should be told that they are doing the right thing by telling their parents about it, and they should be encouraged to do it as well. Rather than dealing with cyberbullying themselves, it is always wise to tell an elder, and if the kid has done this smart thing, it should be praised.

Don't take away the Gadgets

When children are cyberbullied, many parents restrict their internet time, take their phones and laptops away from them, or ask their children to use their gadgets in front of them. This feels like a punishment for the kid who was not in the wrong in the bullying accident.

Many kids who went through bullying also shared that the reason they didn't tell their elders about it was because they feared their gadgets would be taken away from them. When kids suffer from cyberbullying, punishment should not be the solution; it will push them to pass it on to others rather than their parents, which can lead to situations that are more risky.

Don't Overreact or Underreact

When parents overreact, they may put the blame on the kids in anger. In other situations, they may confront the bully directly, who may be a kid too. Such things can create an embarrassing situation for both kids in the school and lead to more issues rather than solving the issue.

On the other hand, a matter as serious as cyberbullying should not receive a light reaction. Telling your kids to just deal with it or forget it and move on is not the right thing to say. Dismissing the emotional toll of cyberbullying can put children in a dangerous situation. Even if the bully is a kid, never forget that your kid is also the same age and won't understand the situation from an adult's perspective.  

Get Help from Relevant Authorities

This is a tricky part on behalf of both parents and kids and should be dealt with with secrecy and sensitivity. In the case of cyberbullying perpetrated by a fellow student, the school administration should be notified. Make sure that there is no fuss created around it because it is embarrassing for the kids.

If the bullying is being done by an adult on the basis of color, caste, race, sex, disability, etc., contact the Office of Civil Rights in the US. The Department of Education won't let go of such cases, as children's mental health is a dear subject to them. If the bullying includes physical threats to your kid, you can reach out to the police at any time.

Learn About Social Media Yourself

When parents know about social media and use it too, they can better understand the extent of cyberbullying. It becomes a problem when parents do not know how social media works and think cyber bullying is something that happens to their children outwardly or is just words on the phone that won't harm them.

But, both attitudes are wrong and must be avoided at all costs in front of the bullied kid. Parents should be present on social media to know what that world is like and spot bullies themselves. It helps them understand the situation better, and they can come up with better solutions as well.


Cyberbullying is real and can happen to your kids as well; the issue is when kids don't receive proper help. Parents should be the first people the kids can expect help from, and they should get help as well.

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