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Table of Contents

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Published on Jul 21, 2022
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Juliya Smith

How To Be A Good Parent | 8 Parenting Skills And Advice

What will be your answer if I ask you what is the most difficult task? You probably instantly think about office work, daily chores, and stuff related to your career. Did you think about parenting?

Gentle Parenting is one of the most difficult and fulfilling jobs for everyone to maintain family life. So, if you are wondering how to be a good parent, I'm here to help.


People who have experienced the parenting phase know how tough it is to set expectations for a kid. It is better for other people and new parents-to-be to learn parenting tips and tricks.

There is no perfection in parenting, but you can be a good parent by making the best decisions, treating them with honesty and a friendly tone, maintaining coordination, etcetera.

Similarly, you cannot nurture every kid the same way, as parenting styles differ for different kids. Being a good parent doesn’t mean taking care of them during early childhood, and you must supervise and support them throughout adulthood. In this article, I will list tips and tricks for being a good parent.

How To Be A Good Parent

From knowing what kids speak during early childhood to potty training to schooling to understand what they need and expect from you, parenting becomes tough. You need to schedule a daily routine so that you spend most of the time with kids keeping aside daily chores and work. Or have you gone through the best parenting websites for tips.

Here are 8 ways to be a good parent. Have a look.

1. Show Love and Affection

Showing love and affection is the first sign of being a good parent. If you want your kids to be good human beings, this is the only way you can help them. Spend much of your time with them to be more expressive.

It is important to connect with them physically, emotionally, and mentally. Don’t scold if they are picky eaters, bite nails or annoy you sometimes. Parents are often angry and sometimes aggressive if kids fail to meet their expectations and go against them.

In such cases, instead of being harsh, talk to them politely about what they are doing is wrong. Even if you remember your childhood, you might have been scolded by your parents. Therefore, keeping that in mind, build trust and shower your kids with love.

2. Be a Role Model

It's human nature to learn things where they are nurtured and the type of surroundings they are adapted to. Since you are a parent of a kid responsible for maintaining human behavior, you need to be a role model of being a good human being.

If you are naturally aggressive and short-tempered, there is a high chance your kids will be the same when they are young. At the same time, if you treat them with love, and affection, be genuine to them, respect other people, and discard any negative attitude, your kid copies the same behavior.

Hence, be a role model of a good human being for your kids.

3. Establish communication

Moreover, another way to be a good parent is by establishing sound communication with your kids. Every parent needs to be a good listener. Listen to everything your kids say, even though sometimes they sound illogical.

Parenting adult children who make bad choices is tough. Understand what they are trying to say, and if they are wrong, let them know how bad things can go if one makes a bad choice.

Listening to them and communicating their ideas and thoughts build trust and is also the best way to make them understand what's right or wrong for them. Talk to them instead of scolding them if you find any of their activities irrelevant.

Share the dining table, watch movies, play games together, enjoy them nagging to communicate in a better way.

4. Set Ground Rules

The best way to discipline kids is by setting ground rules. The environment they are nurtured and the discipline they are taught defines a kid’s personality when they become adults.

You can start by defining rules on bedtime, waking up time, scheduling meal time, and upgrading the routine with their age, during schooling, and so on.

In this digital age, most parents are concerned about prolonged screen time. Screen time has been one of the most discussed topics, along with kids being active users on social media platforms. So, to stop tech addiction on time, schedule a screen time routine.

Also, keep on monitoring what they see and whom they communicate with online. Digital parenting is essential for teens whether they like it or not. These types of ground rules will help you in raising kids.

5. Be Supportive

As a parent, you have expectations about how you want to see your kids in the coming days. You might want to make them an engineer, established actors, doctors, IT specialists, etc. But do you ever wonder what your kid wants to be in the future?

Before forcing kids to act the same way you want them to, ask them and understand their expectations. For instance, if your kid is interested in sports, singing, or doing something creative more than studying, is it valid to enforce them for academics?

That’s not a good choice because such kids won’t be able to perform well either to achieve their parent’s stated goals or achieve what they want in life. Overall, be supportive instead of being a controlling parent.

6. Keep Updating Parenting Style

Additionally, there is no universal parenting style as dealing with each kid differs from one another. Also, you can’t find an expert answer for parenting. Due to the same reason, keep updating the parenting style to be a good parent.

Parenting a newly-born differs from a kid aged 3-4 or during the time of schooling and teenager. You need to know their growing phase and behave accordingly.

For example, a kid of 2-3 years is different from 13. They start to get stressed and pressured in school as they need to struggle to get good academic grades. And when they reach their teenage years, they are more aggressive, and if you try to talk to them, they feel you’re controlling.

So, adapt parenting styles with age and situation for taking care of them.

7. Make them Responsible

As a parent, your job is not just to make your kid a good kid only; they need to be a good person. Teach them to be responsible, be good students and workers, have good careers, be good husbands/wives, and someday a good parent. Talk to them about their responsibility and enrollment in community activities to be socialized.

Ask them to help with kitchen work, to clean, gardening, walking the dog, and so on. Engage with them while playing indoor or outdoor games to give them a sense of self. Solve puzzles with them, watch movies, go on trips, etc. All these minor activities teach them to be responsible.

8. Make them Prepare for the Worst

Raising kids with strong personalities is one of the most challenging tasks for parents. Strong kids, in a sense, need to be capable of adapting to every circumstance, learn from failure, can work with a team, and work hard to achieve defined goals.

If you can teach a child all these qualities, trust me, they never get tired of life instead of multiple failures. I guarantee you hear numerous news about teenage depression, suicide, anxiety attacks, and other emotional and mental problems.

This happens because of a lack of communication with parents. Therefore, you need to act friendly with your kids and keep on taking updates on what's happening in their life. And keep on motivating them.


Are you a parent with a positive mindset? How often do you encourage your kids and support their thoughts? Being a parent and utilizing various parenting styles to maintain a good environment for you for raising kids is challenging. However, this is not impossible to do.

If you read the whole article, you might be acknowledged with various ways to be a good parent. Don’t worry if parenting a child is your first experience; when managed appropriately, everything goes well.

Let us know how the information was helpful through the comment section below. Also, share other parenting tips to maintain family life we failed to mention in the article.

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