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Table of Contents

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Published on Nov 11, 2021
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Sophia Clark

How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone | 100% Working Methods

Androids have become the most popular devices lately because they are affordable and safe compared to other mobile operating systems.

Android phones are equipped with many security features. Regardless of the security features present in Android phones, hackers always find a way to access your mobile devices. So to prevent mobile hacking, the developers update the software regularly.

Android users need to update their phones to protect their devices from hackers. Daily new security features are released, but people are ignorant of such updates and unaware of internet safety which they must know.


We frequently overlook minor information and warning indications that our data or phone is unsafe. And the hacker takes advantage of this ignorance and tries to gain access to the phone's security.

To keep your Andriod device safe from hackers, we present you with two solutions. That is, General Solutions and Advanced Solutions to fix a hacked Android Phone.

General Methods for Recovering a Hacked Android Phone

Method 1: Restart Your Mobile Phones

There are times when simply rebooting your device will solve all of your Android problems. It is a misconception that rebooting your Android device will prevent hackers from obtaining your personal information.

If the hacker just targeted your device once, this method might work for you. If your Android phone is indeed hacked, or if the hacker is repeatedly attempting to hack your phone, this approach will not help you. The malicious program will relaunch once the device is restarted.

So, before you get into the technical mode, consider this simple method for fixing a hacked Android phone.

Method 2: Clear the Cache on Your Android Device

The symptoms of Android devices when it is hacked is, it sees a pop-up advertisement. It also experiences lower phone performance. These symptoms might also be caused by a lack of storage space on your device, as well as unwanted files and programs. Your mobile phones take a long time to load and your phone lags if your cache is full. You need to start removing the cache on your Android phone to resolve this problem. The steps to clean the cache of your phone without losing any data are as follows:

Step 1: Turn off your mobile phone.

Step 2: Hold the Power and Volume up buttons together until you see the Android logo (Depending on which model you are using).

Step 3: Now go to the recovery mode menu and select Wipe cache partition using the Volume controls.

Step 4: With the Power button pressed, choose it and select ‘Wipe device cache.’

Step 5: Restart your mobile phone.

Method 3: Delete Unwanted Or Suspicious Applications

A hacker usually installs malware or spyware to monitor your mobile phone. So, if you find an app on your phone that you haven't installed on your device, you need to check them. These spy apps usually do not have an icon, so they remain undetected on your Android phone. However, your phone's settings allow you to find the hidden apps as well as others. You can also detect a hidden app by observing how much data it uses by following these steps.

Step 1: Go to settings and select ‘connection and sharing.'

Step 2: Select ‘Data Usage' from the drop-down menu.

The spyware sends numerous data to scammers so the data usage of spyware is more than other apps. Hence, if you see any suspicious app that uses more data than it requires, you need to uninstall that application right away. To uninstall the suspicious applications, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Settings on your Android phone.

Step 2: Select Apps and then Manage Apps.

Step 3: It gives you every app installed on your phone and checks for suspicious or unwanted apps.

Step 4: Select unwanted apps and then Uninstall them.

Method 4:Run Antiviruses to Fix a Hacked Android Phone

The most efficient way to fix a hacked Android phone is to run an antivirus scan. Every device should include an antivirus or anti-malware app to monitor your Android device's abnormal activities. Antivirus software is essential for every smartphone. It not only prevents virus-infected files from accessing the device but also removes malware.

For instance, if someone tries to log in or access your account from a specified device or location, it will restrict all connections.

So, if your phone has already been hacked or if you see strange things on your Android smartphone, you need to perform an antivirus scan on your Android devices. You should also make sure that the anti-malware software you download is legal and not a pirated version. Different antivirus software is available, so you can use anyone to protect your device from the hacker.

Method 5: Disable Unknown Sources To Fix a Hacked Android Phone

If you see strange and unusual things happening on your mobile device, then the first thing you can do is to Disable Unknown Sources on your mobile device. To disable unknown sources, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Go to the Settings.

Step 2: Select the System option and then Developer Options on your Android device.

Step 3: Tap on Unknown Sources and Disable it.

Advanced Methods for Recovering a Hacked Android Phone

Method 1: Perform a Factory Reset On Your Android Device.

If none of the previous methods worked to fix a hacked Android phone, the best option to remove malware is to reset the phone. Factory reset is the best way if none of the solutions work for you.

But before resetting your phone, it’s essential to backup all of your important information, images, notes, and data. If not backed up, you will lose your data. Android takes a couple of minutes to erase all your data and reset it depending upon the data you have stored on your device. The best option for you to fix a hacked Android phone is to use the factory reset option. Follow the instructions below to execute a factory reset:

Step 1: You need to turn your phone off.

Step 2: Press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons until you see the Android logo on your phone screen.

Step 3: Now, you select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option from the Recovery screen.

Step 4: Lastly, use the Volume Up/Down keys to browse through the choices, then press the Power button to select one.

The other option to delete all data from your Android device is by going to the mobile settings and selecting factory reset. This setting is available on every Android phone, although it differs depending on the phone brand. Now follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the phone's settings.

Step 2: Open the search bar by tapping on the search icon and type ‘factory reset.'

Step 3: When you've found the Reset option, go to the page and choose 'Erase all data.'

Method 2: To Disable Call Forwarding and Diversion

If your mobile phone is hacked, you can use the second option to Disable Call Redirection and Diversion method. As we all know, Call Redirection allows us to divert our calls and messages to different numbers. But a hacker, on the other hand, takes advantage of the same feature to send messages, make phone calls, or access data on his device. You may find out who receives your messages and calls by dialing the USSD code.

To avoid this risk, dial the USSD code to determine who receives your calls and messages, and then deactivate call redirection and diversion on your mobile phones. To deactivate all forwarded call settings simultaneously, you need to open the phone's dialer and dial ##002#.

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Different Ways To Keep Your Android Phone Safe From Hackers

Just fixing your hacked phone is not enough because you need to take precautions to avoid future hacking. To keep your Android device safe from hackers and malware you must be cautious.

Update Your Mobile Phone and Applications

As mentioned earlier in the article, the developers continue to issue security updates for the apps installed on the device. These updates prevent hackers from gaining access to your data. So, it is essential to keep your phone's software up to date with the newest updates.

Authenticate With Biometrics To Protect Your Phone

Biometric Authentication is one of the safest and the best approaches to protect your phone’s privacy. It allows you to prevent hackers from gaining access to your information. Some apps allow you to enable biometric authentication to keep your private and personal information safe. It is also available in your device's Settings, and you can apply app lock to certain apps and use a biometric authentication technique.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

The easiest way to keep your online account safe and secure from hackers is to use two-factor authentication. Hackers can easily hack your Google Accounts so setting up two-factor authentication helps to protect your accounts from being hacked. Even if a hacker knows your password, no one can access your online accounts with 2-factor authentication. With two-factor authentication, you can link your mobile numbers, and whenever someone tries to access your accounts, you need the code generated on your mobile phones. This way, your mobile devices are safe from being hacked.

Never Create an Account on an Unsecured Website

Numerous websites on the Internet don’t have adequate safety measures to protect their customers' data from hackers. So you have to be careful while visiting any websites or links. Always double-check any websites or links before clicking on them. Anti-malware software alerts you if you try to open them. The data provided to register these unsecured websites can be easily hacked. It could also contain debit or credit card information which is very dangerous. So you need to double-check and re-think before registering on any websites.

You Need To Change Your Online Accounts Password Frequently

You should change the password of your online account frequently. You need to make sure that your passwords are strong so that no one can breach your account. Many people tend to keep their passwords so guessable, like date of birth, phone number, lover's name, and so on. Opt for a strong password that includes an alphabet, numbers, and symbols.

To safeguard the security of your internet accounts, you need to keep your passwords strong. But, if you see any suspicious activities on your mobile phones, you need to reset the passwords of your online accounts immediately. It is better if you do not reset your password on the same device. Instead, open your account on your PC or laptop and reset the passwords for all of your social media and bank accounts. After resetting, reinstall the app and log in with the new passwords.


Android is the most widely used mobile operating system. With its increasing popularity, hacking Android phones and data theft are the typical hazards everyone faces these days. There are numerous benefits and drawbacks associated with the Internet and social media these days.

You must ensure that you are not leaking your private and personal information, such as bank details, etc., over the unsecured websites. The next most fundamental step everyone must take to keep their data safe online is to install anti-malware programs. It is also crucial to frequently update all other applications on your Android phones.

To prevent these hazards, you need to follow the methods mentioned above that help you to protect your mobile phones from being hacked. Whenever your Android phone is hacked, you can try these methods to resolve it. I hope this article has been fruitful for you.

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