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Table of Contents

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Published on Apr 06, 2023
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Sophia Clark

How to Make Your TikTok Page Popular in 2023?

TikTok is becoming more and more popular every day, today there are more than 1 billion monthly visitors here, and they continue to grow. But, as it usually happens, along with the popularity of the application, competition is growing, and today, without some effective ways to attract subscribers in your promotional strategy, it will be difficult for you to succeed. Of course, you can be a first-class content maker and share great clips with users, but what's the point if they remain invisible to people? That's why you should form a reliable marketing strategy now and follow it to achieve an impressive result.

We created this article to help you grow, improve your online reputation and become a more famous influencer than you are now. Here you’ll find 3 working ways of promotion, among which one of the best is the opportunity to buy a TikTok package to make your promotion on the platform comprehensive and get everything you need now: followers, views, and likes. We’ll tell you about this and other tools below. Keep reading!

  • Upload clips at the right time

A few years ago, everyone was sure that the majority of app visitors were Generation Z. But now we can confidently say: there are all ages here. Therefore, it is of great importance what kind of audience you want to attract. The ideal time for publications directly depends on this. So, for example, if you’re trying to get more middle-aged subscribers, publish clips on Friday and Saturday in the daytime and in the evening - most likely, your clips will be viewed and receive a great response from users of this age.

Keep in mind that the worst posting time (age doesn’t matter) is Monday, Tuesday, and early morning from 6 to 9 am. Usually, at this time, all people are either still asleep or going to study and work. Consequently, your clips will remain invisible and all efforts will be in vain. We also recommend that you run an experiment and try to publish clips at different times to further analyze the level of engagement and get the best time.

  • Paid packages

As we mentioned earlier, packages with followers, views, and likes are a great opportunity to grow your account organically, comprehensively, and quickly. The advantage of this PR service is that you don’t need to buy everything separately. This means that you can save the lion's share of the advertising budget and spend it on other effective tools in the future, or cooperation with influencers and social media specialists.

Choose a package depending on the marketing budget and the level of activity on the page - weekly or monthly in different sizes. After getting the first results, you’ll already see a great result - users will start paying attention to your content more often, and algorithms will start delivering your videos to people's recommendations.

  • Duet or stitch top-performing videos.

The developers have added a variety of tools for creating collaborative videos, so why not take advantage of this? By combining your videos with clips of popular influencers, you get a real chance to become more famous in the online community - this is how many bloggers have become famous around the world. You can even make duets with your chip, and then users will associate similar videos with you. Stitch is also a useful tool for diversity and attracting new fans. Through this, you can add 5 seconds from someone else's video and then add your own clip. Try it!

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