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Table of Contents

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Published on Sep 14, 2022
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Sophia Clark

How to Find Someone's Location by Cell Phone Number [6 Easy Methods]

In this world of innovation and technological advancements, finding someone's location by cell phone number is nothing new. You can easily find someone's phone's location using just their phone number and third-party apps. However, it is important to know if location tracking is legal and how it can be done legally.

Apparently, yes, you can track someone's location legally regardless of the reason behind it. It may be to track your children's activities, find your employee's current location, or spy on your other half.

You can accomplish it all if you have an idea of what methods to use while tracking someone's real-time location. And you have struck gold with this article. We shall discuss the six easy and proven methods on how to find someone's location by cell phone number.

Can You Find Someone's Location by a Cell Phone Number?

Of course, you can find someone's location by a cell phone number in today's world. The technological advancements and innovative evolutions in the communication realm have given rise to numerous tools and applications.

You can use those tools and tricks to find someone's location. However, the most important thing is to do it legally. Consent from the person you want to track should be your primary concern.

If done without their consent, you are in a prime position to evade their privacy, and legal consequences will follow.

The other important aspect of tracking someone's location is considering the applications and tools that are publicly approved, even if it means sparing some cash.

It is not an intelligent move to jeopardize your and your target's information for the sake of tracking location. Many applications and websites are malicious traps that prey on visitors with limited knowledge of such matters.

How to Find Someone's Location by Cell Phone Number?

There are several methods to find someone's location with a phone number. These range from installing a third-party application on the target phone to utilizing the IMEI number trackers. CNAM lookup tools to WhitePages; we shall discuss all these methods in the following sections.

1. Use's unique SIM location monitor features enable you to track and monitor your child's cell phone location whenever needed. It requires you to install a app on your child's phone and allow tracking.

Monitor SIM Location is a unique feature in itself, different from Wi-Fi-based or GPS-based location monitoring. It uses the app to gather and send SIM locations to your dashboard for security and convenience.

fenced ai.jpg

You can easily track the SIM card details on your child's phone even if they replace the SIM with a new one. As a parent, you can get notifications from the app, including new card details like IMEI number, Network Type, Location Map Link, Date and Time Strings, and SIM Location of the target device.

How can you Find Someone's Location by Cell Phone Number using

Once you have installed the app on the target device, it operates in stealth mode. It requires minimum resources to operate and provide you with the necessary information and feedback.

There are many purposes for using a SIM card monitoring tool. You can spy on the target SIM location easily and privately with You can even monitor the exact location of the target device when it is lost.

It is also possible to track down missing phones by sending the IMEI number to a provider. If someone changes their phone number without telling you, such as a child or employee, you'll know about it.

The details of the newly issued Card will be recorded and sent to you automatically by This allows you to determine the location of the device at any given moment.

Here are some steps involved in finding someone's location by cell phone number using

  • Go to and set up an account.
  • Download the app on your target's phone.
  • Enable tracking on the target's mobile phone.
  • Log in to your dashboard with app-provided credentials and start tracking locations.
  • Go to the left-hand side of the dashboard and click on call activities.
  • Select SIM card.
  • A new window opens up showing card details, locations, notifications, and alerts.

2. Native Phone Locator

Why not use the in-built features of your digital devices to track the locations? As the name suggests, a native phone locator is the in-built function of mobile phones and other digital devices, which you can use to track and lock the functionalities of your device in time of need remotely.

In case you lose your phone, whether it be an Android phone or an iOS device, you can easily utilize your phone's location tracker and even lock and erase the target phone's data. However, your phone must be connected to WiFi or a cellular-data network.

2.1. Find My Device (Android phones)

Any android phone (device) with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) or the latest versions allows you to utilize this feature. Google Play Protect is the tool behind the process, allowing you to track, ring, lock and wipe phone data from afar.

It is an optional application you can easily download from the play store and use. Follow the steps to do so:

  • Search and download Find My Device from the Google Play Store.
  • Sign in with a Google Account after installing it.
  • Grant app access to your location and other requirements.

You can track the location of your mobile device from any other digital device through the web with the URL:

Keeping the phone location turned on and active within a WiFi, or a cellular data network is equally important.

2.2. Find My iPhone (iOS devices)

Find My iPhone is the replica of Find My Device. The operating platforms are different but have the same functionality, tracking and locating phones whenever lost or stolen phone cases.

Like Android devices, to track your iPhone, it must have its location turned on and have a reliable internet connection or cellular data. Find My iPhone on iOS devices has built-in features and does not require extra steps.

Follow the following steps to activate the application:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Access your Apple ID and name at the top.
  • Tap Find My.
  • Enable the Find My iPhone switch.

You can now access and control your iPhone through the web via or by logging in to your iCloud ID from any Apple device.

3. Use an IMEI Tracker

Using an IMEI Tracker is one of the most convenient and reliable methods to track someone's location using a cell phone number. A digital device's IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit number.

IMEI Tracker U.jpg

The phone and service providers primarily use these numbers to keep track of the phone's location in real time. You can also utilize this feature to track the location of a target number.

The best way to find a phone number's location is by providing the IMEI number of the destined phone number to the service provider. They have the legal authority to track customers' phone locations for security purposes.

It might take time, depending upon the situation and the urgency of the search. It ultimately depends on the advice of the cell phone provider company.

The other way is manually tracking the IMEI number of the phone using the IMEI tracker app. From the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you can download the IMEI Tracker App.

You also can run the web-based IMEI tracker on any of your browsers. You need not download the app for this process.

4. Caller ID Name (CNAM) Lookup

CNAM Lookup tools are yet another reliable web tool that allow you to find information on 10-digit telephone numbers or cell phone numbers. The array of phone information includes various details, including the cell phone's location.

The CNAM lookup tools are reliable, and they pinpoint locations accurately. However, they aren't entirely free. You might need to pay a small subscription fee based on your required features and functionalities.

Despite its good quality and location accuracy, it has a few limitations. If the target number uses a CNAM blocker, you cannot track the information of the target phone numbers. Also, the robocalls are totally immune to the CNAM lookup tools.

You won't be able to gather information on such phone numbers. However, these should hinder your cause since you want to track the location of phone numbers that aren't ROBOCALLS.

5. Search via WhitePages

WhitePages is one of the proven methods to track the location of the target numbers. Even though you cannot pinpoint the real-time location of the phone numbers, you can have a tentative idea of where the person you are looking for is using just their phone number.

WhitePages U.jpg

WhitePages allows you to track the home addresses of the associated phone numbers. It uses its search algorithm to legally search and display the profile of the target numbers.

An essential aspect of the WhitePages is that it automatically will link you with the SS7 service networks in the USA. It means that the system will log in your queries to the system networks regardless of your opinion.

The further actions on the logged numbers are unknown. You are never sure if they access your call logs, use a location tracking app, or other spy apps to keep track of your communication.

6. Hiring Cyber Experts

Ethical hackers, also known as cyber experts, are well-trained individuals that can get into the systems of your target phone and track the activities in the shadows. Hiring cyber experts is the last resort in finding the location of a target location and which we do not recommend at all. However, desperate times require desperate measures.

These experts will cost you a lot of money but guarantee success most of the time. There are no guarantees of work success, and you cannot legally claim anything, so it is all on your own.

Plenty of scammers on the internet may pose as such exert and scam your money, which you cannot claim in unfortunate events. So, it's better to opt for the above methods to remain safe. If you happen to get hold of genuine experts, they may help you find what you seek.

Final Thought

Finding someone's location with a cell phone number isn't as difficult as it seems today, but you should always consider others' privacy and security while doing so. It is a must to have their consent if you plan to track their location.

Use the power of technology for good and care for your family and loved ones, rather than spying on someone illegally and evading their privacy rights.

With this article, we hope to help you find someone's location by cell phone number and track your family and loved ones for their utmost safety and protection. We also hope you use these methods for good.


  • Why Would I Want to Track Someone's Phone Number?

Keeping track of someone's phone number should serve a well-defined purpose, such as safety and security. For example, tracking a phone number can help you track and monitor your child's activities and help them steer their path away from avoidable dangers, and keep track of them at all times.

  • Is It Legal to Track Someone's Phone Number?

Yes, it is legal to track anybody's phone number with their consent. If done without consent it is illegal and serious consequences will follow accordingly.

For example, in some countries, parents can legally track and monitor their under-aged child's activities accordingly in all forms.

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