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May 24, 2021
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Juliya Smith

How To Prevent Child Trafficking: What You Can Do Right Now

Are you distressed about the increasing cases of child trafficking? Do you want to understand child trafficking and ways to prevent it? If yes, stick with us, and we will share with you the best ways to eradicate these issues.

Human trafficking has become a major issue all over the world. Over 21 million people are victims of human trafficking. According to some NGOs and INGO's the numbers are far more than recorded.

Out of these 21 million people, Over 5million people are kids below the age of 18. Child trafficking is more common than you think. Human traffickers victimize kids because they can be easily manipulated and kidnapped.


There are various reasons why people are involved in trafficking. Some are engaged to earn money, whereas others get engaged for some form of pleasure. Let us understand in more detail about human trafficking and child trafficking.

What exactly are human trafficking and child trafficking?

Human trafficking is the process of confining people forcefully and exploiting them for monetary or personal benefits. It includes child trafficking as well.

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And, child trafficking is a form of human trafficking. Child trafficking involves people below the age of 18 who are forced away from their parents and exploited for monetary benefits.

To avoid human and child trafficking, various methods are available. But before jumping into the solution, we should know about the root causes of trafficking. Some of the root causes of trafficking are as follows.


Insecurity means a lack of self-respect and confidence. An insecure person cannot take their own decision in life. They tend to think that other people view them negatively. And this makes them prone to trafficking because others can manipulate them easily.


Human traffickers target people living in poverty. They offer them a better life, a job, marriage, money, and other things to manipulate them and get maximum benefits from them. The Maximum trafficking cases are the results of poverty.


Illiteracy has been the root cause that results in most of the problems. Uneducated people are unemployed, isolated, and suffer from health problems. Due to this, cases of trafficking are increasing day by day.

Forced labor and slavery

In the modern world, everything comes with a cost. To reduce the cost, many people exploit others to get their work done. Most trafficked people get exploited for forced labor and slavery.

Sex trafficking

Due to the demand for high commercialized sex, many people are trafficked and forced to involve in sexual activities. Mostly, girls are the victims of sex trafficking.

Organ trafficking

Organ trafficking is an illegal way of buying and selling human organs on the black market. It is increasing day by day because the selling of organs is profitable.

Social and cultural factors

In many countries, the social and cultural factor is the major causes of human trafficking. It is because the law of the country doesn’t take action in favor of underprivileged people. And traffickers take benefits from the situation to exploit them.

7 Prevention Methods you can use to Prevent Child Trafficking

Many NGOs and INGOs are working day and night to eradicate trafficking. But they alone cannot remove the issue because trafficking is a social-level issue.

Since it is a ground-level issue, the building of a trusted and united society is a must. Eradication of human traffickers is the ultimate solution to the problem. But recognizing trafficking in persons is difficult. Unity of people will always help in cutting the roots of such kind of criminality.

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And these days, the trafficking of children is a prime concern for the people and the government. Cases are increasing day by day because of parent’s busy lifestyles and ignorance. Even the government is unable to put in place some strict rules and bring changes in the society to stop the problem.

But, here are some of the methods you can perform to prevent your child from trafficking. And also, you can use some of these methods for the well-being of society.

Know Your Slavery Footprint

Many people are unaware of where the kids are trafficked. In this busy world, they are unaware of things happening around them. There is a high possibility that those kids are working around you.

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Yes, you heard that right. There are cases from different cities of the world where children are victims of forced labor. And women and girls are victims of sex trafficking. So, knowing your slavery footprint is very important in solving the problem.

Have Open Conversations

In the digital era, kids and parents are close yet far from each other. Both parents and kids have to deal with ignorance from each other and are connected digitally more than physically. Families are encouraged to have a family discussion every week or a month. But in most of the family discussions, kids are left out.

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Most parents don't know the importance of including their kids in family discussions. Having a warm conversation with kids can improve their way of thinking. It also helps to increase their level of maturity. A confident kid is 10times harder to manipulate than a kid with low self-esteem.

Educate your kids about sextortion and grooming

Education is the key to solving most of the issues that prevail in the current world. We all know that educated people are the future of the world. Educated people are more likely to get various opportunities to maintain a healthy life. And, uneducated people are not able to get enough opportunities to manage a well-balanced life.

Kids should be taught about right and wrong behaviors from a young age. They need to learn about the problems other kids are facing. And the way to get away from them.

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Teaching them about sextortion and grooming makes them less likely to get manipulated by traffickers. Education makes kids aware of the current situation of the world. Although kids have minimum information, they are naturally fast learners. They will solve their problems themselves when they are educated.

Use parental controls

Parental controls help parents to keep an eye on their kid's activities online. It is very useful to watch over your kids online because they can involve in wrong actions online. Using these parental control enables you to analyze your kids and act accordingly.


Some of the cases related to trafficking is increasing through online medium. So You need to be extra careful about your kid's online activities. Parental controls are the best option to solve the issue.

These parental control applications can be a major tool for solving the issue. It can also help some national organizations to solve the crime.

Raise funds for anti-trafficking organizations

If raising some funds can bring peace to society and the country, you should do it. Most of the organizations working for it are non-profitable. So helping them with some funds can be a great way to fight human trafficking.

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There are many active national human trafficking centers in the country working against modern slavery. You should definitely donate as a person as well as a society to stop human trafficking.

Reporting trafficking

Many human trafficking cases go unreported which, makes traffickers hard to catch. So, reporting of these cases should be filed to the police.

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If the cases are not registered, it will be difficult for anyone to act against them. Even the cases of the underprivileged and homeless should be reported.

Most people report the police. But you can also call the national human trafficking hotline and get help from them. National human trafficking organizations are always there to help you.

Volunteer for anti-trafficking organizations

We all know that child trafficking is a ground-level as well as top-level issue. On the top level, many organizations and the government are working together to solve the problem. But there is a lack of people working on the ground level.

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And this is why many people are unknown about the signs of human trafficking. So volunteering to fight human trafficking can help solve the problem on the ground level. As an individual, family, and society people should come together and volunteer.

Create awareness

Since human trafficking is a ground-level and a high-level problem, we should be active and work against it. For that, we need to take the help of the government, media, and people living in society.

The government can help by building infrastructures to reduce the issue. Also, Media can help by creating awareness among a wide audience. Many people are not aware of the rising cases of human trafficking. And do not help anti-trafficking organizations.

To solve the problem, National human trafficking cannot create mass awareness alone. We as a society should also help get messages all over the world.

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