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Published on Mar 27, 2024
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Sophia Clark

How to Track an iPhone | 3 EASY METHODS

Sometimes this may happen – you put your iPhone somewhere and you don't know where you kept it. Or you might have lost or stolen your iPhone. You urgently want to know your iPhone location.

Track your lost iPhone in a few seconds!

You might always ask how to track an iPhone, isn't it? There are many ways of tracking the iPhone. We will tell you the best way.

The most popular ways are the Find My iPhone and the Find My Friends app.

The steps are easy and straightforward, just follow our instructions and get back your stolen or lost iPhone. Continue reading to learn how to track an iPhone.

The iPhone is a popular mobile device that many Americans prefer to Google's Android phone. Young people, in particular, adore iPhones because they are fashionable and speedy, and allow them to keep in touch. According to the Piper Sandler semi-annual study in 2022, 87% of US youth own an iPhone, and 87% plan to get one as their next phone.

The experts also underline that the average modern person spends 12 hours each week on social media. It's enough time for internet predators and scammers to coerce their victims into sharing personal information or having access to their credit card information.

If you want to keep your loved one from being duped by a scammer, you must be aware of all of their internet activities. This post will show you how to track an iPhone location without the owner knowing.

How to Track an iPhone

Your iPhone might have been left in two places. Whether at home or elsewhere.

As long as the iPhone's Location Services function is activated, you may track its real time location. If your iPhone has Location Services enabled, you can locate it using iCloud's Find My iPhone feature. If a friend or family members reveal their location to you using the Messages app, you may track their current location on your iPhone by using the Find My app.

You can track any iPhone by using various methods. Although your iPhone is not connected to the network or the battery has died, you can still track your iPhone. You can track iPhone with other Apple devices.

In case your phone is lost or stolen, you can track it using the “Find My” app on your iPhone. This app is licensed software and has many features like iPhone's location tracking, and storing location history. Additionally, you can track the iPhones of other people if they agree to allow you to do so.

Is It Possible to Track an iPhone with Just the Number?

Trying to figure out if it is possible to track iPhones with a phone number free? Is your iPhone stolen or lost, and is there no other option but to track it using the phone numbers? The answer to this question is "Yes".

This is a very popular question that has been asked for years. The truth is, it does not matter if you have the iPhone's serial number or not. Luckily, there are many ways to track an iPhone with just the number.

If you want to trace an iPhone location by number online without involving the authorities, there are several options. An online tracker service can help you find your iPhone's current position. Here are three free online iPhone trackers by cellphone number:

  1. GPS Cell Phone Locator
  2. Geofinder
  3. Online GPS Phone Tracker
  4. Free Phone Tracer

However, the Find My Friends and the Find My Phone feature on iCloud are the easiest to use and most popular.

How to Track an iPhone by Using Find My iPhone

The “Find My iPhone” feature on your iPhone can help you to view and locate your devices when they're near or far.

If you're trying to track iPhone using Find My iPhone, there are a few things that you'll need to do first. First, you'll need to ensure that the iPhone is running the latest version of iOS.

Next, you'll need to access/sign in to iCloud with the same Apple ID that's associated with the iPhone.

Follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open Settings. A grey gear icon usually appears on your home screen.


  • Tap your Apple ID. This is where you will find your name and image if you've added one.
  • Tap Sign In when you are not signed in, then enter your Apple ID and password.

select profile.png

Note: Older versions of iOS may not require this step.

  • Tap iCloud. Go to the Find My iPhone section and tap it.

  • Then, activate the "Find My iPhone" feature position. A green marker indicates that the feature is active and you can use another device to locate your iPhone.
  • Slide "Send Last Location" to the "On" position. Apple will now receive your iPhone's location shortly before it powers off when the battery is critically low.
  • Now, Open Find My iPhone on another device. You can do this by launching the app or going to iCloud through a web browser.


  • Sign in with your Apple ID. Remember to use the Apple ID and password you used to access/ sign in to your iPhone.

Note: If you are using another person's phone, you will need to tap the Sign Out button at the top-right corner of the app screen.

Tap your iPhone. If you select your iPhone from the list of devices below the map, its location should appear, which will zoom in as you select it.


  • It will show you your last known location if the target phone has been powered off or the battery has died, but not your current address.
  • Tap Actions and Click on Play Sound. Your iPhone will play sound if it is nearby. You can find it on the left-hand side of the screen in the bottom-left corner.

play sound.png

In the event that you are still unable to locate your iPhone, you may do the following from a security standpoint:

  • Tap Lost Mode. Whenever you lose an iPhone, you can activate Lost Mode to protect the information on the phone and automatically turn on Low Power Mode so you will have more time to find it.
  • Tap Erase iPhone. If you've lost or stolen your iPhone or breached personal information, use this option.

Note: This action erases everything on your missing iPhone, so you'll be unable to use Find My iPhone. You can restore deleted data by backing up all the data to iCloud or iTunes.

How to Track an iPhone by Using the Find My Friends App

Find My Friends makes it easy to track iPhone, as long as you and your family member or friends both have an iPhone. Follow the instructions below to find an iPhone.

  • Open the Find My Friends app. The app has an orange background with two people on it.

find friends.png

  • Select Add from the upper right corner.


  • The "+" symbol is located on the right side of the screen. Click on it to add an Apple ID from your contacts.
  • Then tap on Share My Location.


    • Note: The contact's name will appear blue if they have an iPhone. If their name is grey, they don't have an iPhone and this feature won't work.
  • You can add any additional contacts you'd like to share your location with
  • Once you have selected all the friends you want to share your location with, tap on the 'Send' button in the top right.
  • Select a Duration: "Share for One Hour", "Share Until End of Day" or "Share Indefinitely"
  • Accept the request on your friend's iPhone. When prompted, your friend should tap Accept and Share if they like to share their phone's location as well.
  • Track the location of your iPhone. When your friend's iPhone is online and powered on, you can track your own iPhone's location; and if your friend shares their location with you, you could also track their iPhone.


When you feel that you may have lost your iPhone, first check the place where it could have been kept. If you are not able to locate the device there, you may be able to locate your phone using the above mentioned tips.

Note: Tracking an iPhone from a non-iOS device is also possible, however it may require the access to the installation of some third-party applications.


How do I tell if my iPhone is being tracked?

Your iOS device will not notify you when you are being tracked. If your device suddenly starts to malfunction, it has probably been monitored. There could be signs to watch out for, such as a blue or red screen that flashes, automated settings, a device that is unresponsive, etc.

Is it possible to track my iPhone even if it is turned off?

Your device can't be located if it's powered off, has run out of battery, or more than 24 hours have passed since Apple last received its location via However, there are some apps that will enable you to track your phone, off or on.

Can I track someone's iPhone without them knowing?

The answer is YES. If you know the Apple ID and passcode that is being used on the phone, you can track another person's iPhone using Find My iPhone.

Where can I find the location of my stolen iPhone? helps you find your device. If you own another Apple device, you can use the Find My app. There may be a problem finding your iPhone, iPad, apple watch, or iPod touch if Find My isn't enabled. Even if Find My was not turned on, you can still protect your account.

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